When Do You stop gaining weight?

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When Do You stop gaining weight?

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I keep hearing all this stuff about gaining weight but how long until you stop gaining. Or do yo just keep adding on pounds? I am on day 5 of my quit and I don't think I have gained any weight yet. However, I do feel awfully puffy. Do you retain water when you quit? I think that is what I am going through. My idea is in a couple of months I am going to take the money I saved from not smoking and join a Gym. That way if I do gain weight (which I probably will) then I will work it all off and tone up.

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Couldn't resist posting this one as weight seems to be a popular topic at the moment.
Of course you don't just keep adding pounds - you'll only do that if you keep on eating too much. Loads of people gain a little extra weight whilst they are getting over the initial craves. A cigarette crave and hunger both feel kind of similar - you feel empty, irritable.... but it does pass.
Rather than eating loads of high fat rubbish - try to drink more (fills the tummy) and eating more fruit. Feed you body the good food that it needs in order to help start repairing itself.
I gained a little weight when I first quit - but as Joel said the other day - a little bit of effort goes a long way. Don't try to quit smoking and put yourself on a strict diet at the same time. Concentrate for now on the quitting and be a little bit more conscious of what you are putting in your mouth. You are doing a wonderful thing but you are still young in your quit and for the moment I would recommend that you concentrate you efforts there.
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Oops - sorry about that above link - that was me trying to do one and getting it very wrong.... anyway - I was trying to bring up the thread (patience in weight control issues) which Joel posted the other day.

back to the original message.....
Once you are a bit more settled in your quit I'm sure that you will be able to deal with any weight that you have gained. In the meantime - don't try to substitute eating for smoking - try to find something else that will help - deep breathing, having a bath, posting on Freedom .

Keep up the great work and you'll get there.
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Patience in weight control issues
Well - this is my 4th attempt .... but I think I've finally got it .
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Hey there! Try not to worry! You have got a newborn quit and need to take care of it at all costs (even a few lbs)....I'm not saying eat like a bear, but a few pounds is easier to take off later after you've successfully beaten your addiction - besides exercise is easier when you can breathe! Remember to post whenever you need help - we're here for you!
p.s. try to do an activity rather than a snack when a crave hits!


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Hi FF,

I think it's important to mention that gaining weight is certainly not an issue for everyone when they quit! It's a topic that has been discussed a bit more lately, but is by no means something every person should expect to encounter. Eat healthy, balanced meals in reasonable portions without replacing smoking with cookies or what-not. Exercise. Be sensible! If smoking were the only thing between all of us just getting bigger and bigger, think how big non-smokers would be! (very silly!)

Your quit is still very new and your body is definitely going through some changes. Don't latch onto any one sensation or event as the definitive experience of being an ex-smoker. As you adapt to life without smoking, things will smooth out!

:) Melissa
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Hi Flyersfan!
I don't think I welcomed you into Freedom so now I shall- Welcome to Freedom Flyersfan! I think that on day 5 of your quit you should only be focusing on staying quit- not weight issues. Isn't is enough just getting through the day nicotine free at this point? If you start to obsess over your weight at this point you may consider it an excuse to relapse if you happen to gain 5 or 10 pounds- or even 20 pounds! Ok, does the idea of 20 pounds scare the devil out of you? Would that make you think "well, at least when I was smoking I was thin- I would rather be thin and a smoker than a fat non-smoker"- Lets face it, plenty of people lose their quits because they use weight gain as an excuse to relapse and have their drug back. Please read the attached threads I am posting for you:
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Nicodemon's Lies- junky thinking galore in this one- one of my all-time favorites!
There is no legitimate reason to relapse- not a death, not a few pounds- nothing!
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"I would rather be a little overweight and not smoking than underweight and dead...
Ok, now its time to do a little reading! Flyersfan, I really do not wish to sound harsh so if I did, my apoligies. I am just concerned because at only 5 days quit, you should be rejoicing from the rooftops because you are free from the bondage of the health and soul robbing addiction you actively were feeding and living fix-to-fix....a slave in the truest sence to your Master, nicotine. Worry about weight later, perhaps even on your Green anniversary?
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Hey there, congrats on the quit. I have been nic free for three months. I have to say the first month I was a little scared. I have not had weight issues before, so it seemed the pounds were just piling on. I tried not to replace with food, and moved a little more. I have to say this month I have noticed the weight has leveled out a bit. I don't feel as round, maybe it is water, does anyone out there know for sure?


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The thing that bother me the most is the weight I've gained doesn't distribute evenly, all of it went straight to my belly. I have never have a belly my entire life. Now my belly is 3 inches larger than it was 2 months ago. I started to exercise more and more each day, hopefully I will be able to push the weight somewhere else. Also, when I was a smoker I never eat until I'm full, so for most of my life I never know what fullness fill like. Now I eat like there is no tomorrow and I hate that fullness filling. It feel like my stomach is getting ready to burst at anytime. Very uncomfortable, but my mouth just don't want to stop eating. I tell myself I'll deal with this weight issue when I'm more confidence with my quit.
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