Today Is A Good Day (It's Just Too Much Trouble)

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For Tracy... thought about this thread after reading Tracy's post today. Good stuff...


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ImageEvery day nicotine free is a good day :-)

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If you think about it, smoking really is a lot of trouble:

First, you have to budget to secure the funding to pay for the cigarettes (quite expensive these days).

You have to go out and purchase the cigarettes (repeat ad infinitum).

You must secure a source of fire to light the foul things.

You have to find a place to smoke.

You have to make time to smoke.

You have to find a way to contain/dispose of your ashes.

You have to find a way to dispose of your butts.

Every time you light up, you have to live with the low-level anxiety caused by the knowledge that what you are doing is deadly and will probably result in a host of health issues and a premature death.

You have to budget your time to accomodate 20 - 40 "feedings" a day during your waking time, 365 days a year.

You're miserable because you wish you could quit, but feel that you "just can't."

You have to constantly rationilize that your respiratory problems are a "cold" that just won't let go, or "allergies," but not your cigarettes.

You're constantly having to buy "air fresheners" to try and banish the smoke smell from your home , car, and clothes.

You have to buy special toothpaste to remove the tobacco stains from your teeth.

You have to deal with higher medical/dental bills.

You have to plan your vacation(s) based on whether you will be allowed to smoke while you are there.

If you fly much, you have to "load up" on nicotine by chain smoking 4 - 5 cigarettes either in one of those nasty "smoking rooms" or outside the terminal just before boarding if your flight is more than three hours.

You have to clean house more often because the smoke residue gets on everything.

You will have to deal with the fact that it is very hard to sell a house or a car that has been smoked in.

You have to stand out in the cold, heat, rain, snow, etc. in order to feed your addiction.

You have to maintain the false ideas that cigarettes "calm you down" and that you "enjoy smoking."

You have to constantly replace clothing that is ruined by cigarette burns.

You have to empty ashtrays.

You have to clean the inside of your car windows often as the nicotine residue builds up quickly, obscuring your vision.

You have to deal with the guilt and anxiety caused by the almost constant bombardment of information about the dangers of smoking by anti-smoking forces.

You have to constantly rationalize your behavior to others.

I'm sure I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. By simply NOT smoking, we can avoid/eliminate every single one of the problems listed above.

A much simpler life, I think...


4 years, 8 month quit.

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AMEN! Beavis ~ obviously you are no longer Beavis The Butt-Head!! LOL! Good Job!

Great post. Thank you.

Lisa J ~ Proud and free for 434 days ~ 8,686 not smoked or missed. Peace. Out.

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we will probably die of a horrible disease too. That would be a real chore too.