Official Forum Rules: Updated 2-2-08

My Awesome Sprites PWN the nppbs!
My Awesome Sprites PWN the nppbs!
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Feb 15 2006, 12:00 AM #1

Newly added content is underlined to assist those that read through the rules looking for new updates.

I'll be honest here, read this. It may just be a boring list of rules and regulations, but it'll [probably] help you in the long run.

Remember, board rules apply everywhere on FES.

1. No flaming, or trolling. Don't intentionally start a flame war, or start topics that may lead to flaming. Participating in such flame wars, even if you did not start the flaming, will not be tolerated either.
-Punishment: Any topics/posts containing flaming or trolling will be deleted. Any user who flames will receive a warn level increase.

2. No spam! Spam (Stupid, Pointless, Annoying, Messages) is incredibly annoying to read, and nobody likes it. Spam is only acceptable within the Spam board.
-Punishment: Any spam will be deleted. Any off-topic posts for a message board will be moved to the correct board. Any users who continually spam will receive a warn level increase.

2.a. Pertaining to double posting. Please try not to double-post (post twice in a row in the same thread), since you can simply edit your original post. Too much double posting will result in post deletion.

2.b. Please refrain from topic bumping, or posting in topics that have been inactive for a month or more. Bumped topics will be locked. This rule pertains to all topics with the exception of galleries. Also, if you want your gallery bumped because you want comments on what you added earlier, and you were the last poster in it and you have nothing to add, ask a mod to bump it.

3. No plagiarism! Since this site is a sprite database, plenty of graphics will be posted. A user who posts their work put effort into it, and the last thing they want is for you to go around saying you made it. DO NOT CLAIM ANYONE ELSE'S WORK AS YOUR OWN!!! It is up to the individual user to decide whether or not you need to give credit if their image is used.
-Punishment: Any users caught stealing work will receive 2 warn level increases. We do not tolerate plagiarism.

3.a. While claiming the work of another as your own is unacceptable, you are not required to credit every graphic you post.

Anything posted in your own sprite gallery or entered into a spriting contest is automatically assumed to be yours alone. By posting in either of those two places, you make the claim that posted images were created by you, unless otherwise stated in the post.

All images posted in either of those two places that were not created completely by you should be accompanied by credit for all unoriginal parts.

3.b. Since the vast majority of sprites here are edits of sprites from the Fire Emblem video game series, it is assumed that all sprites that are not claimed to be 100% custom were based off of original sprites from one of the FE games. Crediting the game makers is not required.

Crediting the ripper of the original sprites used in your own edits is not required, on the condition that the originals came from one of the Official Resources.

3.c. If you catch someone claiming sprites as their own which you know are not, report it to a moderator. Do NOT confront them through post or PM. If you do, your punishment will be the same as their's.

If you have proof to back up your claim, simply include it in your report. Don't be afraid to report even if you have no proof. We will look into all claims.

If you have a problem with someone posting your work without giving credit outside of the liable area, it is a personal matter and should be solved directly, by sending a polite request to give credit though PM. As stated above, works posted outside the liable area are not required to be credited, so if you request is refused moderators will not get involved.

4. Obey Invisionfree's terms of service! Violation of this could cause our board to be deleted. This should be fairly easy. Read the Terms of Service!
-Punishment: Anything that disobeys the Terms of Service will be removed ASAP, so I suggest you read the terms. Anyone who fails to follow the Terms of Service will receive 2 warn level increases.

5. There will be no inappropriate topics discussed here. This includes, but is not limited to:
-Strong Sexual Topics
-Controversial issues that could lead to flaming
-Anything else that the moderators believe to be inappropriate
Use common sense when dealing with these topics, please.
If you find something inappropriate that the moderators haven't noticed, you will be more likely to reach them through PM than through the "Report this post to a moderator" function.
*Mature discussion of these topics is permitted on the Intelligent Discussion board.
-Punishment: All inappropriate topics will be deleted without warning. The maker of such a topic will receive a warn level increase.

5a. Please refrain from linking to inappropriate sites as defined by rule 6. People who link to inappropriate sites will be punished as though they had posted the content of the site in question here on FES.

6. No advertising threads! Do not advertise site or forums outside of your sig or profile. This rule is also in effect with PMs. (If you want to affiliate with us, contact an administrator)
-Punishment: If you make a thread advertising a site or forum, it will be deleted. No warn level increases will be given for breaking this rule.

