"But smoking is the only vice I have left..."


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I often hear the comment that smoking is the "only" vice a person has left, like this somehow legitimizes smoking. "After all, I don't do this and I don't do that, all I do is smoke."

If any person fully understands what the ramifications of smoking are he or she will quickly realize the foolishness of such a statement.. The fact is that smoking is responsible for more deaths than probably all of the vices that people are referring to when making such comments combined.

Below is a chart from 1998 showing the risks of dying from smoking compared to the risk of dying from other common problems. Many of these problems are caused from behaviors that are considered by some to be vices. Again, look at the numbers. If smoking is your only vice understand something. Your ONLY vice is destroying your health and if not dealt with will likely cause your premature death. The solution to your problem is not finding other vices either, it is simply getting rid of this one deadly addiction by sticking to your commitment to never take another puff!


Death by Smoking
Although the below chart was compiled using 1998 United States data,
your nation's overall death category percentages may be fairly similar.
Cause of Death How to Prevent These Deaths 1998 Deaths
AIDS condoms, education, research 13,426
Alzheimers medical research 22,725
Auto Accidents seatbelts, airbags, highway safety, training 42,191
Bike Accidents reflectors, lights, helmets and training 142
Breast Cancer mammography and medical research 42,068
Diabetes medical research 64,751
Drowning life jackets, swimming lessons, supervision 4,406
Drug Reactions read the labels, consult your pharmacist 276
Falls awareness, safety harnesses and helmets 12,595
Fires & Burns alarms, extinguishers, education and planning 3,362
Gun Accidents deprive children of access and hunter training 866
Hepatitis vaccine (A&B) and clean needles & testing (C) 4,796
Illegal Drugs motivation, education and support 16,926
Leukemia research, exercise, diet, and no tobacco 20,324
Lightening stay indoors and wear rubber shoes 10
Liver Disease sound diet, max. 2 oz. of alcohol, research 25,192
Meningitis vaccinations 768
Murder police, courts, prisons, awareness 18,272
Pedestrians reflective clothes, sidewalks and crosswalks 5,412
Poisoning secure cleaning fluids, poisons and pills 10,801
Prostate Cancer testing, exercise, diet, research 32,203
Snake Bites awareness, boots, vaccines 8
Suffocation think, anticipate and alter ventilation 4,585
counseling, mental health and love 30,575
Syphilis abstinence, condoms, education 45
Ulcers avoid tobacco, alcohol and caffeine 4,695

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BillW Gold.ffn

10:43 PM - Nov 23, 2004#2

Mark Twain told a story about his friend the Widow Jones. She was always after him to quit smoking, to quit drinking, and to attend church each Sunday.

It was the Widow Jones who got deathly ill, and Mr. Twain went to visit her bedside....

"Widow Jones, do you drink?" Twain asked.

"Sir! I'm a charter member of the Temperance Union!"

"Then, Widow Jones, do you smoke?"

"Indeed, sir! I have never used tobacco in any form!"

Mark Twain left her bedside sadly, and Widow Jones died a few days later. As Twain reported: "She was like a ship with no ballast, caught in a great storm. In the crisis of her life, she had nothing left to throw overboard to save herself. Nothing left with which to bargain with the Almighty....."

Throw the ballast overboard now.... before the storm hits!

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Eric Gold

4:08 AM - Dec 19, 2004#3

Wow, that's junkie thinking there. "But smoking is the only vice I have left."
As if having a vice is a luxory. I'm so glad I kicked that vice!


I have been quit for 5 Months, 1 Week, 4 Days, 12 hours, 6 minutes and 17 seconds (164 days). I have saved $925.32 by not smoking 4,935 cigarettes. I have saved 2 Weeks, 3 Days, 3 hours and 15 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 7/7/04

John (Gold)

1:46 AM - Jan 03, 2005#4

Your 2005 New Year's
Quit Smoking Resolution
What are you willing to bet that it fails?
Are you willing to bet your life?

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Thanks for this, I went to a fourth of July barbecue & everyone there smoked. I was so proud that I quit that of course I had to tell everyone. One of my husbands friends said those exact words about it being his only vice. It's very sad now that I understand my addiction to see so many people who are not educated & are in denial.

Dondi-I have been quit for 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 38 minutes and 11 seconds (15 days). I have saved $34.37 by not smoking 195 cigarettes. I have saved 16 hours and 15 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 6/21/2006 8:00 AM


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Premature deaths caused by smoking 1.84mb 3.62mb 12:33 11/06/06

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I wish it was just a "Nasty Little Habit"
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3:32 PM - Aug 26, 2010#10

The other day I got talking with a cool-looking middle aged guy who comes into our store and now and then buys a packet of cigs. He told me once that he cut down to ten a day. The other day I asked him how that was going. He said "Good and bad." Turns out he's waiting for a liver transplant and has been dropped by his insurance company because of his smoking. But he can't stop entirely, he says. Why? Because, he says, he needs to do something, anything, that's Bad, now that he no longer drinks or does drugs.