Top "10" reasons

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Top "10" reasons

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19 Jul 2004, 09:00 #1

I thought it would be fun and encouraging for us newbie's to do a top ten reasons for qutting. I'll start...heres mine.
10} I want to get me teeth whiten.
9] Want to lose weight, but don't have enough wind to make my workout count.
8] Doctor wanted me to so I could start HRT.
7] I hate cigarettes!!! They are..NASTY, NASTY, NASTY!
6] I read 1 in 4 people are dieing from heart disease, cigarette smoking contributes to half of these....I don't want to be 1, I want to be part of the 4 group.
5] Cancer is the 2nd leading death among women. Smoking once again is a Large contributor.
3] I want to go on a cruise, I figure the money I'll save not smoking will pay for the trip next year.
2] I'm SELFISH! I'm doing it for ME!!!!
1] I'm somebody's.....Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend. They love me and want me to be smoke-free.
Ok guys, you turn.
Daleann-smoke-free: 9days

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19 Jul 2004, 09:18 #2

Ok, my list is not in the order of importance because they are all important reasons.

10- my children wanted me to be around for along time ( guess the like me.... he he)
9- I didn't like the fact I stunk
8-wanted whiter teeth
7-didn't like worrying about WHEN I would find out that I have a health problem due to smoking.
6-cost too much... I couldn't afford them
5-wouldn't spend money on my daughter, because I had to spend the money on my addiction ( my husband quit the same day)... hated the fact we all went without tangible things because of an addiction
4-my lips began to show the smoking lines... uuuggghhhh
3-having to stand outside in natures elements to get my fix
2-I hated the fact that I was addicted and smoking controlled my life, my time, my money, my thoughts...

Thanks Daleann for allowing me to remind myself why I quit in the first place... NTAP

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01 Sep 2004, 00:05 #3

1. i want to be master of my own body.
2. i want my house, car, cloths, hair, breath, etc. to smell fresh and fragrant.
3. i want the freedom to come and go without need to feed nic.
4. i want to wake without heaviness in my lungs
5. i don't want to go through another lung operation.
6. i want the best body, inside and out.
7. my lips started to show the signs of smoking, also, ugly.
8. i didn't want to continue to live the lie of nic.
9. i don't want to support cig. companies
10. i want to love myself and show myself love in every healthy way possible.


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19 Sep 2004, 13:34 #4

great idea. my ten seem get longer and longer, so here are the next ten:

1. To sleep at night knowing my lungs are healing
2. Not be anxious about the next hit!
3. Feel like I did when I was young
4. No more carbon monoxide!
5. Set a good example for others
6. Become a self-advocate and stop hurting me!
7. Good teeth
8. Happy neurotransmitters
9. Have children one day
10. Healthy skin

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20 Sep 2004, 22:47 #5

1. I don't want other people whispering..."she has cancer because she smoked those filthy cigarettes"....
2. I want my husband and kids to be able to continue going to the refrigerator to see the menu list that I post there (almost) every week.
3. I want to continue my traditions of making chili every Halloween, cookies at Christmas, and lamb cakes at Easter.
4. I want to go hiking without obsessing about having a cigarette at the end of the hike.
5. I want to kiss my husband without being self-conscious about my breath.
6. I do not want my life to revolve around when I can have the next cigarette.
7. I want to get this body in awesome shape, and I won't get to the gym if I smoke cigarettes.
8. All of my relationships with nonsmokers (i.e., my FAMILY) were inhibited when I smoked - because I was always AWAY from them smoking.
9. I want to live a long and healthy life.
10. I do not want to be actively addicted to anything.

Thanks for the topic!
Rita - 80 days, working on 81 (but haven't hit comfort yet)

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25 Sep 2004, 10:28 #6

How many cancers can be caused by smoking?

1. I don't want to get lung cancer
2. I don't want to get bladder cancer
3. I don't want to get breast cancer
4. I don't want to get liver cancer
5. I don't want to get brain cancer
6. I don't want to have a heart attack
7. I don't want to have a stroke
8. I don't want to have high blood pressure
9. I don't want to have emphasema
10. I want to live as healthy as I can into old age

These are the main ones. I have many more including the smell, cost, time and I can honestly say that every one of yours above fits me too. I think of the extra benefits as they present themselves. 3 weeks tonight!

I have been quit for 2 Weeks, 6 Days, 22 hours, 28 minutes and 51 seconds (20 days). I have saved $62.80 by not smoking 418 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 10 hours and 50 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 9/3/2004

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20 Jan 2012, 15:04 #7

1. My Health
2. My Kids Health and Influence
3. My Wifes Health and Influence
4. My Family and friends Health and Influence
5. No more coughing
6. It Stinks
7. It cost a lot of money
8. No more ball and chain (Wheres my cigarettes, wheres my lighter, wheres my sense LOL)
9. It's embarassing
10. Theres really no good reason to smoke and I could sit here all day thinking of reasons to quit! NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF!