Triggers: Reminders From Your Executive Assistant

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I originally read this post last week (encountered it in hours and hours of random reading here at Freedom to strengthen my brand new quit) -- while still only allowed to lurk (I was still within the first 72 hours of quitting so hadn't yet rid my body of all the nicotine!), so I couldn't comment on it then. Now that I can, I'd like to mention that I found the concept very interesting and the post extremely well written, although I still needed some more quit time under my belt to really and truly begin to "get it." Yesterday (day seven of my quit) some comments I made in my 1st Post/Journal thread inspired someone to put a link to this post. I hadn't forgotten about this post and knew I wanted to read it again since it was now a lot more relevant to my present quitting experiences but I couldn't recall where on the forum it was, so I'm grateful for the link that person supplied.

So, now that this is relevant and I've re-read it, I'd like to ask if you or anyone else knows how to tell their Executive Assistants:

"I have a special project for you, priority, to be done right away. I need you to please go through all the folders in the filing cabinet, take out all the memos containing reminders to buy, grab or smoke cigarettes -- and shred them! Then you can go back to your regular work."

Yeah, I know, I sound like I'm kind of in a hurry to feel comfortable as a New Nonsmoker (and it's true: I keep reading how I'll become calm and triggers/craves/feeling on edge will stop but I haven't experienced it yet), but hey, I also couldn't help but recall a couple past jobs I had as a department secretary/administrative assistant, where organizing or reorganizing the filing cabinets/filing systems for the department were among the "special projects" I was asked to do (and did). So if I could do that for those employers, why can't my Executive Assistant do it for me? Seems to me the EA would be more efficient if he would just implement the new policy (no smoking) consistently and across the board, because I am the boss and I'm telling him to!



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Great post!
The EA guy need some upgrades hehehehe Image

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Timing is everything, and it was great reading this Kate.  Helped me lighten up on myself.  (GRIN)

Thank you,

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Exactly what I needed to read today. My EA was working hard today, one of those days where for some odd reason things are wrong, messed up etc. Now I am home realaxing my son is cooking dinner and I decided to come here to educate myself even more. Thank you, it really helped :D

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Good post, provides a great way to look at those cravings, My E.A. has been busy, but I'm retraining him. Neal - Free and Healing for Seventeen Days, 20 Hours and 17 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 1 Day and 13 Hours, by avoiding the use of 446 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $89.29.

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Great post, and I can see why it's gotten almost 7 years of comments. I've only been nicotine free for about 1 week now, so I'm in the intense "re-programming mode" right now, which in some ways, seems harder than the relatively short "detox" phase.

But I have a fairly routinized life, so I've hit almost all the triggers I will hit. Getting up, going to bed, going to the bank, going home, getting ready for church, before a meal, after a meal, during poker, etc... we all have a billion of them.

One of the biggest I won't hit for a while here in Illinois is seasonal- I used to feed the beast a lot while I would grill. But I'm more than ready for it, and thanks to this site, I know it's coming. So I've already set the EA the memo.

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The EA got the memo. I've grilled and used the smoker (as in a meat smoker) several times now with no trouble. My executive assistent is well trained now and in maintenance mode.

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Wonderful mental image.......  Thanks Kay for a great post. 

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Fantastic, right on the money! This is exactly what life is like two months into my quit. My EA is still on the alert sometimes, what a gal. Sometimes though, when having a meal with others who smoke, my EA had completely forgotten about cigarettes until someone else lit up. She's quick, that one. I imagine that for many months to come, my subconscious and I are going to have a running joke about "getting that NTAP memo". Will probably dream of it tonight. Thanks and cheers!