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I saw where a member who has been off for a couple of months felt as if a group hug would help secure her quit. To be honest, there are a whole lot of bigger Internet support groups out there who will be able to give their members much bigger group hugs.

Just yesterday I sent a promotional piece to a major medical association who is condisering referring physicians to our site to help their patients. Here is how I described Freedom in that piece:

Freedom is an interactive bulletin board that offers more than the cheerleading approach of similar sites. The Freedom board offers professional advice from the moderator of many Stop Smoking Clinics and support from ex-smokers who quit through the Freedom site. The smoker is guided to an understanding of nicotine addiction. Freedom prepares participants to face problems experienced during the early quitting period. New quitters are taught how to deal with situations likely to be encountered over the long term. Major emphasis is placed on relapse prevention techniques.

What really helps our members and readers strengthen their ability to quit is not the hugs we give but the insights and information that all of our members can share. Our strength is in geting all of our reader to recognize that they can face all future obstacles in life with their quits intact if they simply make and stick to a personal commitment to never take another puff.


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What Freedom can take credit for is in helping provide a strong nicotine addiction and relapse education so that your determination and desire can live up to its true potential. What we can take credit for is in bringing together nicotine addicts from around the world, to share in the most rewarding and wonderful journey that many will ever experience.

Just as Freedom can't take credit for motivation, it can't take credit for lack of motivation either. Some arrive here thinking that the word "support" means that our members will somehow how pick them up and carry them or provide them with the basic motivation needed to reach glory. Sorry but it just can't be done. Just as glory belongs to the motivated, defeat belongs to the unmotivated.

As with those who give Freedom too much credit for their success, others will give Freedom undeserved blame. You'll recognize these members as those asserting that they are not getting enough attention from the group or not enough replies to their posts and then go on to relapse. Remember, support and self motivation are two different things.
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I have not smoked in a little over a week. October 6th was my quit day. I am grateful to Freedom for providing information about the longterm effects of smoking. I have two goals in mind right now; 1 is that I will not smoke today, and 2 is to reach a point where I am repulsed by the thought of putting toxins from a cigarette into my body. I am not there yet. I still miss smoking; for almost 40 years I have been addicted to nicotine. I have tried to quit hundreds of times. I want to make it happen this time. Freedom can provide support also "two are better than one, for if one stumbles, the other can help him up". There is power in a group. Thank you.

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Freedom can allow me to take for a while, maybe for a good long while, so that one day--when my quit has real legs, I can give back with a smile by my own example.
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[font=ARIAL, GEORGIA, 'TIMES NEW ROMAN', TIMES, SERIF]Video explaining why it is important for people considering joining the Freedom site to be totally committed to the idea that they want to go cold turkey and are also determined to give a 100% effort to make this quit the one that lasts a lifetime by now making and sticking to a personal commitment to never take another puff.[/font]

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Freedom is all we seek for.

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