Walking Among the Addicted

Walking Among the Addicted

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Walking Among the Addicted
Nicotine addiction has taken a tremendous toll on humanity. It knows no boundaries and does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, religion, health status or skin complexion. Regardless of the nation which we call home, we each must learn to remain comfortable as we walk among the addicted and watch them engage in public nicotine feedings.

The World Health Organization's national cigarette per capita consumption figures are calculated by dividing the total number of cigarettes sold in a nation by the total number of adults age 15 and older. They're very telling because they reveal the actual number of cigarettes being smoked in each country. Let's look at a few examples:
Average Number of Cigarettes
Smoked Per Adult Per Year
India 129 Ghana 161
Nigeria 189 Kenya 200
Ecuador 232 Bangladesh 245
Bahamas 438 Honduras 595
Nepal 619 Costa Rica 690
Norway 725 Mexico 754
Malaysia 910 Hong Kong 1,016
Thailand 1,067 Venezuela 1,079
Sweden 1,202 New Zealand 1,213
Egypt 1,275 Finland 1,351
Ukraine 1,456 South Africa 1,516
Argentina 1,527 Germany 1,702
Russia 1,702 United Kingdom 1,748
China 1,791 Brazil 1,802
Italy 1,901 Australia 1,907
Canada 1,976 France 2,058
Israel 2,162 Ireland 2,236
United States 2,255 Czech Republic 2,306
Netherlands 2,323 Spain 2,364
Turkey 2,394 Japan 2,403
Belgium 2,428 Hungary 2,431
Croatia 2,578 Bulgaria 2,575
Switzerland 2,720 Republic of Korea 2,918
Poland 3,291 Greece 4,313
Imagine getting medical advice on quitting while living in Greece where 50% of all male doctors/physicians, in the entire country, are addicted to nicotine. I'd love to be a fly on the wall.

Regardless of where we live and how many times a day we're faced with watching a smoker publically elevate their falling blood nicotine level, we can continue to stand tall and proud! That isn't us anymore! We are the masters of our minds!

It's ok to notice them, it doesn't hurt a bit, but continue to see them for what they truly are, captives of an endless cycle of rising and falling serum blood nicotine levels who are trying their very best to blend into society while engaged in publically feeding their addiction. We would have to be blind not to notice them.

Don't allow the fact that you do notice them make you think that you're doing something wrong! You're not! We all notice them! After a lifetime of addiction it's normal and it doesn't mean that you're having a "crave" or even a "thought" about smoking - they're simply there and we each have eyes!

Each year there will be fewer and fewer public buildings in which nicotine addicts can legally light a fire between their lips. Each year we'll see more and more smokers forced out into the streets as they smoke while standing around outside buildings, walking or while driving in cars. They're not there to tease you. LOL They're there because they only have two choices - feed the beast or endure withdrawal.

When you see a smoker, keep in mind that surveys show that over 70% of them don't want to smoke that next cigarette - they want to be like you but they don't know how. Failure upon failure, they now close their minds at the mere mention of quitting while inside clinging to the hope that maybe someday soon they'll manage to break free.
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Hi John, nice post.Image I may be paranoid but ever since I quit smoking I am being followed. Image LOL While driving, each time I stop at a red light I am surrounded by people puffing away.Image Where were all these people when I felt like the only smoker left in the world.Image It would be nice to have a sign to hold up out the window that says: GO TO WHYQUIT.COM but those road rage guys might get mad.ImageLOL

The very old saying "NOTHING WORSE THAN A REFORMED SMOKER" I think it is a natural instinct that each of us wants to share the benefits of Freedom, the power of healing.

We just have to keep on going, when the light turns green we'll have to proceed with caution and remain grateful to continue on with our wonderful journey. Image

Proud and free - even around smokers and those that are free!Image


2 1/2 years + free...one day at a timeImage

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Image Well Hello Jo! Great to see ya posting now that your boys are back to school. You're right, I feel the same way - it seems they're everywhere once you quit! It's sort of like when you buy a new car and immediately notice that everybody went out and bought the exact same model, It's funny how that works.

I doooooooooo like your sign idea! Road rage or not, I'm going to have to try that. Maybe I'll just buy an old clunker and paint www.WhyQuit.com on the side : )))

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See those smoking or using oral nicotine around you for what they're truly doing - elevating their falling blood nicotine level so as to avoid going into withdrawal. It's a never ending cycle. The last thing on their mind while publicly feeding their addiction is the fact that you're watching. It doesn't matter. They won't stop feeding until they feel they have enough. Once dependent, regular feedings are no longer a matter of choice.
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What about living among the addicted John?

