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Catch up with your favorite FGA grapplers on AfterBurn! Get their thoughts on the latest, their opponents, and other backstage happenings right here, only on AxxessNet!

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Backstage we see Shootcamp member and Dynamic Duos semi-finalist Ace Watson, preparing in his locker room ahead of his title qualifier match against Chris Bond. Watson had not had as strong a start to his FGA career as he had hoped, and tonight was a very big opportunity for him to get back on track. He knew he had not been giving it his all as of late, but knew that this was as good of a time as any to change that. This seemed to have been filmed before Ace's match.

Ace finishes applying wrist tape as he hears a knock on the door. He rises to his feet and takes a step towards the door before it opens and Seth Iser lumbers in to the door frame with his left hand on the wall also dressed in his ring gear with a serious expression, per usual, etched on his face. You can hear some of the audience members boo as Iser hasn’t exactly made many friends since he came into the company but he glances at Ace for a minute before lightening his face slightly.

Seth Iser: At ease. I’m not here to jump you or cost you a title opportunity. You never know when you get those and that’s not how I operate anyway.

Iser pauses for a minute glancing that he’s more under the door frame and has an etched frown.

Seth Iser: Are you going to properly let me in or are you just gonna let me hang out here in the hallway? I at least knocked after all…

Ace steps back and gestures to the room, inviting Seth in an exaggeratingly polite manner.

Ace Watson: Please, make yourself at home.

He leans against a wall, his eyes on Seth in case he did try and pull something. Iser enters in with a somewhat colorful salute with his right hand as if he was greeting royalty as a joke before he walks in making sure Ace can see his hands as if to continue to inform him that he’s not going to pull a fast one.

Ace Watson: So to what do I owe the pleasure?

Seth Iser: I’m not gonna drag around the point. Wondered where your head has been of late. You might not be fully aware of it but I try to keep an eye on people. And you’re one of them. Regardless of my little tiff with Tyler and let’s just be polite and say years long animosity toward Owen...I have no real quarrel with you. But as I said. I wonder where your head is at considering some of the results here of late.

Iser just raises his eyebrow a bit as he’s just studying Ace’s body language at his probing statements just to see how he reacts and he does instinctively cross his arms and there’s that frown etched on his face. Ace stares back at Iser, trying not to give too much away. It was obvious to anyone that knew Ace even slightly that the recent results would have been eating away at him. And Ace knew Seth was aware of that.

Ace Watson: Well, its… In a few places. Lots going on. You know the deal, I'm sure.

Seth Iser: You remembering our little dispute about keeping things seperate between professional and personal?

Again that probing glare...that dreaded poker face from Iser as he just studies him for a brief second but after that brief second Iser lightens up slightly.

Seth Iser: No that ain’t it…no Bianca situation or anything like that...

Almost as if Iser was talking to himself as much as Ace when he said those words as he taps his chin with his left index finger. Iser’s eyes continue probing as he’s just staring directly at Ace’s eyes as if he’s trying to pull something out of him in an unusual game of poker. Watson looked away for a brief moment, before his eyes met Seth’s again and his face returned to stoic. Finally Iser just blinks twice.

Seth Iser: I think I got it. Few years ago even before and after we had our had the mantra of doing whatever it took to whomever it took. Served you well enough in the singles path. Saw you be pretty damn successful with it quite frankly. Soon enough you got a little older...maybe that wild hair that was up your ass like many young guys have goes away...and while you’ve gained more’ve traded that part in. Served you well with Owen for the most part...but by yourself...I don’t think it’s had the desired results for you now has it?

Ace kept the same blank and emotionless look on his face, still not looking to give too much away, even if he had slipper moments prior.

Ace Watson: Well, things change. Mantras evolv-

Seth Iser: I wore a mask for eight years...I’m aware of that.

Iser’s tone is a little sharper with that one. Not purely aggressive but almost like that scolding coach. After that he then lets out a sigh as if he knew he was a little out of line cutting Ace off. For the briefest of moments again Iser’s face just softens slightly.

Seth Iser: Sorry...continue.

Ace says nothing for a few seconds, before picking up where he left off.

Ace Watson: I realised that while those methods I used before turned out better results… It wasn't exactly what I wanted to be remembered for. I'm a father, I don't want my daughter to look up her dad and see he paved his way cheating and bending rules, stabbing people in the back… No. I don't want that.

Iser just pauses for a minute listening to that...not giving away any facial expression. Finally he just raises an eyebrow for a second out of curiosity.

Seth Iser: Was this at all influenced by your peers? Or the people paying the tickets? Or a combination of the two?

Ace Watson: It was… Made aware of to me by peers. The way I was doing things was going to have an effect on me, in ways it already had, and it would leave my legacy and what I leave behind with a mark always there… a little asterisk saying I didn't really win a match or matches fair and square, or I didn't earn my way to an opportunity the way everyone else does. I'm not afraid to admit it was my friends who helped make me aware of that.

Seth Iser: An asterisk eh…

Iser’s face darkens when he repeats that word and it’s something he’s heard a time or two in his own career considering some of the tactics he does like to use from time to time to get the job done.

Seth Iser: I’m not going to scream or yell about your path or any of your reasons...but as one of the elders in the sport do listen. And I know this is more effective in front of the audience like this rather than say a phone call or twitter because it’ll resonate with you...and hopefully it’ll resonate with people like Neal because this piece of advice can apply to him. It means more when you hear the voice anyway.

