Was I addicted?

Was I addicted?

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Are you a nicotine junkie?
The one attribute that shows the addictive nature of nicotine
is not how hard or how easy it is to quit, nor is it
how hard or easy it is for an individual to stay off smoking.
The one true property that shows the power of the addiction
is that no matter how long a person is off, one puff and that
quit can go out the window.
Don't ever try to prove to yourself that you were not addicted.
You were addicted to nicotine all of the years you used it and
you are addicted to it today too. But as an ex-smoker the
addiction becomes asymptomatic. To keep it that way and
to basically stay in control always remember to
Never Take Another Puff!

amcanuck ( GOLD )
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Well said,Joel. This is the most important part of everything I have learned here. I used to quit smoking and then tell myself that the only way I could give them up was if I promised myself I could have one now and again, just for old times sake.It sounds insane now,of course But at the time I thought it would work.I understand now that a person can`t just have one or two after quitting and expect to be able to resume the quit. I always did this to myself,and thought I would never be able to stay quit. Now I know that I will end up right where I was with just one puff. Thank you Joel ,I havent had a smoke since January 30th.

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Joel, Thanks for the reminder. Over fourteen years ago I gave up an over 1 year quit because I thought I could be a "social smoker." For us junkies, THERE IS NO SUCH THING. It took me a long time to get back to not smoking, and I am staying. I am so glad I found Freedom and educated myself about the hazards of that "one puff." NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF! Debi

I have been beating Nicodemon for 5M 1W 6D 17h 55m 37s. I have NOT smoked 3334 life destroying cigarettes, for a savings of $466.89. I have saved 1W 4D 13h 50m of my wonderful life.

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Joel and all,

I've been thinking about this post off and on all day...

As a smoker, I justified smoking with a flippant, "because I'm addicted -- I need it".

I think though that I truly believed it was only a matter of willpower. I couldn't be troubled to muster the discipline it would take to be an occasional smoker with reasonable bounds. Therefore, I blamed that lack in myself on being "addicted"... but in name only. (Almost certainly the lack of control implied by addiction is associated with "evil" and "guilt" somewhere in my subconscious...)

I am coming to realize that in truth I am a nicotine addict and for that reason I must NOT SMOKE ANOTHER PUFF.

Robin (who wishes she could say these things a little more clearly)

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Am I a nicotine junkie?
Am I free?
yqs Maz
Five months, six days, 10 hours, 14 minutes and 52 seconds of FREEDOM!!
3935 cigarettes not smoked, saving $1,259.74. Life saved: 1 week, 6 days, 15 hours, 55 minutes.
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yes i agree, its just amazing.......unbelieveable...cats 15 months

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Was I addicted??? There is No was about it! I AM addicted, or did someone find a CURE and not tell me about it? Today I am simply not practicing my addiction and I consider myself on probation. Nevertheless, I believe my power of choice has been restored and it is my responsibility to keep it that way. But I could be wrong, was an addict, am a addict? All I know is one puff and I WILL be in some extremely deep kimshie.

That picture is definitely worth a thousand words plus.

Randy, you make yourself very clear, Thanks.

Robert2, One Month and One Day (Don't worry folks, my brother-in-law who has been working on computers for years is visiting this weekend and among a bunch of other stuff he's going to get this quit meter mess down loaded for me...just isn't my cup of tea!)

Rena (green)
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Thank you for reminder Joel.
Yes I am junkie and thanks to this group I finally really, truly realized it.
I knew it always theoretically. Same as Robin I used to tell people that I am an addict, but in my heart of hearts I didn't admit it to myself.
Now I know and realize that I am addicted to nicotine and that's exactly why I WILL NEVER EVER HAVE ANOTHER PUFF.

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In case any one here ever finds him or herself asking the question "Was I addicted?," the answer is yes. More important, you must all recognize that you are still addicted, even though the addiction may have become totally asymptomatic. To avoid ever becoming caught in the iron clad grip that nicotine once exerted on you, once again being on a course of total self-destruction, stay focused on fact that the only that you can keep the addiction under your complete control is to always remember that to stay smoke free you must never take another puff!


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Yes, I am a nicotine addict. I have been in remission now for over seven months. My therapy of choice has and continues to be education. I have learned that to stay in remission I must never take another puff, and so that I not overwhelm myself I am only required to never take another puff one day at a time, and by following these guidelines forever will take care of itsself.

7 months, 1 week, and counting.