FGA Mid-Atlantic Legacy Championship

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Created in 2014, the Mid-Atlantic Legacy Championship was established to give grapplers a starting point in creating their legacies in FGA. As for the title's namesake, it is an homage to the company's Mid-Atlantic routes. In particular, its home state of New Jersey.

1. Chaz Holiday
Defeated: won a Battle Royal
Date: 2/22/14
Event: International Incident

This match also featured Alistair Mangold, Jaxie Wyatt, Matt Summers, Jason Richards, Johnny Karma, Joshua Black and Jared James.
  • V1 - def. Alistair Mangold at Battleground 2.1 (3/8/14)
  • V2 - def. Joshua Black at Only The Strong Survive (4/19/14)
2. Joshua Black
Defeated: Chaz Holiday
Date: 5/17/14
Event: Hartford DVD Taping

3. Chaz Holiday (2)
Defeated: Joshua Black
Date: 6/28/14
Event: All-Star Showdown III
  • V1 - def. Seth Lawless at the Chicago Ridge DVD Taping (9/20/14)
  • V2 - def. Seth Lawless at Capital Combat (10/18/14)
4. Mirage
Defeated: Chaz Holiday
Date: 12/20/14
Event: Final Frontier

* On 1/26/15, Mirage vacates the title due to injury.

5. Fujiko Mine
Defeated: won a Battle Royal
Date: 3/14/15
Event: Charlotte DVD Taping

This match also featured Mike Bisignano, Alec Sage, Camellia D. Magna, Jason Richards, Seth Lawless, Jake Wylde, Prince Kaour, Noelle Smith.

6. Noelle Smith
Defeated: Fujiko Mine
Date: 5/16/15
Event: Glory Road

7. Izzy Anders
Defeated: Noelle Smith and Yun Goeun in a triple threat match
Date: 7/25/15
Event: All Star Showdown
  • V1 - def. Camellia D. Magna at Vertigo (10/17/15)
  • V2 - def. Fujiko Mine at the Four Year Anniversary Show (11/14/15)
  • V3 - def. Dom Harter at Final Frontier (12/12/15)
  • V4 - def. Salem Cartier at Canadian Stampede (2/20/16)
  • V5 - def. Savannah Taylor by DQ at Vertigo (3/19/16)
8. Annie Zellor
Defeated: Izzy Anders and Savannah Taylor in a triple threat match
Date: 4/16/16
Event: Gold Rush Rumble
  • V1 - def. Molly Reid at All-Star Showdown V (06/25/16)
  • V2 - lost to Sally Cartier by DQ at First Wave (09/04/16)
9. Salem Cartier
Defeated: Annie Zellor
Date: 10/15/16
Event: Retribution

10. Annie Zellor (2)
Defeated: Salem Cartier
Date: 12/24/16
Event: Final Frontier

11. Dom Harter
Defeated: Annie Zellor
Date: 2/18/17
Event: Grapple Kingdom

Defeated: Dom Harter
Date: 4/15/17
Event: Only the Strong Survive

13. Sadie San Francisco
Defeated: AMIRA, Lowri Moss, NEON, Julian Tijerina, Blake Rogers, Brian Stryker (Ladder Match)
Date: 6/24/17
Event: All-Star Showdown VI: Night One
  • V1 - def. AMIRA at Vertigo E37 (07/15/17)
  • V2 - def. NEON in a Dog Collar Match at Patriot Games (09/02/17)
  • V3 - def. Lowri Moss at Vertigo E41 (10/14/17)
  • V4 - def. Julian Tijerina at Final Frontier: Night Two (12/23/17)
14. Jaelynn Ramsey
Defeated: Sadie San Francisco & Lowri Moss
Date: 2/3/18
Event: Vertigo E48

15. Lowri Moss
Defeated: Jaelynn Ramsey & Sadie San Francisco
Date: 2/17/18
Event: Vertigo E49
  • V1 - def. Sadie San Francisco at Only The Strong Survive (04/28/18)