Iser just pauses for a minute ever so slightly as he’s thinking about what to say and how to say it exactly but he’s not breaking eye contact.

Seth Iser: You talk about legacy. It’s something I’ve thought about for a long time myself. If I had to write your legacy right’s as a great tag team wrestler...but as a singles competitor the moment he decided not to use all of his tools in his toolbox he turned into a what might have been rather than living up to the wrestler he could and should be. I’m not discounting what you’ve done as part of a great tag team with...that son of a bitch Owen…

Iser winces at giving his eternal rival any sort of props publicly but after he is visibly pained by doing that...he goes back into his poker face.

Seth Iser: But taking out that factor anyway...I’d tell you this...and I’d especially tell Neal this since he seems like a talented but naive nineteen year old who doesn’t seem to fully understand just how cutthroat the industry can be yet...there’s no shame in being part of a great tag team...but that comes with an asterisk if you think about it at the end of the day.

Iser just pauses for a brief moment as he glances at Ace trying not to give anything away.

Seth Iser: can say that Shootcamp is turning in a great Legacy in Japan and here in the states as a tag team. You even had a tour that was your team’s brainchild off of their back...and that’s nothing to snooze at with how Japan and their fans are. And yeah Neal can point out at his team in Pendragon was part of that monumental victory at Steel Warfare and that they’re just getting started. And it’s a great thing those things are...remembering the team name. But just because they remember a team’s name...doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll remember your name at the end of the day.

Iser lets those particular words hang for a few moments while not giving away any particular facial expression to his advice.

Seth Iser: I’ve seen too many people over my sixteen plus years in the industry squander their own potential to perhaps do both or even achieve at a level at a singles they never once thought possible because they put a little too much energy in the tag thing or they got content with it.
I’d tell Neal all this because this is part of why his partner went off and pursued singles ambitions and to always remember how cutthroat the industry always is at the end of the day...but I’m telling you this for a different reason Ace. You, yourself, have already proven in the past to be capable enough to go to that level and on your own provide for your family now more than ever. But you’ve lost focus a little on your singles career. Don’t handicap yourself and your own legacy and meet me in that fatal fourway. Hell, maybe even sign up for the Golden Rush Rumble and meet me and Tyler there too. Remember your own ambitions. A tag team is great but it’s an asterisk to your own legacy at the end of the day if you, yourself, want to be remembered fully.

While Ace previously had looked as if he was trying to figure out Iser’s intentions as he spoke, Ace was no clearly listening to what the more experienced wrestler had to say. There was a side of him that was sceptical, and still trying to work out why Seth would be giving him this advice, but Ace knew he needed to listen to at least hear what he had to say. He stayed silent, unsure how to respond. Ace’s eyes had drifted away from Seth, thoughtfully staring towards the floor. Until he looked at his former rival once again.

Ace Watson: You'll be seeing me in that fatal four way match.

That declaration does warrant cheers from the crowd in the background and you can see Iser deliver a slight nod at this show of fire even if he had to dig it out from within.

Seth Iser: That’ll do...for now. Now I have to a naive kid’s ass to go kick here to join you.

Iser lets those last four words hang for a minute as Ace watches him leave the room so he can think out everything Iser told him fully.

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At the conclusion of Vertigo 51, a furious Jaelynn Ramsey is seen walking down the corridor changed out of her ring gear. A production assistant is beside her carrying her bag as Jae seems to be writhing in pain. They make their way near the exit where the talent and production team are entering and exiting the Colonial Life Arena. The assistant, who isn’t a world class lifter by any means, isn’t the most graceful when setting Jae’s bag on the concrete floor. Jae scoffs at the assistant, unleashing her fury on the young woman.

Jaelynn Ramsey: Are you serious?! There’s no way management hired you fairly. Incompetent as fu--


Jae looks away when she hears a female’s voice clearing her throat in close proximation. She rolls her eyes, clearly not impressed with the person approaching her.

Jaelynn Ramsey: You’ve got some nerve being in my presence, Susan.

Jae says this with a hiss. The production assistant who has completed her duties manages to slip away from the frame leaving Jae and Susan Kent alone.

Susan: Oh, ah, hey Jaelynn great match out there tonight, The fans really seemed to love our match, anyway, I was going to get something to eat, wanna join me.

Susan’s invitation leaves Jaelynn speechless for a brief second (something she’s not accustomed to on camera.)

Jaelynn Ramsey: Yeah, right. You have got to be kidding me right now. Me, and you? I’m not one of your little girlfriends. You got lucky tonight, and luck eventually runs out. You better milk it for all you can until you find yourself scraping at the bottom again.

Susan: Okay, I guess I’ll see you later then.

A limo pulls up to Jaelynn and Susan, the driver gets out and opens it for Susan. She waves at Jaelynn goodbye, who shakes her head in disgust. Susan climbs into the limo and it drives off.

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Sometime later after leaving the Colonial Life Arena, Kendra and Susan are enjoying dinner at some restaurant in Colombus.

Kendra: I really don’t know what you were thinking about earlier.

Susan: What are you talking about.

Kendra: Trying to befriend Jaelynn Ramsey.

Susan: I was only trying to be friendly.

Kendra: And I don’t understand that I get that you want to be everyone friend, but you may not realize it now, but none of those Vertigo wrestlers want to be your friend because they're jealous of you.

