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Cameras catch Kendall Kingham watching the end of Flashpoint, hunched near a small monitor backstage. She crinkles her nose as if she's deep in thought while replays of Evan Envi's victory over Dan Herrera play. Eventually she notices the camera crew, whirling around and waving.

Kendall Kingham: Hey! Just uh, watching the show.

She pauses to consider her choice of words.

Kendall Kingham: Not really scouting, I mean I know a lot about most of these wrestlers, especially Evan there. Didn't see much that surprised me, I just kinda wanted to get a feel for the intensity and stuff.

A pause.

Kendall Kingham: I mean, like, these are the matches just to get into it. Forget what I'm gonna have to face in the actual tournament itself.

She bites her lip, shaking her head.

Kendall Kingham: It's frustrating, because I haven't had gotten to actually wrestle here in FGA yet. So I've got that building for me, and I'm feeling even more energy from that. So I'm trying to just go and be balanced, not psych myself out too much.

A deep breath, then she smiles.

Kendall Kingham: Maybe I'm just overthinking it, putting too much pressure on myself. Once I get out there and wrestle, I think I'll be ready to do my thing. Move through the FLC, make it known I mean business.

The smile turns wider and cheesier.

Kendall Kingham: Because that's what we do here in the Flashpoint zone! This is the wrestling show, it's not about talking-- unless you're Mark "Thunder & Lightning" Storm, then you're gonna do a bunch of dramatic talking about how there's too much focus on drama instead of wrestling instead of like just doing your thing.

A shrug.

Kendall Kingham: This isn't about him though, it's about me. I know it's not gonna be easy for me, but I didn't want it that way-- can't wait!

Her excitement building she skips off out of sight.

Kendall Kingham: Later, off to meet some fans now! They're the heartbeat of the Flashpoint Zone you know! Keep that blood pumping and the hairs stand --

Her voice trails off as she disappears out of earshot.

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Backstage of Flashpoint, Brian Stryker is walking through the hallway, holding his 15 title down by his waist. Another week, another hard fought title defense in the books as Stryker is now 1 successful defense away from the elusive 4 defense cash in of the Pride title. He exhales deeply as he rubs his exhausted face as he turns a corner and bumps into someone, causing him to drop his title.

BRIAN STRYKER: Oh sorry man. Didn’t see you….

He bent down and grabbed his title as he stood upright, placing his belt on his shoulder as he saw who it was he bumped into.

BRIAN STRYKER: Oh hey there. Finally got a chance to talk huh?

We follow Stryker’s line of sight and see that the person he bumped into is none other than Johnny Karma, who looks taken aback that somebody might bump into him yet also somewhat relieved that it was a mere accident rather than The New Murder coming over to Flashpoint to share a full and frank exchange of views that mainly involves punching and kicking...

JOHNNY KARMA: I guess so.

Pausing for a second, Karma casts a glance in the direction of the 15 Championship that’s resting on Stryker’s shoulder

JOHNNY KARMA: Careful with that, you don’t want to scuff the faceplate and they will take the repair costs out of your paycheque. Gotta love small print, huh?

BRIAN STRYKER: Oh trust me I know all about fine print. You’d be amazed how hard it is to get crayon off a title plate. Speaking of, just wanted to say good job so far. You’re kicking ass with that world title on your shoulder and showing why Flashpoint is the place to be.

JOHNNY KARMA: Honestly, it's still kinda weird to be the guy that everyone’s taking aim at, especially after spending so long being one of the many, many guns taking aim at the title, but I guess I need to learn if I’m good enough to actually carry this belt or if I’m looking after it for somebody else to win sometime down the line.

A beat

JOHNNY KARMA: Not naming names, obviously.

Karma clears his throat, hoping that the subject isn't dwelled upon for a moment longer

JOHNNY KARMA: But, seriously, thanks. I’ve been pushing myself to not only do right by this title but also justify the faith Amanda Johnson put in me, so if someone thinks I’m living up to the goals I’ve set myself I’m seriously glad to hear it.

BRIAN STRYKER: Well keep up the work. Oh and keep that title warm, might be coming for it some day. But if you excuse me, I got a 3 year old expecting a call from daddy.

Brian playfully pats Johnny on the shoulder as he moves past him and starts making his way down the hallway.