What does my quit mean to me now ?

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31 Jul 2002, 10:19 #11

Thanks Marty...this is exactly what I needed to hear at this moment.

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31 Jul 2002, 10:52 #12

The feeling of pride I still get twenty months later, makes any good day even better....

Great post Marty.... I thought I was the only one walking around with a huge smile...I can relate to everything you have said. Its a great feeling to be enjoying something 100% becuase the junkie didn't need the fix. IT does get better and better once you learn to go with the flow....


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31 Jul 2002, 11:20 #13


Super post. I can relate to many of your thoughts and feelings. My quit is in the adolescent period compared to yours. I am fortunate and blessed to feel the comfort I feel today. I can hardly wait until I am down the road a year or two.......It must be A Gold Paved Road. Image


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31 Jul 2002, 17:23 #14

In case any of you are inrigued by Hillbilly Dave's and John's comments... this was originally a post I made in a reply to Kiwi, and Dave suggested I create a new thread out of it. I hope Kiwi doesn't mind me re-using my personal reply to her Image

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God luv ya Marty, that is such a nice calming post, it has nicely reminded me of how easy it would be to blame a "bad day" for wanting to smoke, I've been having a bad morning, you see in a few minutes I have to go and have a wisdom tooth out, I've never had to do that before, let alone face it without having a substantial amount of nicotene in my body, but seeing your words has calmed me down and reminded me that smoking does not have to be an automatic requirement to deal with things. Thank you, I better go now, there's a dentist chair with my name on it Image!!!!
Love Naymor xxxx

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31 Jul 2002, 21:04 #16

Hey Marty,
Been awhile since I posted to one of your bang-on messages......i often get that, too - oh, are you still not smoking? Usually I get this from the smokers....they're almost a little disappointed (it seems) but I suspect it's more akin to a little jealous. It is so true how I have so many days now when I don't think about smoking and then my activities and thoughts are gently reminded, not by triggers, but by those around me about smoking. I am so grateful to have kept this quit and know that complacency is deadly so I still remind myself in the mornings about, One Day At A Time. But this is a new life for me and one that I do not take for granted. The constant torment is gone and has gradually been replaced with gratitude and awareness so I guess that's what freedom is.....being released from the torture but ever aware of it's potential to slide easily back in. Thanks Marty.

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Dear Marty:

Gosh this is a great post, great inspiration, and great visualization of where we can go if we just never take another puff.

thanks for sharing, sammy (26 days, 12 hours, 41 minutes of acknowledging and respecting the power of addiction).

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Congrats, Marty!!!! 20 months is fantastic!! Image Image
Your message basically explains that feeling I've been having lately - the big grin, the pride in myself. Ever since turning Gold last week, I have difficulty NOT being happy! Image Like you, thinking of smoking is like thinking of something I don't do - I loved your analogy of trying not to close your eyes while crossing a busy street, LOL!! I feel the same way!
I also beleive that this is something that is uniquely MINE. No one else can have my quit, only me. It is my biggest accomplishment, over my college education, over my upcoming wedding - those things I didn't need to work as hard at, LOL!!
You're right, Marty - these newbies need to understand it's not ANYTHING like the first few months. It's not as if we never smoked - we didn't have our minds wiped, of course - but it's as if smoking holds nothing for us anymore, but our strength and determination in being smarter than our addiction does. Image
Love & Hugs!!
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Image I've got an inkling of being where you are, Marty. I can't yet say that not smoking is so automatic a part of me as you describe. But I can say that when I'm having a bad day, one of the comforting things I tell myself is that, at least I didn't smoke -- and it is a comfort. Image And I'm so much better at dealing with triggers when they come up. One surprised me today, and within minutes, I realized that the smoking urge came from the fact that I was walking around where I used to take smoke breaks in a previous job, for the first time since I quit. And it was easy to reaffirm my commitment to quit and defuse that trigger. Image I feel more and more comfortable, and more and more secure in my identity as a nonsmoker. But each day I recommit to my quit, and taking it One Day At A Time. Image
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As entrenched nicotine dependent humans many of us fed ourselves scores of rationalizations that allowed us cope with the situation in which we found ourselves. For example, it was really pretty easy to say we liked smoking when all we had to compare it with was the sensations of chemical withdrawal. How many of us even remembered what it was like inside our minds prior to nicotine taking control? I sure didn't.

As Marty points out above, it really is much easier being free and me than it ever was arranging life around that next nico-fix. There is no pot of gold at the end of the quit rainbowImage. It's better than gold! It's 100% "ImageyouImage" and it can't be bought, melted or coined! You're going home! Enjoy the journey! It can be one of the most rewarding adventures of your life! John Image