Susan: I doubt they're jealous of me.

Kendra: I know you try to see the good in people, but they’re jealous of you because your starting to have success in Vertigo, and you do things in a wrestling ring that they wished they could do, and they’re jealous of your outside the ring success, the magazine covers, the billboards, your appearance on NCIS, everyone in Vertigo wishes that was them and not you doing these things.

The waitress arrives with their food and Susan dives in and scarfs down her food.

Susan: This food was really good.

Kendra: Were you listening to what I was saying.

Susan: Yes, I heard you Kendra, and I think your over exaggerating.

Kendra: Someday you’ll find out that everything I just said is true.

The waitress brings the bill and Kendra pays the bill, but doesn’t leave a tip, after Kendra walks away from the table, Susan pulls a twenty from her pocket and place it on the table, as Kendra is telling her to hurry up.

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We are in the locker room where Seth Iser is alone with his thoughts after the show for the moment. He hasn’t changed out of his in ring gear, a little uncharacteristic, but he’s just sitting on the stool with an aggressive, aggravated look etched on his face. His mood isn’t improved much more when Spencer Burke walks into the locker room trying to put on his most professional smile while Iser is just glaring at the interviewer.

Spencer Burke: Seth. Congratulations on the victory over a game Neal Durden. and moving on to the fatal fourway. You’re facing Tyler Storm, Susan Kent, and Chris Bond in a fatal fourway. How are you feeling right now?

Iser lets out a disgruntled sigh. He isn’t celebrating his victory as he gestures for Spencer to take a seat next to him before then after he does that adjusting his arm without being TOO aggressive so he’s holding the microphone properly. There is still that grunt from Spencer when that motion happens.

Seth Iser: Let me get this out of the way first. Neal Durden...that kid is going to win something big one day if he applies his lessons well and pays his dues a little bit. He’s going to be good one day. The day might be sooner or later. And I hope for the betterment of this industry he digested what I said to Ace because a decent amount of it goes to him since he’s trying to find his own path as a singles. Screw the fans...listen to those who have been there before. That’s how you get better. But asked me how I felt?

Spencer lets out a cautious nod as Iser just again eyeballs him...not really appearing angry at him directly but just a storm brewing on his mind.

Seth Iser: You would think I would be happy that I’m in that chance...but I’m not some naive pup because I know how these opportunities work. So then that should at least put me at content that I have this because a chance at the Pride Title is mine for the taking if I can win the match right? But right now...that’s not what I’m feeling.

Iser just pauses for a second as he’s calculating his next choice of words.

Seth Iser: The truth is right now I feel disrespected.

Iser soon raises his finger up before Spencer can interject and interrupt his train of thought.

Seth Iser: Not by the opportunity at all...but by sixty six percent of the people involved in the match.

Spencer Burke: Disrespected? Can I guess that Tyler Storm is one of them?

Seth Iser: He’s the one spared from that feeling even though I’m more than looking forward to repaying the debt with interest and pulling ahead for the defeat I suffered against him in Montreal. And believe me Spencer...I’m more than looking forward to subjecting him to every trick in the book and beating him with the stakes the highest they’ve been between the two of us. But to elaborate...I’m pissed off at Susan Kent...and I’m downright furious at a man who has the experience to know better in Chris Bond.

Iser again just pauses for a minute as he actually soon stands up in a faster motion and Spencer is struggling to hold the microphone in front of the increasingly incensed Seth Iser. You can see him in some ways breathing fire but he does take a deep breath to calm himself down just a slight little bit.

Seth Iser: win your way into the match...but instead of trying to figure out who might be in the’d rather try to make friends? In this industry? HA!

Iser ends up letting out a slight laugh but it isn’t as if he finds this joyful because he’s anything but filled with joy at this time.

Seth Iser: And I just overheard you inviting the person you just beat out to dinner in an attempt to socialize? You might be physically training to get better results but I don’t think you mentally realize how truly cutthroat this business is because any of those ‘friends’ you’re willing to make will stab you right in the back or slash your throat if they have to in order to get to where they need to go. And if your focus isn’t fully on what’s coming finding ways to beat Tyler, Chris, and myself...and you spend too much of it lollygagging around trying to be all buddy buddy in the cafeteria looking for people to talk to you...I’ll just beat that lesson into you in the fatal fourway and be on my way to a future Pride Title match that way.

Iser soon pauses for a minute as his face visibly darkens for a moment as he’s thinking of the other person who made him irate.

Spencer Burke: That leaves Chris Bond.

Seth Iser: It does...and quite frankly I’m disappointed in him. Not because of any hard felt sympathy toward Malcom Drake...because I don’t like him much either. Hell, not even for how he executed that beat-down because it did have that veteran mark in execution that only someone who has been around awhile can both see and pick up on...and obviously execute. But…

Iser again pauses just for a slight second and you see him fuming but he’s keeping his voice in control and with an in door volume for the time being even if he wants to yell and scream at it.

Seth Iser: But...for a guy who has all of this knowledge...for a guy who has trained people in the art of professional wrestling...for a guy who went on the previous Afterburn and stated that his goal was to become Pride Champion for the third time in his career here. Hell for a guy who has as much experience as he does...he went and made a mistake that jumped off the page. And it’s something I’d expect out of some wild young wrestler who either can’t control their emotions or just looking to make a name for themselves by writing too many checks knowing their ass can’t cash every single one of’m.

