Today Is A Good Day (It's Just Too Much Trouble)

Today Is A Good Day (It's Just Too Much Trouble)

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15 Aug 2002, 23:24 #1

I'm a little bored today and that's a dangerous thing for me, cause it gets me thinking. Never was much good at that and it shows. Things are a little slow on the board today, no big emergencies, no one about to lose a quit, (I hope) and it comes to mind that we really don't share our boring days here like we should.

There are other threads that encourage sharing of the good days as well as the bad, but most of us just don't do it. Well, I'm having a good day, at least as far as my addiction goes. It bothers me not one little bit to sit here and think about cigarettes and nicotine and my addiction. It's a non-event, I can think about it, talk about it, write about it and have absolutely no desire to light one.

I remember when I was smoking and wanting to quit, but it just seemed like a lot of trouble. I knew I needed to, I wanted to, but I put it off because it seemed like a lot of trouble to quit. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe on my daughter's birthday, maybe, maybe, maybe. Inertia always kept me smoking. I was afraid to quit, afraid of the unknown. I wish I'd never started, but I don't want to quit--that type thinking.

Now it's the reverse, well, kinda. On the rare occasions when I do encounter a trigger it flashes across my mind to just give it up, go smoke, get it over with, etc. Be aware that's just a random thought, very fleeting and something I can't help. Nothing to worry about. Point is, when that happens, I'll go thru the usual drill. "Sure, you want ONE, but do you want twenty," etc. My answer to all that now is, "Nah, it's just too much trouble. One might be okay, but the rest of them--just too much trouble." Inertia has begun to take over and it's just easier NOT to smoke.

I await the days that the gold members talk about where the whole issue is a non-event and I don't even think of my addiction at all, but I wait patiently. Until then, I am quite comfortable being too lazy to lose a quit. It's just too much trouble.

Like I said at the beginning, it's a slow day, but a good day. For those of you in Day One or Week One when every minute is a challenge, hear me--I'm only four months into a quit. Relief is not that far away.

And today is a good day.

Image Dave

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PS: I couldn't decide between titles, so I just used both of them. Too lazy to choose.

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Well said Hillbilly!

I've been having a few good days, and it seems strange. I expected it to be much harder. It's almost disappointing. There's kind of . . . lack of excitement. I'm not terribly good at encouraging people in their quits, I don't feel qualified still being a newbie, but still I try because it seems the thing to do. Yesterday I moved up a bunch I posts I found useful on my bad days because I was having a good day and I was looking for something to DO.

The post about embracing your crave is very popular. I guess I just need to relax and embrace my non-crave too.Image

Thanks for sharing your good day.

Love, Peace, and Freedom!
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Image As a Gold Member for 7 1/2 months now I'm here to tell you Hillbilly that I don't have the tug of war going on in my mind any more and haven't for way over a year now Image It feels great trust me you will too Image Just keep up the good work and NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF or you will be puffing on way more that 20 Image Cathy FREE and a member of good standing in the GOLD CLUBImage

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16 Aug 2002, 00:40 #4

Dear Hillbilly

Today is pretty good, especially since I did not sleep a wink last
night after going to the dentist I received a prescription for painkillers and I was itching like crazy all night long.
I also wanted to get up in the middle of the night and run across the street to get smokes and not smoke just one but about 10 or so.
I did not smoke.
Today I had no desires until 1119 AM when I got a crave.
I am not going to smoke today however.
Apparently I have been spared from all the damage smoking causes to your teeth and I am glad for that.

I will not smoke. No, No, No!!!

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16 Aug 2002, 00:41 #5

Oh, thou iconoclastic Hillbilly,

A positively, poetic, post ( alliteratively speaking) as yours so often are.. It certainly fit my Thursday morning non smoking mood.. Boredom is my enemy. Inertia will become my friend??? By it's very nature it can't be asked to hurry. In the meantime I'm gettin' by.
Your friend, Lilac

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16 Aug 2002, 05:06 #6

Oh Hillbilly,
I tried to keep you challenged with my 'going away' problem but i guess you handle every problem now with ease, agility, grace and now boredom considering that you don't think you need a cigarette. You are FREE of that burden huh? Your my idol (even tho your bored)- Ariella One week, two days, 12 hours, 38 minutes and 22 seconds. 190 cigarettes not smoked, saving $66.68. Life saved: 15 hours, 50 minutes.

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16 Aug 2002, 05:37 #7

Inertia has begun to take over and it's just easier NOT to smoke.

I love that line. Well put.

I'm having a good day too. In terms of nicotine addiction, my days have been consistantly good for a long time now. Few challenging moments in early July, but even those were good days with a few challenging moments. Before that, heck, in terms of bad DAYS? Maybe around the month mark. Challenging MOMENTS of steadily decreasing frequency from there until maybe 3 months, after which the moments have been fewer and further between separated by days; not hours. But DAYS? In terms of nicotine, it's been good days for a long time (not that I don't have bad days outside the context of smoking... everyone does... I mean, I'm doing my taxes right now, and that's made for a crappy day). As far as smoking goes, today is an excellent day, 'cause I don't, and I don't want to.

Well played Dave. Great post. Dwell on the positive. I like it. There's plenty of it to dwell on.

ImageBob (7..............months)

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16 Aug 2002, 07:40 #8

Rela, I wasn't going to say anything but, like Richard, I've seen your picture, too. Your problems could never bore me. :-) Now, if I could just convince my wife we need to go to New York.....


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Yo Hillbilly.....I Hear Ya !!

Although I am not where you are ( and cannot fully enjoy your perspective or point of view ).....I have stumbled upon a vantage point and can see a bit down the road ahead.

I think it ends up boiling down to "the path of least resistance" or simply maximizing the 'effort to payoff' ratio". For better or worse I do think we addicts are some of the best pleasure seekers on the planet.

In the begining of a quit it takes every fiber of effort you can muster. Quitting is NOT easy and does not come naturally. You are essentially going down a path of HUGE resistance. It takes ALL your effort and yields zero pleasure or payoff. In fact all you will reap is that terrible withdrawl. No addict in his or her right mind would choose that path.

Now fast forward several months and the story is quite different. The paths are the same but the view is different. What we see lying ahead down each of them is very different and so will be the choices we make.

At 3 months the non-smoking path (which initially held nothing but withdrawl) yields a bounty of pleasure from the sensory to the emotional. And.....from where you're sittin these rewards are very longer just a promise in the future. At this point you have tasted these pleasures for yourself - everyday in fact for weeks now. You have seen this path benefit your relationships, your health, your entire sense of well-being..........your sex life (can I say that : ) .........uuuhh.......sure looks good , but how about a quick glance at that other path....

Remember?......the smokers path (remember 90 days ago it was your choice hands down - the path of least resistance). Funny how these days all you see is STINK, SICKNESS, LOST MONEY, DEADLY ADDICTION, MAYBE A GLIMPSE OF THE DEVIL HIMSELF !!





........ huh??........what about the rest of my story???.........


You know what path you'll find me down ! ......That smokin path IS JUST TOO MUCH TROUBLE !!

Thanks Hillbilly for a glimpse of the road ahead!

Mike, 34 days, 1020 smokes Image

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06 Sep 2002, 05:22 #10

Image Love this one.