When did people start to take your quit seriously?

When did people start to take your quit seriously?

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I suspect a lot of newer members are encountering great skepticism as to the odds of you actually quitting from family members and friends. I thought to help you overcome some of the doubts such reactions may bring, some of our longer term members may be able to shed a little light on the subject through their personal experiences. On another day we will address when you yourself started to believe that this quit was different and would be the one that might really last, but for this string, give us a little bit of reactions you encountered from other people. When did they start to see this quit as one that was different? When did they start to see a hope that maybe this time you were going to be capable of sticking to your commitment to never take another puff!


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Image Dear Joel,

As a pretty sneaky ex-smoker there are a lot of people who never realized I smoked - can't expect them to be congratulating me on quitting. There are my old smoking buddies, not all thrilled with my quitting. Then there is my family who did realize I smoked and didn't like it and are pleased that I quit and would be disappointed if I started again but are not enthusiastic about my quit. More like "Well you finally wised up - what's for dinner?"

Sorry to disappoint, but thank you for pointing out that it is important to quit for yourself, I am thrilled to be free.



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Hi Joel,

A great idea for a thread!

I'd have to say two experiences stand out in my head related to your question.

The first was 3 months into my quit. Hubby had quit the day before I did, but had relapsed about 6 weeks in. The day I turned Bronze, I was telling him about it and he looked at me in disbelief and asked if I hadn't had any in three months. Hello??!! As tho I had been sneaking them like him but just hadn't gone back to full-fledged smoking. As tho that were possible! If I'd had one, I'd have for sure had ALL of them. Currently, he's about 3 months into his quit now ...

The second experience was last spring, a couple months before my year anniversary. I was sitting here with a new client cutting up and chatting as we worked along and I mentioned something about my year quit anniversary coming up. She literally was stunned and said she couldn't imagine me a smoker. !!! She was the FIRST person to tell me that EVER in my life. (No need to tell me before I was a smoker ...) And while I could and can still remember myself as a smoker, it gave me room to start thinking of myself NOT as a smoker, either active or recently quit. I look forward to thinking of myself beyond smoking all together.

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Funny you should have brought this up today Joel! Only lately have friends and family begun to believe that THIS quit is THE quit. I don't get asked very much, and am pretty quiet about my numbers (heh, this site not withstanding of course)...I decided along time ago that I'm not going to "expect" compliments, courtesy (from smoking friends), but neither will I allow negative comments to "sabatoge" my quit.

I guess I was afraid of getting "hooked" on the drama??? In order to make my quit successful, I wanted it to be part of the natural flow of my live change....I want it to become a reflex, like blinking, swallowing, or breathing. My husband knows to "play down" the success I've had with this quit...because I do a Mona Lisa immitation when it comes up. Coworkers are shocked....I don't weaken, bash them, or ask them to blow in my face....they know already that if they are ever really serious about wanting to quit smoking....Freedom is where to go. Your site has changed my life and I am so thankful for the guidance and support we all have here.

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Hello darling Joel

Well, I must echo Melissa's sentiments - it was absolutely the day my co-worker (changed jobs as a 'quitter') said to me when she 'caught' me on Freedom "I can't IMAGINE you as a smoker !!!!

Blew my mind, rocked my world, did my head in and any other creating expressions you can think of. It affected me so much I actaully POSTED it !!!

I can say with dead certainty that is the definative moment. I guess I always imagined myself as a 'smoker' and having this person look at me with this incredulous look as if the site of me inhaling a stink stick was too hard to contemplate was AMAZING !!!

Funny, you know - a few weeks ago a smoking colleague (who i have all but tatooed whyquit.com on her forehead) said to me at a 'dinner' - but you are A SMOKER - you look like one I can tell. It did not have the reverse affect if you know what I mean - it just made me sad to see Nicodemon attempting this pathetic angle - speaking through my colleagues addiction.

Great thread.



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Hi Joel,

I was two weeks into my quit before my family really started taking me seriously. The other quits I attempted in the past, were uninformed quits. I did'nt know much about how nicotine affects the body. I did'nt realize how addictive it was. I did'nt even know that smoking affects the circulation. With all of the information here I now know what to expect from quitting. I realize everyone is different, but this site gives me a sort've map to go by. It has helped me tremendously knowing why I react the way I do to smoking and withdrawal.
I have alot of relatives who are smokers. They don't seem too happy that I quit. But this quit IS for ME. I don't need anyone's approval or disaproval of it. It's been a little over a month for me now. I think the clincher for my husband taking me seriously was when we went out the other night. There were smokers everywhere and we had drinks, but I did'nt smoke. I did'nt even want to smoke. I have'nt went to a bar and not smoked in about 14 years. I was proud that I handled the triggers from that.

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I really had to think about this one Joel. My answer is a bit strange. I have to say that I knew in myself that this was it (but that's another thread!), however my husband and family have always treated each quit as the last. Perhaps deep down they didn't think I could do it, I'm not sure, but they were always supportive, offering help, telling me to call them if I had a craving etc. At times, they seemed to tip-toe around me, as if one little action would cause me to smoke again.
HUH! Reading back over that , I feel extremely foolish, as I just realised that obviously they never took it seriously. Why else would they tip-toe around me? I'm just silly. Anyway, they are still tip-toeing! But I know better, to keep this lovely comfrtable quit NTAP
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Hi Joel,

I think that people are starting to take my quit more seriously now that I'm 2 months. Everytime I see a person that knows I've quit they say, "How's the quitting going?" Those that don't see me very often expect me to say "it's not" while simultaneosly (sp?) lighting up. But those that are cynical about my quit realize that i'm not smoking and when i say " It's going, you don't see me smoking, do you?" Their eyebrows raise up and I know that they are impresed. The best is when i go to a party and I'm hangin' out in the non-smoking section and no one even know I ever smoked. That's a great feeling!- Ariella smoke free and getting comfortable for Two months, 18 hours, 24 minutes and 15 seconds. 1235 cigarettes not smoked, saving $432.37. Life saved: 4 days, 6 hours, 55 minutes.

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Hey Ariella
You look kinda DOUBLE GREEN to me ....

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The most suppportive person I have in my life is my wonderful wife, a never smoker.

This is my second quit attempt. Last year, I talked with my wife and told her how much I disliked being a smoker and I tried (half-heartidly) to quit. That first quit lasted 2 days. I broke it when I decided to "take a puff" in order to take the edgy feeling away. That took me right back to 1-1/2 packs a day...

This quit, after becoming educated by Freedom and whyquit.com is different. It is different in the sense that I am quitting for ME and it matters to ME that I stay quit.

During this final quit, my wife was there every day helping for about a month. Then, her suppport began to wean (so it seemed). However, on the 14th of EVERY month, she bakes my favorite cake (CHOCOLATE!!) in celebration of me being FREE!

So, do the loved ones forget about the quit or do they forget about CELEBRATING?

Jim <---celebrating 5.666 months FREE!!!