Iser then just closes his eyes for a brief minute just thinking of that slight.

Seth Iser: You’re already thinking you have that fatal fourway in the bag don’t you? Especially if you are making a move like that.

Spencer Burke: Don’t you think it had more to do with the lingering effects of Steel Warfare, Seth?

Spencer’s question causes Iser to cock his head and glance at the interviewer with a glare. He didn’t appreciate that too much.

Seth Iser: Personally I don’t give a damn. And professionally this is still PROFESSIONAL wrestling. It’s disrespectful to Susan. It’s certainly disrespectful to Tyler...and it’s damn sure disrespectful

Iser balls his fist up and it’s obvious this personal slight to him has been bothering him. You can see the veins in his arms from the anger and even that right hand where he balled his fist up is trembling slightly from fury.

Seth Iser: Chris...I’d rather you have attacked one of the three of us because that makes it look like you’re actually taking this seriously and not thinking this match is a foregone conclusion because of your damn accomplishments in the company and putting some trifle personal bull because we’re not here to have personal issues. We’re here to win titles and make money. Guess what...should’ve jumped Susan Kent when she was wandering around looking for friends like a lost puppy dog. Maybe you should try that with Tyler Storm if you get a chance...because lord knows he pinned me...he can damn sure pin you too. Better yet...come after the one guy who sees through you…COME AFTER ME!

Iser yelled the last three words after keeping an aggressive but indoor voice and it’s at this point that Spencer might be getting a little more fearful but after that yell it’s what Iser needed to work out some of that aggression that had been bubbled in.

Seth Iser: I’m going to beat the huburs and entitlement out of Chris Bond...I’m going to teach Susan Kent a harsh lesson on how this industry should work and maybe leave her as broken down and sore as Bond’s right knee...and as for you Tyler? We know the score and we know the stakes...and like I vowed after you beat me in’ll be me pulling ahead in our series when it matters the most.

Iser then takes a deep breath and points at Spencer in an intimidating manner and he does back up slightly.

Seth Iser: You know what I’m going to do after that, Spence?

Spencer just shakes his head briefly a little bit flustered.

Seth Iser: I’m going to go into the Gold Rush after I beat three other wrestlers...and I’m going to throw whoever I have to over the top rope...if I have to give Fujiko Mine a preview of what’ll be to come if she’s the champion and add her scalp to my collection to do be it. If I have to whoop Owen’s ass be it. If it’s Chris Madson and he ends up regaining the Pride Title in a potential rematch...doesn’t bother me any...I’ll give him that same preview and throw him over the top rope. But I’m going to go in there...raise my stock...and WIN the damned thing. And the entire wrestling world will have to acknowledge how good I still am at the age of thirty-seven and if the fans don’t like it...I don’t care. I’ll be on the right track for gold...and I’ll be well on my way to securing my legacy everywhere.

Iser pauses for a minute before he finally lightens from a facial expression department.

Seth Iser: It’s been a privilege, Spencer.

Iser then walks off after thanking the interviewer and he looks a little shell shocked by the thanks before Iser stomps off after saying his piece.

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*Cowritten with Fujiko Mine

The AfterBurn production cuts to a disclaimer stating that the following clip had been previously recorded. From there it cuts to the Gorilla Position backstage. The odd pairing of Chris Madison and Fujiko Mine stagger through the curtains following their tag team win over the Reapers in Pride. Feeling the effects from their hard fought match, both challenger and Pride Champion gingerly walk towards Vertigo’s General Manager, Brandon Macdonald who seemed to be anxiously waiting for them.

Brandon Macdonald: That kind of performance proves why FGA’s Pride Division is one of the most competitive in the business! The two of you were able to put differences aside, go out there, and beat one of our up and coming tag teams. You two should be proud of what you were able to accomplish tonight!

Chris Madison and Fujiko Mine turn towards each other and glare at each other; Madison’s eyes finding their way to the FGA Pride Championship that Fujiko Mine was clutching over her shoulder.

Brandon Macdonald: I can see how bad you want that championship back Chris. We could make this simple and just put the two of you in another title match; you do have a rematch clause in your title contract.

Chris quickly turned his attention towards Vertigo’s GM, gritting his teeth at his idea.

Chris Madison: Maybe you didn’t hear me all that well… I’m not lookin’ for handouts! I’ve busted my ass to make that title meaningful again. Sure it sucks to see it sittin’ on someone else’s shoulder, but if I’m goin’ to get it back, I’m goin to EARN it back. That’s my choice… I understand the possible consequences… All you have to do is find me an opponent worthy of possibly challengin’ Fujiko for the strap, and I’m puttin’ my rematch on the line in a Pride Rules Match!

Brandon Macdonald: Why do you have to be so damn difficult all the time? You have a golden opportunity staring you in the face! You can make history by possibly becoming the first ever three time FGA Pride Champion, and you want to risk it all at the sake of what?

Chris Madison: Pride… My own pride… But I wouldn’t expect you to understand.

Fujiko chuckles a bit, Madison’s comment to the GM being the reason. Glancing over at Chris, she shrugs her shoulders.

