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Catch up with your favorite FGA grapplers on AfterBurn! Get their thoughts on the latest, their opponents, and other backstage happenings right here, only on AxxessNet!

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Recorded during one of the commercial breaks for AxxessNet
"Short Change Hero" by The Heavy begins to play through the speakers and the lights in the arena simultaneously dim down. Smoke begins to rise from the top of the stage and appearing on the screen above are the following words;


Boo's echo through the arena as Mark Storm emerges from the mist of smoke, chewing gum calmly as he takes off his shades and stares down at the ring. He can't help but allow his sadistic signature smirk to appear upon his lips as he closes his eyes and spreads his arms out wide, soaking in the jeers of the audience. Around his waist, is his newly won championship belt. The FGA Fifteen Championship and he wears it proudly, pointing at the title and looking at the camera whilst doing so, inviting the viewers to get a closer look at his name, now imprinted into the record books. He smirks, clenching his fist as the camera zooms out.

Geoff Penzer: His methods were questionable but whether you like him or not, Your Hero and Mine is now the FGA Fifteen Champion and he isn’t shying away from that fact, not one bit. A fortnight ago, Mark Storm and Brian Stryker wrestled in what could’ve gone down as a classic, one for the ages, a bout for the Fifteen Championship belt. Mark Storm managed to steal the victory away from Brian Stryker with the help of his comrades in war, the Dogs of War.

Behind him, emerge Chen and Richardson. All three men stand on the top of the entrance ramp and they look at each other for a moment, a look of adulation cemented on their faces, fist bumping each other before they make their way down the entrance ramp.
This ain't no place for no hero.
This ain't no place for no better man.
This ain't no place for no hero
To call "home."
Geoff Penzer: It marks his first championship reign here in the Frontier Grappling Arts, in what has been a turbulent four years since his debut back in 2014. But he’s beginning to find his foot in and make himself a name to be reckoned, no matter the methods of how he does it. But serious questions have to be asked on whether Mark Storm would’ve got the victory of Stryker if the Dogs of War weren’t on ringside. It could’ve gone down a different avenue but unfortunately, this is the new reality we’re living in right now.

At this point, Storm is by the edge of the ring; allowing a smile to embed on his face before he jumps onto the apron and holds onto the ropes, using them to help himself up onto the turnbuckle. He's grinning from ear to ear, soaking in the rest of the boo's coming from the audience, shaking his head sideways as he lowers it, before jumping into the ring.

He unbuckles his championship belt from his waist and he drapes it over his shoulder. Storm has a microphone clenched in his hand and as he brings it up to his lips, the noise in the arena begins to pick up with a chorus of boo’s, echoing through the arena. He smiles, allowing the boo’s to elicit.
Mark Storm: You’re - welcome.
Mark Storm: The fact is, I am your new Frontier Grappling Arts Fifteen Champion and you shouldn’t be booing me, you should be thanking me. You should be thanking me because I’m about to make this championship belt relevant again, I’m about to make it matter. Do you know how long this championship has been dire need of improvement? Do you know how long this championship has been so pointless and boring, and almost unbearable to pay attention to? Since its inception. But you don’t have to worry anymore. You don’t have to sit through fifteen minutes of boredom anymore, not whilst I’m champion. Not on my watch! As long as I have this championship belt… every damn match I have, will be the match of the night.

He licks his lips, allowing the fans to digest his words.

Mark Storm: It could’ve gone down differently too… but we needed to ensure that the era of Brian Stryker, would finish. We needed to ensure, that a new era would begin. As great as Brian is, because that’s what he is right… that’s what he’s known for, he’s known for being this “great guy” throughout the industry. Well, as great as he is there’s one thing he’ll never be, and that’s a deserving hero. He will never be the hero that you deserve. I am. I’m the hero that you so desperately need. You don’t see it now but you will… and tonight, Stryker gets his rematch and I promise him, it’ll be legit and he will get my everything. I will beat Brian Stryker by pinning his shoulders down onto the mat and getting that three count. I did once, Brian… here, lemme remind you real quick…

The tron doesn’t play the video he calls for though.
wrote:Instead, black and white arena security footage from before the last Flashpoint begins playing on the screen. It shows none other than Your Hero, and Mine entering the locker room of BROOKFORD. The gruff Problem Solver doesn’t look too pleased by the company, but after some discussion, he appears willing to hear him out.
Back in the ring, Storm can’t believe what’s being shown on the screen. He looks at both Chen and Richardson and they shrug their shoulders, they have no idea how that footage has somehow managed to leak onto the screen. He then yells at the screen, demanding that someone backstage.
wrote:After a bit more discussion, Storm lays down a piece of paper that appears be a basic script or format sheet on the table in front of him, then begins making out a check that he hands over to BROOKFORD afterwards. The two shake hands after completing their transaction, then the Problem Solver shoos Storm away with their business having been completed.
The footage ends and is replaced by the face of Kendall Kingham on the tron, to a big pop from the crowd. She waves her hand and then begins to speak.

Kendall Kingham: Oh hi Mark, I hope you didn’t mind the change of footage there, but I think the Flashpoint Zone was gonna be a lot more interested in seeing that. I’m gonna be honest, I had a little bit of help in figuring this out.

A beat skips.

Kendall Kingham: I’d been thinking about the fact that there was no footage or proof of me supposedly paying BROOKFORD. Like, besides the fact that I wouldn’t have offered him to stay away if I knew he was gonna just attack Sage after the match-- I didn’t think that part through, luckily I didn’t actually get to see him. But it got me thinking, when I was a GM back in the day we didn’t just have our own footage, we got to see the arena security footage. Like it wasn’t as good, it’s black and white with no sound, but it does the trick. So, I was thinking about the lack of footage of me and this supposed meeting, then I saw Peaches tweet asking BROOKFORD how much you paid him to say that about me. Now, you can deny that piece of paper was a script of what you wanted him to say, but he said to her you didn’t pay him anything he was telling the truth. And uh, we saw here you clearly did meet with him and pay him.

