What does my quit mean to me now ?

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If you're in your first day or week or month, this is what you have to look forward to if you just hang in there. Everyone has to start the same way--on Day 1.
From there to the place Marty is talking about is just a matter of taking things One day at a time

It really is that simple.

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I first read this when my quit was just shy of 2 months old. At that time, I thought it was a beautiful picture of a quit, but did not believe that I would ever feel this way. I still felt plagued by daily thoughts of smoking.

Now on the verge of 9 months, this post makes sense to me. I'm haven't hit all the same levels, but can feel myself heading in that direction. A good, healthy, life-affirming direction.

Nurture your quit with everything you've got in you. Give it time to grow and mature. Comfort is there waiting for you...

ImageGrateful for every day of my freedom,

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My quitting nicotine has transformed my life, and I dread to think where I would be if I had relapsed, as I had done on all my previous attempts to quit. I now lead an extremely active lifestyle and enjoy to the full the benefits of having been nicotine free for the past two and a half years or so. Quite simply it is probably the most important thing I have done for myself so far in my life, and I never want to be in a position where I would have to quit smoking again.

Best wishes -John (Previously Clown065)

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If you're a new arrival reading posts like Marty's you're probably scratching your head. Each of us were so deep into our dependency that we lost sight of truth and reality. I know you think taking back your life is hard but it isn't nearly as challenging as spending the rest of your life as the chemical servant of nicotine. Patience, baby steps, just one day at a time and you'll soon begin to sense the calmness that resided inside your mind before nicotine took control. You're going home! John

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Just sitting here on Friday night looking for something inspirational to read on freedom and ...... I see that OBob has brought up this post from Marty. It's a wonderful, thought provoking , inspirational post. The one line that hit me like a ton of bricks was..

The thing I miss is the awful, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that I used to get every night when I went to bed, the dread of what I was doing to my body, and the feeling of self-disgust that I wasn't doing what I knew I should do about it. When I smoked, even the best of days was ruined.

Thanks Marty, I can relate to that one. It's so easy to run away from things that are unpleasant or painful to live with, but what a wonderful feeling it is to take charge and do something about it. Wonderful post and I know it will hit the pit of the stomachs of many of us... Thanks.....

yqs, sue
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The next few minutes are doable!
The minutes beyond them doable too.
Soon the doing is done, deep comfort begun,
as you arrive home to "you."

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Thank you Marty, for such an inspiring post! I've been having a rough couple of days, and reading what you had to say was just what I needed. Thanks for helping me to see what a bright future I have, and everyone here has, as a non-smoker. I know I need to get through one day at a time, but sometimes I have to concentrate on the bigger picture, too.

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Oh boy, I haven't seen that post since I wrote it nearly a year ago !!!! And now that I've read it again, it rings as true for me today as it did then Image I still get a huge buzz at having succeeded in quitting. I still smile when I realize what I have achieved, and it still makes the worst of days so much better --- and I've needed that boost quite a lot in the past few months Image
I'm a lucky guy, and everyone here can become just as lucky as me All you have to do is ... wait for it .... all together now ...
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I have read this post before, but today, for some reason, it really is starting to feel "real". So real in fact, that I felt inspired this morning to go back to my very first post (The Blossoming Lotus) and look over the reasons I had for quitting to see if I could gauge my accomplishments thus far. The list reads as follows (concrete "accomplishments" are posted in red; the "result" of being over nine months nictoine free) :
20 Reasons Why I Chose to Live a Smoke Free Life 1. To fix that hole that has developed in the back of my throat that allows thick, goopy, nasty mucus to drip down my esophagus and make me cough (and cough and cough and COUGH!) and gag whenever I brush my teeth I stopped gagging after about two weeks smoke free and I hardly ever cough anymore...in fact, I haven't even had a cold since I quit!

2. To preserve my beautiful singing voice I am absolutely amazed at the things I can do with my vocal chords now. I always knew that I had a good ear for pitch, but ever since I began smoking, I started to "accept" the fact that I, for some reason (DUH!), just wasn't "talented" enough to really blow people away with my voice...well guess what?!?!? I have not only expanded my range tremendously but I have greatly increased my breath control and thus have been able to really "control" my voice for the first time in my life. I am absolutley exhilirated and I can't wait to audition for my next musical! We'll see about blowing people away!!!!!

3. So that I can breathe big, full, breaths Yoga has become a dream!!!

4. For sparkly white teeth and a beautiful smile Just about the time I stopped gagging when I brushed my teeth I began to notice a glowing new smile...and here I always though I was destined to have yellow teeth...BLAH!

5. For the $50.00 a week I will be able to save and use for things like a car and a computer Well, I haven't gotten the computer (yet) but I am happy to report that since I quit smoking I have been able to save enough money to purchase my first new vehicle which has allowed me to gain a whole lot of independence as well as to move in with my beloved boyfriend in South Jersey where you simply can't exist without reliable transportation. I am also very pleased to report that my new car still smells as purty as the first day I bought it and that when it rains I can keep the window up and STAY DRY!!!

6. So that I can actually taste all of the things I am missing due my severely damaged taste buds Ahhh yeah, food is DELICIIOUS! I didn't even know what I was missing!

7. So that my index and middle fingers are no longer stained yellow My fingers (and face) returned to a healthly pink glow about a week or so after I quit.

8. Mmmmmmmmm……lots and lots of sweet kisses (no more ashtray mouth) Well, my boyfriend still smokes, but I am definitely more confident in the smell of my breath now that I have quit. Even if he stinks I know I am tasty!

9. To prove that I am strong enough to beat a little piece of paper filled with 4,000 chemicals Who woulda thunk it? The confidence and increased self-esteem that I have experienced as a result of reaching this goal is absolutely beyond belief. I now feel as if the impossible is possible...and that is a feeling you just can't beat!

10. To make my life longer and more satisfying I have already begun to cherish each and every day of my life. In fact, I really treasure every breath these days, and that is a blessing in and of itself.

11. For all of that extra energy that comes along with good blood circulation and oxygen in my brain Not to mention all of the extra time I have gained now that I don't have to waste it puffing away! Woo hoo!

12. So that I can start taking birth control and keep my body healthy for when I am ready to have a baby I am also very happy to report that I was able to start taking the pill and it has added a very lovely "flexibility" to my love life...nough said.Image

13. To stop this constantly irritating itch in my throat Gone!

14. Because each breath is precious Amen to that!

15. It's the first step in getting my act together Now this is really the reason I wanted to pull up my first post. This past week I really "hit a wall" reagrding my weight gain, and I have been making an effort to really commit to a healthier eating plan as well as a consistent exercise program, and I am proud to report...so far so good. Image This new "program" includes cutting out alcohol (which has been a big sticking point for me, especially since I quit smoking...it has been a bit of a crutch) and now I feel as if I am REALLY starting to get my act together. I am sure I will have a "TRIUMPHANT" report for all of you on my year anniversary in September!

16. So that I will smell as pretty as I am Just like a blossoming lotus!Image

17. To avoid getting premature wrinkles So far so good!

18. Because my boyfriend treats me like a goddess, and I should treat myself that way too Finally starting to feel like a goddess and that I DESERVE all the good things in life! Incredible!

19. To add YEARS to my life! Yesiree BobImage!

20. BECAUSE I CAN! Well, what do you know....

Today I feel so good about myself. I am free. Thank you.



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Image It's sooooo very doable.Image
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