Fujiko Mine: Brandon, why does it matter to you if he wants to put his rematch up for grabs? You just said this division is one of the most competitive in the business. He wants to add to that. Just as bad as he wants to put his rematch up for grabs, it’s equally important to me to defend this championship against the best. I may not be the biggest fan of him, but it’s a respectable thing for him to want. He feels like he wants to “earn” it, just like I want to continue to “earn” the title as the best to ever be in FGA.

She pats the Pride championship. Brandon looks at her with a frown.

Brandon Macdonald: Hold on a second. There were reports of you being backstage at Flashpoint a few weeks ago. What in the hell were you doing there, of all places? And Congratulating a Flashpoint superstar, no less?!

Fujiko raises both her eyebrows, and even though she is hurting from the stiff shot to the jaw she took, shakes it off enough to deliver a pained laugh.

Fujiko Mine: Because I happen to have some history with Noelle Smith. I felt it necessary to go and have some words with her, face to face.

She shrugs in his direction.

Fujiko Mine: Besides, I was there as a fan. Nothing in my contract says I cannot be there. So?

His frustrations with the two grew with each passing second and become more noticeable in his body language; he bites his lower lip, rubs the back of his head, and lets out a deep sigh, exhaling all of the air through his nose.

Brandon Macdonald: You know what Chris, you want to risk your rematch? That’s fine! Just remember that you’re the one who made that choice, not me! You want an opponent? How about the man that may have had a hand in costing you your precious Pride Championship?

Madison stiffens up, standing completely upright with his hands on his hips.

Brandon Macdonald: That’s right Chris. You versus Mitsuo Shimada in a Pride Rules match - winner gets to challenge Fujiko for the strap!

Fujiko’s face turns to that of surprise as the announcement hits her ears. She moves that look over towards Madison, before giving him an approving nod.

Fujiko Mine: Interesting.

She winks at the GM.

Fujiko Mine: And even though I’m putting my title on the line next show, you can assure I’ll be the one waiting for either you or Shimada. Good luck...

The three take turns staring at each other momentarily before going their separate ways. Madison and Fujiko walk off in different directions as Brandon Macdonald slides over to the Gorilla Position so he could oversee the rest of the broadcast as the feed cuts away.

2x FGA Pride Champion

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The screen cuts backstage to general manager Brandon Macdonald, who’s speaking to some backstage personnel as they work to clean up after Vertigo. After a few moments he turns to look at the camera.

Brandon Macdonald: Another fantastic show. Thank to everyone who attended live and cheered on all the amazing Vertigo superstars. And to those that tune in every week to support us. It’s because of you that we can put on shows like this week in and week out.

Macdonald turns back to some crew members and yells at them to make sure they grab something. As they nod and run off, Brandon turns back towards the camera.

Brandon Macdonald: But tonight wasn’t all good. It’s another week gone by and another week in which I haven’t heard the truth from Hadley Herrera. She tried to drag both mine and Vertigo’s name through the mud and refuses to come clean about it. What’s more, she brought my Pride Champion backstage on her last show. Clearly she doesn’t have a problem talking to Vertigo members. It’s just me that she refuses to talk to apparently.

Macdonald takes a deep breath and calms himself down a bit, rubbing his beard as he does so. He looks around at his crew cleaning up before back to the camera and finishing his speech.

Brandon Macdonald: So since Hadley doesn’t seem to have a problem with Vertigo members stopping by Flashpoint...and since she refuses to come clean...perhaps I’ll have to pay her a visit.

The general manager flashes a smile at the camera before he turns around to continue to direct the crew backstage. The shot lingers on that moment for a few seconds before fading out.

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Backstage, we cut to interviewer Jessie Pederson, who is standing by with former New Murder member Molly Reid. Fresh off her win over ex-teammate Fenrys earlier in the night, Molly is wearing a pair of sweatpants and a loose fitting Los Angeles Kings t-shirt and a backwards hat to hold her hair. It’s clear she’s dressed for comfort and not for style.

Jessie Pederson: Molly, since I’ve managed to catch you before you left, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

Molly smiles as she looks at Jessie.

Molly Reid: Not at all Jessie, ask away!

Jessie Pederson: Thank you. First off Molly, how do you feel about how your match went tonight? Picking up the victory over your ex-teammate in your first match since leaving the group.

Reid nods her head in response with a smile on her face.

Molly Reid: I feel pretty good Jessie. It was tough knowing my first match back would be against someone like Fenrys, a New Murder member. But I knew that eventually I’d have to face off against someone from the group. So I guess it was nice to get it out of the way early. Of course it felt great to win. Fenrys is a fantastic wrestler, not many people know that better than I do. So I knew I’d have my work cut out for me. But I stuck to my game, hit that Molly Kick, and got the win. So I’m happy.

Jessie Pederson: What about the start of the match there, with the fake handshake? Did that offend you at all?

Reid let out a bit of a laugh as she smiled, thinking back to that moment and rubbing her midsection.

Molly Reid: Nah, not really. I know Fenrys. I know the New Murder. They’re gonna do whatever they feel is necessary to win. He tried to get the upper hand on me early and it worked. Didn’t break any rules either. So while it’s not something I’ll be doing any time soon, I’m not going to hold it against him. Mostly just happy they let me have this match and didn’t attack me or anything.

Jessie Pederson: So now I have to ask about your announcement last week. You came to the ring and revealed that you’d be entering into the Gold Rush Rumble this year. With names like Jimmy Page, Kol, Fujiko Mine and Brian Stryker just to name a few, do you think you can improve on last year’s fourth-place finish?