7. Respect authority. I don't want to sound like a tyrant or anything, but don't go out of your way to insult us, argue (as in go out of your way to flame/troll us) against the descisions we make for this board, etc. Just show some respect, like you would to your real life leaders. (IE: Teachers, coaches, etc.)
-Punishment: Any major issues will be punished for flaming. (see rule #2) I won't be a tyrant about this, but just show respect.

8. Mini-modding: Please don't post anywhere on the board and state that something another user did breaks the rules. It is really irksome and rude to the person you are talking to/about and the mods/admins. Us mods and admins can do our jobs just fine without you. But, if you do see a rule broken that needs to be dealt with ASAP, like said earlier, don't deal with it yourself. PM a mod or admin.
-Punishment: No warn level increases will be given for breaking this rule. (It's really annoying to read though)

9. Don't abuse the "Report this post to a Moderator" feature. The mods do not appreciate having their inboxes filled with useless reports. Only use this feature seriously. At any rate, the problem will be resolved faster by simply PMing a moderator.
-Punishment: Extreme annoyance from the mods. Once I figure out how to disable the feature for users, that will be the punishment.

10. Each member is allowed only one account; no alternate accounts are allowed. If we discover a member with an alternate account, the alternate account will be banned.
-Punishment: Members found operating under an alternate account will receive a warn level increase.

I reserve the right to add in any other rules, so check here frequently.
10 years of FES. Cheers, gents.

My Awesome Sprites PWN the nppbs!
My Awesome Sprites PWN the nppbs!
Joined: Feb 14 2006, 09:37 PM

Dec 4 2006, 09:43 PM #2

Signature Restrictions
Signature restrictions will be fairly lenient, but a few rules need to be followed to keep the board working properly.
  • Keep the width under 500 pixels. Anything more will stretch the board, which messes up the header.
  • Keep the height under 250 pixels. We use horizontal sigs here, not vertical.
  • Keep the file size reasonable. 150kb is pushing it. We want the pages to be easy to load.
If you are found breaking any of these limits, your entire signature will be removed. The first time you'll be able to replace it, but repeat offenders will have the option taken away indefinitely.

-As a side note, the signature rules pertain to both text and images.-
Avatar Restrictions
Unlike signatures, avatars will be resized automatically if they are larger than 150 by 200 pixels. There are certain files that cannot be uploaded as avatars.

-As a general rule for both avatars and signatures, make sure they obey the board rules. Nothing inappropriate should be in your avatar or signature, or you will lose the privilege of having them.-
Upload Restrictions
Contrary to what some of the memberbase seems to think, we don't care if you upload, at all. In fact, it is quite useless if not used. So, go ahead, but we do have some rules dealing with uploading.
  • PLEASE only use it for the spriting community. This is a sprite forum, so we want our bandwidth to be for the purpose of spriting.
  • If you have more than one image to upload, use Photobucket/Imageshack/etc. We do not want multiple posts to be made just because you have a lot of stuff.
  • 50KB is the max upload size.
10 years of FES. Cheers, gents.

My Awesome Sprites PWN the nppbs!
My Awesome Sprites PWN the nppbs!
Joined: Feb 14 2006, 09:37 PM

Jun 1 2007, 10:45 PM #3

The Warn System


The warn system is the main way that moderators can gauge the behavior of members. Members receive warns when they break rules. Members are permitted to view their own warn levels, but nobody else's. If you see that you have a warn, you can check for any comments that a moderator may have left. If you still have questions, PM the moderator that warned you.

Warn Level Increases

Warn Level Increases will vary depending on the severity. Please review the official rules to see how rule infractions will be punished.

Warn Level Decreases

Your warn level may be decreased if it becomes obvious to the moderators that you have learned your lesson. Be warned that a repeated infraction after a warn level decrease will result in tougher punishment.


When a member reaches a certain amount of warns, they will be dealt with.

-40% Warn: Any Veteran that reaches 40% warn will lose their Veteran status. (Conversely, any former Veteran that returns to below 40% warn will have their Veteran status restored)

-60% Warn: When a member reaches 60% warn, they will be moved to the Restricted group. You may review the FES FAQ for details about the Restricted group.

-80% Warn: Any member that reaches 80% warn will recieve a 3-day suspension.

-100% Warn: Any member that reaches 100% warn will be promptly banned. (If an administrator isn't present, the member will receive a suspension, and then be banned)
10 years of FES. Cheers, gents.