Joining FFO: The Login Sequence

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Joining FFO: The Login Sequence

Joined: 11 Apr 2004, 08:52

17 Nov 2004, 23:04 #1

Please allow time for all of the FFO game files to finish downloading before continuing.

Title Screen:

Once you have finished downloading the game, you will be presented with the FFO Title Screen, one of the various banners created by FFO players. Click the screen, press an arrow key, or press a num-pad key (with numlock off) to advance to the character selection screen.

Character Selection:

Assuming this is your first time playing FFO, the character selection screen will consist of a "New Game" button followed by 8 blank panels. In the future, your saved characters will be listed within the panels; clicking a panel will prompt you to either load or erase the chosen character file. Click the "New Game" button.

For the remainder of the login sequence, once you have finished reading messages within the text panel, click the panel or press num-pad 5 (with numlock off) to advance the text.

After reading through Namingway's brief introduction, you will be asked to choose your character's gender. Different character class icons will be presented to you based on your gender. Most everything else will be the same in-game regardless of your character's gender.

Having selected a gender, you will be presented with representations of the 6 character classes. Click any of the 6 characters to get a brief description of each class. Click "Accept Class" once you have found a suitable class.

Next, you must choose a name for your character. Names must be unique for each character, and certain names will not be accepted. Click the letter buttons to spell out your name, and click "END" once you have finished.


Players quickly discover the need to distinguish themselves from others within FFO. One way this is accomplished is by giving your character an easily recognizable color. The new version of FFO allows for easy customization with a large graphics of many colors: selecting any color will automatically place that color on your character. Press "END" once you have finished coloring your character. You will then be presented with one last chance to recreate your character; if you are satisfied with the character you have created, click "Begin FFO". Congratulations, you have just created your first character.

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