Her expression darkens a bit.

Kendall Kingham: So here’s the thing, now that I’ve proven there’s a whole lot of lying going on with your side of things? I said I was gonna wait till I cleared my name to vow revenge and all that, but I’d tell you all what I had in mind once I did, so here it goes.

Kendall clears her throat.

Kendall Kingham: It starts with getting some revenge on BROOKFORD here tonight when me and Ashley tag against him and Ambrose. And if I cross paths with him in the Rumble, you best believe he’s gonna get it. But you know, as much as I’m not gonna forget what he did to me, somehow I doubt he really cares he got busted-- he got paid after all. Because this was all your idea really, for whatever point it is you’re trying to prove. So let me tell you what it is I have planned for you, Mark.

She points a finger.

Kendall Kingham: First step? Throw you out of the Gold Rush Rumble.

The crowd pops.

Kendall Kingham: Second? If you hold onto that title for a little bit past tonight, I use throwing you out to claim myself as contender to the 15 Championship, and I take it from you so that belt can have a Champion that isn’t going to rely on a bunch of people running in during their matches. That’s my plan to get you back. Boosting my reputation and knocking yours down a few pegs isn’t going to be done through spreading rumors, or lies. It’s going to be done in that ring, by proving I’m a better wrestler than you! That’s what the Flashpoint Zone’s supposed to be all about, and that’s the only point I was trying to make-- maybe a bit poorly since it let you take advantage of it to start this with me-- when I was saying I wanted drama kept away from my matches! I’m not here to be a hero, I’m here to be a wrestler, hopefully the very best and that path goes straight through you, Mark.

She finishes her passionate exclamation and the video cuts out to a big round of applause from the crowd. Storm and the Dogs of War meanwhile, are furious and flustered.

Geoff Penzer: Well would you look at that! It looks like Kendall Kingham was innocent after all, but I guess none of us had any quarrel about it. And she’s made her intentions clear tonight ladies and gentlemen.

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The scene opens backstage, where the members of the Polychromatic Lion Attack Squad have got changed out of their ring attire and are currently heading towards the exit of the Landers Center. Peaches is now wearing a Raleigh Renegades t-shirt and jeans, whilst Dan has opted to wear a black shirt with the top two buttons undone, as well as a pair of jeans. They seem to be in high spirits, talking amongst themselves as Amanda approaches.

Peaches: So a guy goes to the doctors an’ he says, ‘Doc, my girlfriend’s pregnant but we always use protection. The rubber never broke or nothin’. How’s this possible?’

Amanda Johnson: Peaches! Dan!

The interviewer yells out, interrupting the joke Peaches was telling. The pair turn to find Amanda standing before them with a microphone in hand.

Dan Herrera: Evening, Amanda.

Amanda Johnson: Guys, a mixed evening tonight; Peaches managing to defeat Qiang Chen, but Dan unfortunately fell short against Liam Richardson III. How do you feel after all this?

Peaches: Gotta tell you, Amanda, we ain’t too downtrodden after tonight. Sure, we went 1-1 with them Dogs of War, but we showed ‘em they ain’t infallible.

Peaches smiles as she shrugs her shoulders.

Peaches: An’ it took a damn near herculean effort from Liam to keep Dan down for the three count. An’ if I was a bettin’ woman, I’d say he couldn’t do that again if he tried.

Dan Herrera: Losses sting, I won’t deny that. So credit to Liam for getting the job done in the ring. Now we just need to see how they’ll do when it’s two-on-two, because that’s where the Polychromatic Lion Attack Squad shine.

Peaches: Yeah we do!

The pair bump fists as Amanda goes to ask another question.

Amanda Johnson: You’re certainly impressive. But up next is Only The Strong Survive, and the Gold Rush Rumble. Will we be seeing either of you in action that night?

Dan Herrera: Hopefully. We always look forward to performing for the FGA fans.

Peaches: Lets not ruin the surprise though. If we get in the rumble, great. If we get a tag match against the Dogs of War, great.

Dan Herrera: And if we get both, then it’ll be an amazing night for us. But right now we’re focusing on getting back into contention for those FGA World Tag Team Championships. And if that means we have to beat the Dogs of War, then that’s what we’ll do. And anybody else who steps up until we get that shot at Smart Style. That’s the goal here.

Peaches: I ain’t gonna say no to a shot at the Undisputed title though…

Dan chuckles, scratching at the back of his head as he tries to recompose himself.

Dan Herrera: Me neither. But whatever comes our way, we’re righting the wrongs and getting back on track. I suffered a setback tonight, but the Polychromatic Lion Attack Squad will be back on top soon enough. No matter who Chris Constantine throws in our way.

Amanda Johnson: I can believe that. Last thing, have you got any thoughts on what your sister’s actions towards Ricky Valero tonight?

With that, Dan and Peaches look towards each other, an awkward expression on each of their faces. It’s Dan who speaks up first though.

Dan Herrera: I’m trying not to get too involved in her business, I’m sure Hadley has faith she made the right decision. Thanks for your time, Amanda.

Amanda Johnson: Thank you, and hopefully we’ll be seeing the Polychromatic Lion Attack Squad in action when FGA comes to Orlando.

Dan and Peaches begin to walk away, with the camera just catching the next part of their conversation before the scene ends.

Peaches: So the guys says... ‘Doc, how’s this possible?’