I live with another smoker, and although they smoke in the house it doesn't bother me. Each day that goes by the smoke smells more repulsive though. One cigarette after another after another, day in day out...

What I was wondering though was about how much of this second hand smoke is putting nicotine into my blood, and what effect that has on my Freedom? I haven't been able to find anything written about this so far - but I haven't quite read everything yet?! I keep reading though.


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[Note, message amended on 3/14/10 to add the above CDC chart:  cotinine is one of the chemicals that nicotine breaks down into and is analyzed instead of nicotine due to it's longer half-life.]

Good morning Stephen! Everything is relative. Scores of our members have smoking spouses and loved ones but it seems that very few of them are forced to endure smoking within the house. There was a very recent study on point, Stephen, which showed that the amount of nicotine in second-hand smoke that was found in the blood of non-smoking spouses was less than 1/100th of that of a smoker and an amount far from sufficient to cause physical dependency.

That doesn't mean that health risks of second hand smoke are not potential killers themselves, it just means that they won't addict you or defeat recovery. I strongly encourage you to review some of these second-hand smoke links and print out a few and leave them laying around the house. I know that you don't want to be like one of those "rebellious reformed smokers" but you're not advocating that anyone else stop smoking, just that they respect your right to not smoke their smoke! It's a human courtesy that shows respect for your health and your life.

Health Risks, Online Documents and Fact Sheets.
Second Hand Hmoke Health Impact Report and Links.
1997 Environmental Tobacco Smoke Reports
Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) and Child Health - January 1999
1998 Report of the Scientific Committee on Tobacco and Health
1997 Report on the Health Effects of Passive Smoking
Monograph 10 - Health Effects of ETS
A Discussion of Second Hand Smoke
Cigarette Smoke & Kids' Health
ETS is an Asthma Trigger
Environmental Tobacco Smoke Movement
Child's Future Lung Function is Effected
May 6, 1998 Report
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Hello Stephen:

If you read through the string of posts on "Being tempted watching others smoke " thread, you will see quite a bit of discussion on the difference of second hand smoke exposure as compared to first hand smoke. My replies in posts 6 and 11 I think talks about the quantity exposures specifically. Hope this helps futher clarify the issue for you.

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When you see a smoker puffing away in the car beside you while stopped at a light, they are not doing so to tease you. They're doing so because they must!

Try picturing what they're each doing as more akin to injecting heroin into their arm. Don't think in terms of the marketing images burned into your brain of HAVING a cigarette but instead think in terms of nicotine delivery, chemical dependency and elevating low levels to avoid the onset of withdrawal. There is nothing romantic about a drug addict feeding their addiction.
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To further elaborate to what John said above, understand that there is a chance that you are witnessing the desperate act of a closet smoker, who is quite paranoid that someone he or she knows is going to see him or her smoking. This just adds guilt and anxiety to the long list of detrimental effects that cigarette is doing to the person.

There is a pretty good chance too that the person is not actually even enjoying the particular cigarette you are watching being smoked. If the person is enjoying this particular one, follow him or her for a few minutes, he or she will light another one and that one you can pretty well bet is not being enjoyed. Think about the fact that you can smoke just like this person if you want, you can even smoke more than the person if you want, and you have the choice of just not smoking at all if you want. The smoker you are witnessing doesn't have a current choice, he or she is a full-fledged smoker and stuck that way. See smoking for what it is and your choice will stay to never take another puff!


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If you NOTICE someone smoking does that mean you necessarily WANT one? No, but for someone engaged in quitting, instead of celebrating the fact that they are no longer actively dependent upon regular nicotine feedings themselves, their junkie mind may try to convince them that the simple fact that they NOTICED someone smoking means that quitting is still hard, that they are not recovering, or that SEEING a smoker smoke is the same thing has having a CRAVE!
Have you ever ended a relationship with a person that you no longer care to be around? If by chance you should SEE or encounter that person, during your travels, does the fact that you SAW them mean that you WANT them back in your life? Does the fact that you NOTICED them imply that you're having trouble getting over the fact that your relationship with them has come to an end? Then why SEE every cigarette burning in an ashtray, every butt on the ground, or each smoker inhaling a new dose of nicotine in the car beside us any differently?
We can each transform normal everyday encounters - like an actor smoking in a movie - into either positive or negative thoughts. Is the actor feeding a true chemical dependency or is it that they truly enjoying having their entire life revolve around regular nicotine feedings? We've made our choice! What choices do they have? We are what we think! John