You're being watched !

You're being watched !

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Has this happened to anyone else?

People around me, are watching me. Family , friends , co workers .
A guy I work with has watched my progress the past 39 days. We have worked together 22 yrs. He knows what a Steady smoker ( Addict ) I have been. He had asked what I was doing to quit. The patch? No he watched me go through those yrs. ago.
Gum ?
No He used to watch me spit out a piece so I could have a smoke.
Nicotine inhalers ? No. He got a kick out watching me use those too.
I told him I found this web site. I started reading, It made more sense, and had more info. than anything I had ever found. So... He tells me the other day, He threw away 200.00 worth of cigars and four cans of chew. He had been reading Joel's book!
Now I have a family member doing the same, On his own !
I had told them both at different times, " This is what I found , it works for me, as you know, I'm new at it . " I'm not your counsler or quit buddy. I don't have, and wouldn't
pretend to have the answers."
But doggone it , I'm leading by example, and never knew it ! Interesting though, I don't want this " honor ". I'm too busy keeping my head down, and embracing my own quit . Do I sound too selfish?

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No Dave, you are not responsible.....

Your quit comes first.

But you are an "existence proof", as we say in mathmatics. Your very existence shows that it can be done. You are a living, walking, talking refutation of the belief that "smokers can't quit". That is something every smoker is desperate to believe, since it means that they have no choice but to continue smoking.

And you put the lie to it... even if you do not open your mouth.


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I agree with Bill's assessment, you are not their counsellor. Your quit is the most important. Nurture that until you can comfortably stand on your own two legs.

I found the same thing happening to me when I first quit. Many relatives and friends new how much I fed my addiction and watched me in awe as I took control of my addiction. Many attempted to follow my success. Some succeeded and some didn't. But, I always knew, ultimately, the ones who fail or succeed was due to them and not me. I was not responsible for their quit, just mine.

Perhaps as your confidence increases, along with your education and comfort, you will have the desire to help others more often. You are always free to do just that. You can do that here or you can just about anywhere addicts are feeding their addiction. There are ways and if that was the case in the future, just ask the question here and I am sure you will get answers how others helped others.

One way I discovered help others is walk the walk and tell them where the truth is printed. The truth about our addictions is printed right here at Freedom and Whyquit.

You can speak the truth to them as well! You can do that by absorbing all the knowledge here so you can speak to them intelligently about their addiction to nicotine. Knowledge is power and that knowledge can change peoples lives forever if they are receptive to the truth.

Keep reading and find your comfort. Then make the decision to help others if you feel comfortable doing that.


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"Existence proof," I like that Bill! Joel hit on that in a conversation yesterday. To Joel prime "existence proof" is that there are more ex-smokers alive in the U.S. than smokers. It's a major beef we have with cessation product marketing, their intentionally feeding on fact that the smoker's pay attention pathways have been taken hostage by nicotine by suggesting that quitting without their product is nearly impossible. If a feat is nearly impossible then how have more done the impossible than not? Now that's some pretty funny math!

We're all with Roger and Bill on this, Dave. You're what's happening right now and today and then next few minutes are yours to control. But as Dave suggests, there may come a time when you look at or listen to a smoker and realize that they have absolutely no idea about the Law of Addiction and the power of one puff of nicotine to destroy their upcoming or current recovery attempt. Dependency ignorance is a horrible reason to die, and in all frankness I myself was oh so close. I just gave up on giving up and, amazingly, doing so probably saved my life. But it didn't have to come to that. Like nearly all still living in darkness, I wasn't stupid just ignorant.

This is your gift to you, Dave! Hold it close and protect it as you deem best.

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Sorry Roger and Dave. I meant to say "as Roger suggests."

Smoking and structural brain deficits:
a volumetric MR investigation.

European Journal of Neuroscience, September 2006; Vol. 24(6): Pages 1744-1750

Gallinat J, Meisenzahl E, Jacobsen LK, Kalus P, Bierbrauer J, Kienast T, Witthaus H, Leopold K, Seifert F, Schubert F, Staedtgen M.

Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Charite University Medicine, St Hedwig Krankenhaus, Turmstrasse 21, 10559 Berlin, Germany.

Growing evidence from animal studies indicates brain-damaging properties of nicotine exposure. Investigations in humans found a wide range of functional cerebral effects of nicotine and cigarette smoking, but studies focusing on brain damage are sparse. In 22 smokers and 23 never-smokers possible differences of the cerebral structures were investigated using magnetic resonance imaging and voxel-based morphometry. Significantly smaller grey matter volume and lower grey matter density (P = 0.05, corrected) were observed in the frontal regions (anterior cingulate, prefrontal and orbitofrontal cortex), the occipital lobe and the temporal lobe including parahippocampal gyrus, in smokers than in never-smokers. Group differences of either grey matter volume or grey matter density were also found in the thalamus, cerebellum and substantia nigra, among other regions. Smokers did not show greater volumes than never-smokers in any cerebral region. Magnitude of lifetime exposure to tobacco smoke (pack-years) was inversely correlated with volume of frontal and temporal lobes and cerebellum (P = 0.001, uncorrected). The data indicate structural deficits of several cortical and subcortical regions in smokers relative to never-smokers. The topographic profile of the group differences show some similarities to brain networks known to mediate drug reinforcement, attention and working memory processing. The present findings may explain in part the frequently reported cognitive dysfunctions in chronic cigarette consumers.
PMID: 17004938 [PubMed - in process]

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Thank you !
It's as I thought.
39 days & NTAP !