Tutorial: Proficiencies and Trainers

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Tutorial: Proficiencies and Trainers

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Your proficiencies are what set your character apart from all others. Different proficiencies will be available to you depending on your class and the same proficiencies may be more or less difficult to train depending on your class. Proficiencies can be divided into two categories.

Equipment Proficiencies:

All equipment has a set proficiency requirement, and your equipment proficiency determines which items you can equip. As a general rule, better items have higher proficiency requirements, but not necessarily higher costs. Training equipment proficiencies will also allow you to use lesser forms of equipment more effectively; armor will provide greater defense, and weapons will do more damage.

Your Armor proficiency determines which equipment types you are able to use, and your profiencies in the eight weapon classes determine which weapons you can equip.

Shielding allows you to block more effectively when you have a shield equipped. However, like all types of armor, shields only require a given Armor proficiency to equip, so it is possible to equip even the best shields without having raised Shielding. Of course, doing so will not be nearly as effective.

The Dual Wielding proficiency determines which how effective certain combinations of weapons you are able to equip simultaneously. Increasing Dual Wielding allows you to hit more often with either weapon, as holding two weapons at the same time initially gives a drastic loss in accuracy. Since Dual Wielding only restricts the sum of the two weapons being equipped, it is possible to equip one very good and one low quality weapon or two similar weapons of moderate quality well, depending on your proficiencies.

Ability Proficiencies:

Ability proficiencies determine how effectively you can use your spells and skills and may influence your abilities in several ways, such as success rate, time of effect, degree of effect, damage, and type of effect. Raising ability proficiency is also the most common way to learn new spells and skills.

Proficiency Trainers:

Individual proficiencies improve very slowly through use, so most players prefer to train their proficiencies by investing experience. Most towns have one or more proficiency trainers where you can invest experience directly into proficiencies. In New Banian, there are three proficiency trainers in the small building marked by a heart sign.

Individual trainers can only assist you with a subset of your proficiencies. Some will only allow you to train equipment proficiencies, others will only allow you to train either your spells or your skills.

Click on a trainer to see a list of proficiencies that you are able to train. Floating your mouse over a proficiency will allow you to see the proficiency's current level in the lower-left corner of Dream Seeker below the console. When you find a proficiency that you would like to train, click the corresponding button and decide how much experience to invest.

Your proficiency limits are based on your current level, so just as there is a level cap, there is an effective proficiency cap. The proficiency cap for a given level is (125% * level + 8).

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