Why am I still having "urges?"

Subconscious use cue extinguishment
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14 Feb 2004, 21:36 #11

Hi Joel,
ImageHad a couple of days that the craves seemed to be pounding down on me. you suggested that I read this and a few other threads. I had already read them before but I read them again. I will continue to read things over and over. It is just like getting that GET OUT OF 1 CRAVE FREE! pass.
I still do not know what the triggers were that caused such a ruckus in my head but because of another thread I read that also is explained.
Well, I posted, got wonderful support and suggestions and I DID NOT TAKE THAT STINKING THINKING PUFF! If I had smoked yesterday today I would have been a failure, all my hard work would have been in vain, nothing would have been solved and now I would be back on that LIFE ZAPPING tread mill again. If smoking is so wonderful why did I always want to quit?
Well this ex-smoker is going to spend this valentines day walking the urban trail of Asheville with my sweetheart. Happy VICTORY Day to all!
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hi Laurie! I'm so glad you didnt take that puff! You are always so good with your posts, so encouraging and welcoming. I too have always wanted to quit and never seemed to find the "right" time. I guess like people waiting to have a baby ti; th e"right" time, the time is right when you start to think about it, there never really is a "right" time. Im not sure where I'd be if not for this site and all of you wonderful encouraing people. Not sure if my quit would still be happening, but I don't have to wonder, because I found you and I have come to read everyday since the second day of my quit. Thank you all for being so kind and encouraging. Laurie, keep up the good work and NTAP.
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Thanks Joel, I needed this reminder....

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I sign on this evening and read this. This site is incredible. I am eight days in my quit, facing lots of urges and fighting them back. So far, nothing has been a hard fight and posts like this reinforce my vigilance. I need this ammo in my head, the thought of giving in to a puff and then wanting to quit all the time- what a choice!

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Thanks Joel,
I needed to read that.

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Thx! Image

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Image For a clinic graduate from 10 years ago--in case she is looking in. First real thought for a cigarette in years kind of caught her a little off guard.

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A very good friend of mine quit smoking over 10 yrs ago and she admits to having a craving for maybe a split second for a cigarette every once in a great while, she said it happens so fast that she hardly realizes it.

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"The thoughts that happened down the road are triggers of fond memories. The thought is often that it seems like a good idea now to smoke a cigarette. Kind of like the urge you get to clean your house on a slow day. Seems like a good idea for a few seconds, but if you find something better to do, so be it. The same concept holds true for the thought of a cigarette.

Other times there will be thoughts of "I used to smoke when I did this." Not a desire for a cigarette or smoking, but a feeling that your timing or ritual is off. Sometimes there may even be a feeling that you are supposed to be doing "something" right now, but do not even realize what it is. All of a sudden you realize you used to smoke at this particular juncture of time or a specific new situation. Again, it is not that you want or need a cigarette in these two cases, just that the routine was a little off." - Joel

Well today was the day I went to the attic to retrieve the lights, wreaths, garlands and whatnot to begin preparing our house for the approaching Holiday. Possibly the last 'nice' weekend day (nearly 50 and a little windy but lots of sun) to get most of this annual ritual behind me.

And so as I'm carying two large tote bins into the garage (yep another garage story Image) I got hit with just the kind of urge Joel details above. Even at 10 months I occasionally run into a 'First Time since I Quit' activity. The urge wasn't all that strong, really didn't last too long - 5 or 10 seconds tops. But the flood of thoughts, claims and counter claims, was indeed a warning flare that I should be especially mindful that I'm going to be in many once a year situations for the next two months.

So if any of you guys are gonna be putting up the holiday lights and decorations for the first (or even second) time since getting rid of nicotine, just know that the associations you have filed in your brain linking smoking with some event or other may bring back the 'Hey, how bout a cig' thought and urge.

Way too educated to be fooled by what I now recognize another  false association  being recalled from my minds' storehouse. Each and every time I like to repeat a phrase that I came up with after reading Kay's classic Triggers: Reminders From Your Executive Assistant ....

'Oh I'm sorry Sir, I'm afraid you've reached a number that is disconnected and no longer in service.'

JoeJFree always a nicotine addict and 40 year tobacco user gratefully now an X-smoker for 10 months, 9 days, 9 hours, 51 minutes and 54 seconds (313 days)
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