What if a Driving Under the Influence included Nicotine


September 1st, 2009, 12:04 am #1

I was just sitting here thinking.

Can you imagine what it would involve if they included nicotine as a driving under the influence drug?

Well, I saw where they just passed a city ordinance in a suburb of Fort Worth that prohibits you from "exhibiting" that you are smoking in your vehicle.

Now, they did not say how they were going to control that issue, but, already in the same area there is no smoking in any public places including bars and absolutely not in any government run places. No parks or school zones are included. The owners of the restaurants and bars/clubs say it has cost them allot of business as I am sure it would have for me.

Can you imagine being put on probation for too many smoking tickets and then they put one of those breath analyzers in your car.

Your car would not start if you have any indication of nicotine in your system.

Just a thought that could be possible in the future if we keep breaking the chains of addiction.

Majority wins.

Can you imagine!

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