John Doe

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John Doe

My Awesome Sprites PWN the nppbs!
My Awesome Sprites PWN the nppbs!
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Name: John Doe
Class: Soldier
Country: Nerane
Level: 1 E: 00
Inventory: Iron Lance (45/45), Vulnerary (3/3)
Weapon Level: Lance - E (00/30)
Gold: 1000g

HP: 16 (+2)
Str: 3 (+2)
Skl: 3
Spd: 4
Luk: 2 (+3)
Def: 3 (+1)
Res: 2 (+1)
Con: 7
Aid: 6
Mov: 5

HP: 70% (+20%)
Str: 40% (+5%)
Skl: 35%
Spd: 45% (+15%)
Luk: 40%
Def: 20% (+10%)
Res: 25%

Affinity: Anima
Skills: Adept

History: John lived in the capital of Nerane with his military parents. He enlisted the day he turned 18, and has been slaughtering Vardasians ever since.

Appearance: He has a small amount of facial hair covering his lower face, but it's concealed with a blue helmet. He also wears blue armor.