A hand up as Molly shook her head, clearly disagreeing with something Jessie had said.

Molly Reid: It’s not a race Jessie. I didn’t finish fourth. I lost the match. I was one of the final four wrestlers, but there’s no prize for anyone aside from the winner. Now I know I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It was great to make it among the final four wrestlers in last year's Gold Rush Rumble. But ultimately I was there to win and I couldn’t get it done. So it was a performance that I was both proud of and disappointed in. But anyways, yes, I absolutely believe that I can improve on last year. I’m entering to win. I’m not chasing another good showing. I’ve improved so much the past year. From beating Heather Lasiewicz at All Star Showdown last year. Winning my number one contendership for the FGA Undisputed World Championship. To almost beating Johnny Karma in my world title match. To winning countless titles in other companies, constantly being at the top of my game. I feel way better now than I did a year ago. So I’m not entering this Rumble to finish third, or even second. A win is the only thing I’m after. Doesn’t matter what other twenty-nine grapplers step into that ring with me. Jimmy Page, Kol, whoever. I’m not getting thrown over that top rope.

Jessie Pederson: Thank you Molly, and if we don’t talk again before the Rumble, good luck.

Molly Reid: Thanks Jessie!

Molly grins and flashes a peace sign at the camera before turning and walking off towards the parking garage as the screen fades out.

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While the main event of Vertigo is set to get underway out in the ring, sat somewhere backstage at the Colonial Life Arena is Lowri Moss. Not much more than an hour has passed since the Mid-Atlantic Legacy Champion and the woman she will defend her title against at Only The Strong Survive, Sadie San Francisco, defeated the team of Maritza Diaz and Pedro Gonzales, and having gotten showered and changed following that match, Lowri has then been predominantly occupied by watching the remainder of the show on a monitor.

That of course included watching on as her boyfriend and regular tag team partner, Neal Durden, put up a valiant fight in a losing effort against Seth Iser, and after being there at the gorilla position to embrace him when he walked back through the curtain, Lowri has subsequently been waiting for Neal to join her to watch the final match of the night, after first getting showered and changed himself. However, just as the main event is about to start, Lowri’s interest has been drawn away from the contest between Kol and Owen Gonsalves to an object that has been delivered to her by a stagehand, and it is at this point that Neal appears, to find his girlfriend examining the item in question.

Neal Durden: Someone actually brought an Easter egg to the show to give to you?

A grinning Lowri looks up at Neal, whose own facial expression is a combination of disbelief and amusement.

Lowri Moss: Hey, if you don't ask, you don't get.

Earlier in the day, she had tweeted that if anyone attending Vertigo felt like bringing an Easter egg with them to give to her, it would be appreciated, and as Neal pulls up a chair to sit next to Lowri, she puts her chocolatey gift down beside her on the floor. The two sit in silence for a few moments, viewing the opening exchanges of the main event. Eventually, sensing that something is not right with her other half, Lowri turns her attention away from the monitor, and towards Neal.

Lowri Moss: Gareth, is something the matter?

Neal shakes his head dismissively.

Neal Durden: No, I’m fine.

Lowri Moss: Are you sure? Because when I saw you after your match, you barely said anything to me, and now you’re being unusually quiet.

Neal does not say anything, and so Lowri presses him further, in an attempt to cajole a response out of him.

Lowri Moss: Come on, Gareth, what’s wrong? Is this just about your loss earlier, or is there more to it than that?

Neal turns around to face Lowri. His eyes had a mixture of disappointment and somewhat like anger. He looked at her and with an unusual gravitas to his voice he responded.

Neal Durden: I told you, it’s nothing - I’m fine!

He turned back to watch the monitor, but Lowri knew better. She knew him better than almost anyone else, so it was easy to detect uneasiness in his voice and motions. Things were not fine and she knew it. Lowri grabbed Neal by his arm and turned him back around to face her. She had a concerned look on her face as she took hold of his hands.

Lowri Moss: No, you’re not! I know you, Gareth. You’re not your usual happy-go-lucky self. I can tell there’s something wrong, so you can either spit it, or you can let it consume you - your choice.

Neal let out a sigh as he started to scratch the back of his head. There were a lot of things on his mind, and Lowri could sense it, but she could not pinpoint exactly what it was that was bothering him. Then, he broke the silence.

Neal Durden: Aside from the fact I haven’t mustered a double U since returning from injury, there’s this thing you said that has been stinging me…

Lowri’s eyes widen, suddenly worried as to what part she has played in contributing to Neal’s current mood.

Lowri Moss: What “thing”?

Neal took a deep breath and looked to the side. He had his eyes fixated on the floor for a couple of seconds, before he turned back to face his girlfriend.

Neal Durden: Your answer to one of Burke’s questions last time. You know the part where you said: “If that means people seeing less of Pendragon as a team in FGA for the foreseeable future, then so be it…”

He took his hands away from her, grabbing his head and looking down towards the floor as he continued speaking.

Neal Durden: You know, with everything that has been happening so lack of “success” and all…our team was the only good thing happening to me career wise, and then…“so be it”, as if you don’t feel like teaming up with me anymore.

Neal let out a deep sigh, before getting his head back up and facing Lowri.

Neal Durden: I know that belt means a lot to you. I know how hard you worked for it…but…

Neal’s voice cracked up a bit as he continued.

