Inserting images and videos

Inserting images and videos

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Posting Videos and Images (just in case there are one or two people on here that do not know)

As many people on this forum will perhaps want to show off their cars, pictures and possibly videos are going to be commonplace.

- Firstly, you will need some webspace to be able to store these images, videos etc. If you dont have your own personal webspace then somewhere like and are easy starting places.

- Now you've sorted your webspace in which to store your images, now you will need to be able to post them.

- Post a message, and make sure the "Enable Formatted text" box is ticked.

- To insert the object, just place the url of where the item is located.

Example: h*tp:// (replacing the asterix in h*tp with a t)

will become:

Please keep all images as close to 640x480 in size. Anything too large will throw the forum formatting out and will be edited or deleted by the moderators.

To have the forum resize your image, you need to place the link inside IMG tags and add these two commands inside the image tag:

width=" " and
height=" "

Place the commands after the initial command, IMG SRC="image_link.jpg". The tag will now look like this:

To make the image smaller, place numbers inside those quotation marks. If wanted it to be 75 pixels wide and 40 pixels high, place these numbers into the commands, like this:

The picture will be the new height and width.

Formatted text also supports basic HTML tags, and there are basic things you can do to change text (i.e. underlines and italics)

To underline just place an underscore before and after the phrase. To do italics, place * before and after.

I think that is about all you need to know!

***Edited due to picture link failing***
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