What does my quit mean to me now ?

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18 Mar 2004, 23:45 #41

I can,t believe that i have never responded to this,as marty says that dreading feeling when going to bed,i have my first sore throat since i quit,it is a dry cough,but what a difference to go to bed and believe that this is what i have,a year ago i would have had a big dark shadow hanging over me,i would have went to bed wondering as i tried to doze off if i was suffering from something more serious.My quit means the world to me now,i see things very clearly as far as nicotine addiction is concerned,i am in a place where active addiction is a thousand miles away but ironically it is also just a puff away,thankfully that puff is no longer an option.
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Like Rick I can't believe I've never posted how much I love this post. Marty is, as always spot on.
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Hey, I wrote that nearly two years ago Image
And you know what ? I still agree with myself Image Image
Still going stronger and stronger, calmer and easier, every month and year that rolls by.
And LOVING IT !!!!!!!!!!!
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If 200 butts are pictured above then piture another
110 ashtrays just like it that Marty didn't smokeImage
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If you're on Day Three and still hurting, this is what you have to look forward to.

Don't cheat yourself out of this kind of comfort.
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You 'oldies' do us 'newbies' a great service by bumping these posts to the top. It's comforting to know that a person like Marty, who's been quit for four or more years, has felt what we're feeling now and encouraging to realize (and believe) that someday we'll be feeling what they feel now.

And John, that ashtray looks just like the 'bucket 'o butts' I used to keep in the backyard and threw out on the second day of my quit. What fond memories that brings back of days standing outside in the rain while the rest of the family asked 'where's dad?'.

I'm imagining myself not smoking that many butts and I'm smiling.


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Ha ! It's not often I see my name on a thread on the front page But as it's here, I'll just check in to confirm that I'm still loving it, still enjoying the huge benefits of not smoking Image
... and still hoping that all of you newer quitters get to enjoy it too !!!
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Hi Marty,

Thank you for this post. I look forward to being a non-smoker. Your post gives me the passion to keep moving in the direction I am.


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Thanks for bringing up this thread, and thanks for starting it in the first place, Marty. It gives me so much to look forward to. I'm excited!

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ImageFor Joe... Thought this might help answer your question.
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