Neal Durden: I don’t want to think you don’t want to team up with me because of it…

Lowri struggles to find the right words, her own voice now tinged with sadness after hearing everything that Neal had just said.

Lowri Moss: Oh, Gareth…

She places a hand on Neal’s shoulder.

Lowri Moss: Is this why on Tuesday you left it up to me to speak about our match in NKP - and again before our match two nights ago - because you were upset with me?

Neal takes a deep breath, while placing his hand on Lowri’s thigh.

Neal Durden: Not really upset, I needed to think and not to talk for a while. Things haven’t been going my way, and I was thinking about a lot of things.

Lowri Moss: Like what?

Lowri moved her hand from Neal’s shoulder, sliding it down over his hand on her leg. Neal brought his head up to look at her.

Neal Durden: Like, I’m not good enough, you know? Like I don’t belong.

Neal’s voice was full of resignation. It was not the first time he had told Lowri he felt he was not the best out there, but it was the first time he told her he felt he was not good enough completely.

Neal Durden: I mean, even in tag team matches I don’t factor in the finish, unless it’s to be the one taking the fall. Why do I bother then? Maybe, my parents were right…maybe I should’ve just gone to university and become an accountant like my father…

He looked sideways, defeated.

Lowri Moss: Why, so that you could spend your days sat in a stuffy office, bored out of your mind?

A wry smile crosses Lowri’s face, in spite of the awkward situation she finds herself in. Accepting that now is probably not the best time to be making such remarks, she changes tack.

Lowri Moss: Listen, Gareth, I know you're hurting, but...

Unsure of what to say next, Lowri’s sentence trails off. She lowers her gaze, staring in the direction of the floor while she thinks things over. After a moment or two, she then raises her head to look towards Neal again.

Lowri Moss: I know things haven’t exactly been going in your favour lately, and I’m not going to try to pretend otherwise, but you shouldn't let yourself get too down about it. I mean, it’s not as if the losses that you’ve suffered have been one-sided; you pushed Seth Iser all the way earlier, just like you did Molly last month, or the month before, whenever it was, and there's no shame in losing to either of them - I lost to Molly too a few months ago, remember?

Neal continues to look off to the side, away from Lowri.

Lowri Moss: There was that gauntlet you had to go through, against Fenrys, Bond and Dom, and you performed as well in that as anyone could be expected to. And what about Steel Warfare? The rest of us couldn't have defeated The New Murder without you.

A small sigh escapes Lowri’s mouth, as she proceeds.

Lowri Moss: And yeah, I know that every match the two of us win as a team, I always seem to be the one that gets the pin, even when I’m wearing a mask and going by a different name, but it’s not like I’m out there winning those matches on my own - we win as a team.

With her free hand, Lowri reaches over to touch Neal’s face. She turns his head towards her, forcing him to look at her.

Lowri Moss: I’d be nothing without you - without your support, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am.

Neal scoffed at the notion of her not being able to be where she is at without him. He knows that not to be true, he has stated time and again that Lowri is the better one of the two of them. He turns to the monitor to watch the match, before turning back to Lowri.

Neal Durden: You would’ve had my support nonetheless. Maybe this thing I’m feeling, it’s just a product of my frustration; maybe it’s just that I hoped to be something more…it’ll pass.

Lowri Moss: I’m glad to hear that. I don’t like seeing you like this, even if I can understand why it is that you’re feeling frustrated. You know if you ever have something that you want to get off your chest, you can always talk to me about it, right?

Lowri smiled warmly at Neal, trying to reassure him that she is there from him whenever he needs her.

Lowri Moss: I don't want you disappear on me for several months again, like you did last year. Perhaps you ought to bear in mind something that you said to me a few weeks ago: “No one said it would be an easy road.”

Neal took a moment to look at the monitor, the match was reaching a boiling point. He then turned his attention back to Lowri.

Neal Durden: Anyways, you’ve got a big match coming up, and the last thing I want to do is get in your way.

Neal takes Lowri’s hand and kisses it before letting out a big grin - a grin like those that small children often make.

Lowri Moss: Don't be daft.

Lowri takes a glance at the monitor. As she then looks back to Neal, she lets out a sigh.

Lowri Moss: I didn't mean to sound so blasé the other week when I answered that question Spencer asked me - I didn't mean to sound like I don't care about the future of us as a team. It's just that...I worked so hard for so many months to be the Mid-Atlantic Legacy Champion. You know as well as anyone what I went through to accomplish that - you were right there with me, every step of the way. And now that the title is finally mine, I don't want my reign to be short-lived - when I lose the championship, as I inevitably will, eventually, I want to be able to look back on my time as champion with great pride. Admittedly that means I need to be a little bit selfish, and focus on myself for the time being, rather than on Pendragon - but that's only in FGA.

She pauses to take a breath, before continuing.

Lowri Moss: In NKP, we had gotten to the position where we were one win away from being the Tag Team Champions. Now, unfortunately, we'll never get our shot at those titles, and there's nothing we can do about that, but it's okay, because I know we'll get ourselves into that same position elsewhere - I'm sure of it; in UKWF, in Rebellion, and yes, one day, here in FGA.

Lowri grips Neal’s hand firmly but lovingly.

