Using Attitude to Reduce Anxiety

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Attitude Is Everything!!!

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Embrace recovery as your wonderful journey home...
I am being Pollyanna Positive this time. I believe that my attitude has everything to do with the continuing success of my quit this time! I do not want to smoke, I do not want to smoke. I want to be a nonsmoker. I appreciate this forum soooo much, I have a place to go and be a non-smoker without the looks from people who expect me to fail yet again. I have not told anyone (except my daughter) that I have quit, I am not doing this for anyone but myself. I hope that I have quit soon enough.........
Breath Deep.....

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There's no need to want to be an ex-smoker, Lisa.
You already are !

Why fear reclaiming every aspect of life and many of those aspects being better than ever? Although bumps here and there, why fear watching each passing day bring us fewer challenges that are getting less intense and generally shorter in duration? Why fear coming home to a day where we go our entire day without once thinking about wanting to bring nicotine into this body? Lisa, don't be afraid to admit that there will be times where an addict's memories invite you to smoke nicotine. It's normal. But those memories belonged to an actively feeding drug addict and you've now arrested your dependency. You're moving on to a more personal relationship with "you," one where nicotine isn't calling the shots! Freedom is likely the best personal gift you've ever given yourself, Lisa. Don't fear it, embrace it, enjoy it!

Breathe deep, hug hard, live long,

John (Gold x10)
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"TRYING to quit" is an uncommitted declaration of leaving something behind.
Tell yourself recovery is HARD and unless you're lying it will be.
Believe your craves to be INTENSE and intense will be the ride.
Ponder excuses for a FIX and you'll eventually get to use them.
If you think you might RELAPSE, then relapse you just might.
If you keep telling yourself you will FAIL, then chances are you will.
If you WANT to be a ex-smoker, your mind has yet to heal.
Allow honest DREAMS to fuel recovery and freedom you shall find.
View this challenge as WONDERFUL and fulfillment will arrive.
See the GLORY of today, then glory it will be!
Praise the HEALING of your body and set your spirit free.
Inhale the JOYS of today, feel the spender of the journey.
Yet be TRUTHFUL of the past, to protect the here and now.
BELIEVE yourself a ex-smoker, an ex-smoker you shall see.
NEVER take another puff and freedom it will be!

Breathe deep, hug hard, live long! John