Triggers: Reminders From Your Executive Assistant

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Just what I needed to read today.

I spent a number of years as a closet smoker, "coming out" in mid-2002, and from then on, was quite open about being a smoker. However, when I was in the closet, I often had to go days, even weeks without a cigarette, the longest time period usually being if I was on holiday for a fortnight. So, 13-14 days in, my EA started to try to "upwards delegate" that it was time for a cigarette now. I've had a couple of days where I've been getting intense cravings for no *apparent* reason, and worked out yesterday afternoon that it was the 2 weeks timing trigger, rather than any particular event.

I have been reminding my EA of the document retention policy, and that he works for me, not the other way round - and today is much better than the last couple of days have been. Evidently he has a good memory, so hopefully won't take too long.

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Thanks for this wonderful insight.
My EA has been working overtime today - doing lots of things I haven't done since I quit and the memos keep coming.
I keep correcting them and sending them back - fun isn't it.

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Yes posting to a topic will still bring it to the top. Congratulations on twelve and a half years Johnny.