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22 May 2004, 12:38 #11

Thanks again John for another great post! (And not because you tagged it on the end of one of my ramblingsImage.) I cannot say enough about patience. One of the great things about getting further into my quit is that I seem to be applying to other areas of my life what I have been learning and practising about patience. Time is such a gift to give yourself; it's incredible.

I did not see your post about nicotine before. Very interesting. I suspect then that more consequences will be found about NRT abuse over the next few decades. I noticed you posted a few relevant articles recently. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about it all anymore now that I NTAP.

One more note. This is our first spring long weekend in Canada; my family opens the cottage this weekend for the year. I don't have any full-fledged craves anymore but I had to write a little memo today to myself to no longer worry about packing enough cigarettes for the weekend. Nowadays I laugh at passing thoughts like "pack cigarettes". I don't even stop in my tracks. They are like echoes, just memories. There's no going back.

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02 Jun 2004, 11:52 #12

Thank you so much for your post. I found it when I was trying to stay busy fighting off an urge. Do other addicts feel this urge to go back, do you think?
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06 Jun 2004, 22:21 #13

very nice. It is good to come back and see these posts. I havnt been posting latly and it is not because I no longer feel the urge. I feel a powerfull pull towards a cig. I know it is wrong and it can kill me, but I still want the feeling back. Alas and alack that love was not meant to be.

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13 Sep 2004, 21:05 #14

Kay, I ***LOVE*** this post! I was chuckling away as I read it as it explains with 100% accuracy exactly what is going on inside my head. I love the imagery, my EA is in there with all those internal memos, effieciently filed away. Good God! If you could work out the indexing system he uses, you'd be a millionaire!

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12 Nov 2004, 02:17 #15

Thanks!!! That's a huge help. I'm at 17 days and learning the "brain" part of it makes a big difference. I don't feel like i'm going quite so crazy.

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12 Nov 2004, 03:21 #16

What can I say that has not already been said? Great perspective prividing yet another slant on the war against addiction. Great Post!!!!!!
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12 Nov 2004, 09:05 #17

Kay, this is outstanding. Once I find out how I can mark something as my favourite post, this has got to be it.
I frequently experince "never-smokers" who have this "wasn't that yesterday?" attitude towards my quit. This really addresses all my current issues and growth.Image

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23 Jan 2005, 05:36 #18

Lol...I have to admit, "Executive Assistant" sounds a lot better than "Junkie Mind". Thanks for bringing this up.

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15 Feb 2005, 07:16 #19

Thanks, Kay, for this wonderful story. I don't know how often I've read and re-read it ... especially in the first two weeks or so when my Inner Junkie (IJ) was nearly drving me mad. She tried very hard but I'm more than happy to report she didn't succeed.

I was so scared of the psychological side when I started my quit ... only recently dawned on me that this might have been why it was so hard in the very beginning. Talk about self-fulfilling phrophecies and attitudes.

Like all the golden Oldies keep saying: it gets better! It IS getting better.

Having said that ... I blame you that she now sometimes comes out and wants a promotion. Image What she really wanted was to put my perfectly capable EA out of her job. I'm so glad that my EA seems to have won that particular battle.

Thank you, too, for so many great posts and very belated congratulations on your golding -- the colour suits you so well. Image

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21 Feb 2005, 02:23 #20

Well that certainly made me smile. Thanks for the great post. I need to bring my Executive Assistant in and sit him down for a long old talk. He just doen't seem to want to get it. Never take another puff. Needs to become his new Mantra.

Thanks again for making me smile.

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