Why Dont I feel Good?

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Why Dont I feel Good?

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Hello all,
here I am at day 7 and bummed out. I had another hard day of fighting the craves all day. I have been reading other peoples messages and they seem so proud of themselves and how great they feel after 1 week. I feel no better at all after 1 week. infact I feel down right lousy. Every day is a struggle for me. I have no interest in anything. Things I use to enjoy I cant stand to do right now. I dont even like my job which I use to love. I AM BORED out of my mind. I feel like I am having a harder time then most quiting. I know that may not be true but it feels that way. I dont feel like me anymore and very strange. All day I am fighting withmy self part of me says have just 1 smoke u deserve it look how hard u have worked reward yourself. Why suffer anymore is it worth all this? Who cares if u get lung Cancer when your gone you wont feel this horrible anymore. Arent I sick this is what I have listened to myself say all day. I am so gald from my heart that others have done so well after 1 week I just wish I could do as well as them and feel just a bit better.....ColbyRacer

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Hi ColbyRacer,
I'm glad that you posted and sorry that you're feeling lousy.
Everyone's quit experience varies and yours is difficult right now. I can remember difficult days..and difficult moments and I'm sure that most of the people at Freedom could say the same.
hat you are experiencing is temporary. Temporary! It takes time to withdraw physically...and it takes time to withdraw mentally.
It takes time to adjust to living without having the constant need to punctuate every half hour or so with a fix of nicotine. It's unsettling at first, I remember it well! But, it is worth it.
I know that you're reading messages on the board but are you reading from the library?
Have you read all of the articles that were recommended to you when you posted at day 5?
Spend as much time here reading as you can. If you're bored then READ.
Your brain needs to understand what you've done and and where you are going...The more you understand the better it will be for you.
Check this out:
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There is SO MUCH information there that was written for YOU!


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The link didn't work.
Here you go:
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Read, ColbyRacer, read!

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Hi, Colby

Perhaps it's time to embrace a crave rather than fight it. I found these posts really helpful:

Need a boost? Reach for your dreams!
Using Attitude to Reduce Anxiety
How we coped during our crave episodes (especially the third message)

Hang in there, Colby. I thought I was gonna die (or wished I would) a few times, but keep reading here, keep posting when you need to, and by George, it will get better if you never take another puff, one day at a time.


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Heya Colby! I remember when I first quit I thought I'd start to feel better pretty much right off the bat. What a disappointment. For me there was no such thing as immediate gratification. Before I felt better, I felt a whole lot worse. The first month of a quit varies quite a bit from person to person.

So I'll tell you something ... even though the first three weeks were pretty horrendous for me, going through that experience made my resolve just that much stronger. There is no way I want to ever go through the initial phase of a quit again.

Remember how you feel now, and note it in your diary. Take it One Day at a Time. If you need to vent, go beat up an old pillow or go into a big field and scream at the top of your lungs. Whatever it takes ... just don't lose your quit. Because it will get better.

yqs, Janet :)
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Hi Colby,

We all relate to your suffering. I know that I have gone through the same fits of boredom. Just trust your adventure. It takes time to adjust to not smoking and it takes time for your body's biochemistry to adjust. Seven days is just beginning and you have already confronted the hardest things. Hang in there tough and strong, read and write, drink lots of water and take long walks! Whatever. Get through the day and commend yourself for being a tough guy! You'll do it it. You are on a journey back to how you were before you ever smoked a single cigarette.
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Why don't you feel good? The short answer is that you're right smack dab in the middle of the early healing process that comes with addiction recovery. Only a few people who make this decision feel good on day 7 of their quit. However, all of us who stuck with it discovered that what we felt on day 7 was not at all indicative of what it felt like to be an ex-smoker. Did you expect years of nicotine abuse to yield to comfort in 7 short days?

The truth is that none of us would be here as ex-smokers if being an ex-smoker is like what you're experiencing now. We took it on faith that it would get better, and found out that it not only got better, but that being a non-smoker is preferable to being a smoker.

You mentioned the comparison of what you're going through and what a cancer patient goes through. One of our members got to experience both. She qualifies to make the comparison. When she was going through the operations, the chemo, the hair loss, and the other hells associated with the treatment for her lung cancer, she was fond of signing off her posts with "and wishing I was going through withdrawal instead of this." It's instructive. Here's her story: Meet kim, a member of freedom

You only have our word that this gets better ColbyRacer. But, there are a lot of us here. Successful quitters, who discovered what life was like on the other side of the trench. We all crawled through it, and for most of us, it wasn't fun... but the other side's closer than you realize. Your choice on whether to find out what it's like... or return to using.

Some homework...

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"You said it would get better. It's just as bad as the day I quit smoking!"

The Urge Hits!

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I felt the EXACT same way after a week. It WILL get better!!! You can't go back now! The first week I actually went to bed as soon as I got home from work - I was so bored and yet didn't want to do anything but sit around. What you are experiencing is normal and you just have to wait it out. It will be worth it in the end, I promise.

The LAST thing you want to do is go back to square one!!! HANG IN THERE!!!

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Hi Colby! OBob has given you some reading. I strongly suggest you read all of the threads. You know, you always have the option to use nicotine if you want to- you aren't being deprived of ANYTHING. Obviously you were sick and discusted enough of cigarettes or you wouldn't have gone through Glory Week. I myself know I will NEVER take a puff again because I know I wouldn't want to have to deal with Glory Week EVER again so it does seem like you want to be free. Take it One Day, One Moment at a time if you have to- this gets easier! I promise! COMFORT finds EVERYONE that Never Takes Another Puff! Colby, you are at DAY 7!!!!! Give your quit TIME! Prove us wrong when we say this gets easier! IT DOES! I just celebrated my GOLD Milestone- I can garauntee I would of NEVER made GOLD if it felt like GLORY WEEK for and entire YEAR! Hang in there! You are doing this!

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I wanted to clarify something that u posted saying I had said. You stated that I compared what I am going through to what a Lung cancer patient is going through. I in know way said anything like that. I said " Who cares if I get lung Cancer when your gone u wont feel this horrible anyway" It was mubble in my head. I in know way know what a cancer patient has gone thrrough I never tried to make any comparison on what someone with cancer is going through and what I am going through. I am very sorry about what Kim went through. I also am sorry if I offended anyone with my post. I was just talking about what I was feeling again I am sorry....Colby