Equipment Suffixes

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Equipment Suffixes

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Note: not all information is currently updated. While most of the information in this FAQ is considered accurate, it is advised that you test anything written here before believing it to be 100% true. If you find any issues with the information in this FAQ, please post in the Q&A Forum.

Periodically you may come across enchanted equipment with specific non-elemental effects. These effects are denoted by the respective suffixes affixed to the item's name. Each suffix grants the item properties unique to that particular suffix.

The names of equippable items enchanted in this manner are modified and usually take the form: [item name] of the [suffix]. Each item can only take one suffix.

Suffix categories are listed below. Each listing includes 1) constituent suffixes in increasing order of effect, 2) equipment types able to take the suffix, 3) a brief description.

Damage Return:

suffix: Thorns, Spikes, Razors, Swords
equipment: torso, wrist, head, hand, and foot armor

A portion of all melee damage is returned to the attacker. Returned damage is not affected by defense and cannot be blocked. The effect is only produced when the item is targeted.

Dexterity Reduction:

suffix: Blundering
equipment: all weapons

The hit rate of players using weapons with this suffix is reduced.


--- HP: Leech, Locust, Lamprey
--- MP: Bat, Wraith, Vampire
equipment: all weapons

For HP draining suffixes, a portion of the weapon's damage is returned to the attacker as health during each attack. For MP draining suffixes, a percentage of the target's maximum MP is returned to the attacker.

Durability Increase:

suffix: Ages
equipment: all

The item's durability is increased to 500%.


suffix: Bear
equipment: all weapons but knives

The target is pushed one tile away from the attacker during a successfully completed attack. Multitile monsters are not affected.

Proficiency Reduction:

suffix: Ease
equipment: all

Proficiency requirements to use the affected item are lowered considerably.

Rapid Casting:

suffix: Magus
equipment: staves

The lag time between clicking and actually casting a spell is removed. In order to have this effect, the staff must be equipped as the primary weapon.

Rapid Striking:

suffix: Swiftness
equipment: all

The lag time between clicking and actually attacking with a weapon is removed.

Recoil Reduction:

suffix: Rabbit, Cheetah
equipment: all weapons

Using a weapon with recoil reduction reduces the cooldown time after an attack.


--- HP: Sapling, Vine, Oak
--- MP: Spirit, Soul, Will o' Wisp
--- stamina: Wanderer, Wayfarer, Traveler
equipment: all armor except shields

The wearer slowly regains health, mana, or stamina over time. For stats that regenerate automatically, the rate is increased. Effects are not cumulative; only the item with the greatest effect in each category is active.

Speed Boost:

suffix: Pacing, Haste, Speed, Acceleration
equipment: foot armor

The wearer's speed is increased by a considerable amount.

Stat Boost:

--- HP: Jackal, Fox, Wolf, Tiger, Mammoth, Colossus
--- MP: Newt, Frog, Lizard, Snake, Serpent, Dragon
equipment: tunics and pants

The wearers maximum HP or MP is increased by a percentage determined by the suffix. Effects are cumulative.

Weight Increase:

suffix: Snail, Turtle
equipment: all

Item weight increases. Armor provides greater defense, and weapons have greatly increased recoil times.

Weight Reduction:

suffix: Feather, Wings
equipment: all

Stamina drain and speed reduction caused by the item is reduced.

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