Lowri Moss: I know I probably don't tell you that I love you as often enough as I should do. And I do love you, Gareth. You're my best friend, and when the day that we win those FGA tag team titles eventually comes, I'll be so happy - so overjoyed - to get to share that moment with you.

Neal takes a deep breath and reaches for his pocket.

Neal Durden: As I said, it’ll pass. Now, to a more important thing…

He looks a bit off, his hand still in his pocket as he starts to bring out something from it.

Neal Durden: I’ve been meaning to ask you something…

He continues to slide his hand out of his pocket until it’s completely out.

Neal Durden: Lowri…Moss. Would you…

Lowri seems confused by his motions, but she also seems anxious somehow. Neal then brings up a chocolate bar and finishes up his thought.

Neal Durden: … care to eat this Nom Nom with me?

Lowri Moss: I thought you'd never ask!

Lowri wastes little time in snatching the chocolate bar out of Neal’s hand.

Lowri Moss: I mean, I saw you tweet something about it earlier, and I was beginning to think that you were playing an early April Fool's Day prank on me.

She breaks off a chunk of the bar, and pops it in her mouth. He laughs, before taking the little piece Lowri lets him take.

Neal Durden: Nah, if I wanted to play out a prank I would’ve kneeled.

He eats the piece of chocolate and takes a look at the monitor, just in time to see Kol drop Owen Gonsalves with a Kol Kutter.

Lowri Moss: If you had tried that, I would’ve kicked you. Hard.

The pair watch on as Kol pins Gonsalves, to pick up the win in the main event. Neal has a stoic look on his face, not saying anything, just feeling lucky he did not get hit with a kick, whilst Lowri continues to scoff the chocolate, not sparing much for her boyfriend, and as the two of them sit there watching what is left of Vertigo, the scene comes to an end.

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The Crimson Baroness: And just like that…

She snaps her fingers as the scene opens; The Crimson Baroness is standing in front of her fiancé and fellow member of The New Murder, Chris Bond. Still dressed in his ring attire after the show, Bond has a smirk on his face as he stares straight ahead at the camera.

The Crimson Baroness: man has secured his place in the fatal fourway match at Only The Strong Survive. He has moved one step closer to that Pride title, and his record breaking THIRD reign as the FGA Pride Champion.

She smiles, looking over her shoulder at Chris, who turns his head towards her. The Crimson Baroness, still dressed in that red bodysuit as per usual, blows her fiancé a kiss before turning back to the camera.

The Crimson Baroness: And poor Ace. Try as he might he just can’t do anything lately. First it was losing those belts in Japan. Then a pay-per-view loss to the Reapers. We sure hope he doesn’t blow any upcoming opportunities…

The sarcasm is almost palpable.

The Crimson Baroness: But he so wanted that shot; he so wanted to go up against Seth Iser, Susan Kent, and Tyler Storm...but there was already too much Shootcamp in that match.

TCB turns up her nose and waves one hand dismissively.

The Crimson Baroness: No, we simply don’t have time for those types. Because this man, right here, is your next Pride champion. Chris Bond, the Battle Hardened Veteran - learn the name, sweetie. Remember it. And be like Chris Madison, thanking his lucky stars that he doesn’t have to go up against my man again. Knowing that lightning doesn’t strike twice, knowing he can’t be that lucky again. Knowing that Chris can’t take that rematch away from him now.

Bond can be seen chuckling in the background as TCB continues.

The Crimson Baroness: Alas, Only The Strong Survive awaits and my man has a message for the rest of the ‘competitors’. Right, sweetie?

Chris Bond: The talks of disrespect are a bit premature, aren't they? I mean disrespect implies the existence of respect in the first place. A lack of respect is more accurate. I don't respect Seth Iser. I don't respect Susan Kent and I don't respect Tyler Storm. I don't care enough to learn about your ups and downs, what makes you cry and what you won't eat on pizza. All I see when I look at each one of you is an obstacle. And one way or another, I'm knocking each and every one of you down and out. This opportunity for a future shot at the Pride Title is mine.

TCB applauds her man, prompting Bond to smirk again.

The Crimson Baroness: Go through each and every one of them, sweetie. Show no mercy.

Chris Bond: Now I've heard the whispers and the cries. I've even heard Old MacDonald himself wasn't very happy with what I did to Malcolm Drake. But when you listen to the filth that was flowing from his mouth… what I did was a service to this brand and to this organization. Malcolm Drake still sees himself as above the rest of us. He thinks of himself as some god-like entity that cannot be contained. A mustang unable to be tamed. I call bullshit. Malcolm Drake was a violent son of a bitch. He did what he wanted, when he wanted. Malcolm Drake used to strike fear into the hearts of many a mortal. Now? He's like this mangy, flea-ridden mutt who needs to be put down. So I did just that. I put him down. He claimed he was above accolades and gold… as if these quests for glory were trivial in his mind. Malcolm Drake can turn you all a golden tale, a fable of fallacy. But I saw through it! He's no God. He's just another fallen idol, who you people worship, blindly at his feet.

The Crimson Baroness: That’s all he’s ever been...

Chris Bond: If Malcolm Drake can peel himself up from the ring mat, bandage that gash on his forehead and make his way to Georgia for the next Vertigo, I'll be waiting for him.


Chris Bond: Or, if he feels like his fire has been sufficiently ‘snuffed,’ then well... Memento mori.

With that, the camera zooms in on Bond’s sneering face, before fading out to black.