Thoughts that seem worse than the first days urges

Retraining the conscious mind
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02 Aug 2004, 13:44 #41

I have to be honest.... going on my first quit, I do ask myself, what if I reached for a cigarette right now. Would I really be repulsed? I am scared of that thought, even if it lasts only for a second, it is a reacurring one.

Would I be caughing like I did the first time? Would it be that one I've been romanticizing at times? Would I really have to start from scratch (that one I KNOW the answer too, my god, of course I would have to).

Curiosity killed the cat. I have no interest in taking the chance of finding out that everyone here has been right.

I feel too **** good today to give this up!!

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Man, I needed to read this today

Thank you JoelImage

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This one is great! Thanks for posting this one for reinforcement. This is so true, the urge for me just snuck up on me & surprised me. I have been reading daily again. I am again reminded there is no GOOD reason to start smoking again. I had let my guard down and forgotten my quit, and was imagining that "one" wonderfully NASTY cigarette. I am so glad I came here for the support that is always given so freely and for the reinforcement that is always here. There is so much education here on the addiction of cigarettes and continue to learn everytime I come back here. Every feeling and thought I've had, someone else has had the same thoughts & feelings...I am not alone in this, and neither is anyone that comes to this site and reads. As long as they remember to NTAP!! I am too educated with this quit to ever start again. I must always remember my quit and celebrate it daily. Thanks again!

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Thanks for pulling this up Joel.

I am double green today, but the fantasy cigarette seems way too frequently present. The problem is now I can't lie to myself. I can't pretend it isn't the road to death and despair. I just hate it that it's there anyway!

Some people don't seem to have many thoughts about smoking, but you say every quit is different. After 46 years, what did I expect?

I have to say it's good to see so many 40+ first time posts. I felt like such a dinasaur in the beginning. Now I just feel like I spent an awful lot of very "dumb" years. Well, onward with the freedom family.

Thank you....all of you.

Mary Ann

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Remember cigarettes as they really were, not how you wished they were. Then when the urge is triggered, you will have the ammunition to squelch it. You will recognize that you were just having a bad moment, when you were quitting you were having "bad days." When you were smoking you were a slave to a product that was killing you. You fought long and hard to overcome that control and you never want to relinquish your freedom of choice over such a deadly product again. To keep the control, remember, when the urge is triggered-never take another puff!

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Complacent I must never be

This is scaryImage
I will print this off and carry it everywhere
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Thanks I needed that. !!!

I will never forget

Sandy 79 days and counting.

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From Joel:
To keep the control, remember, when the urge is triggered-never take another puff!
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Hello all,

I went to visit my cousin weekend before last and discovered that I suddenly got a lot of bad urges, being there. When my Aunt was alive we smoked there together at the dining table. I told give me the pretzels, and made it through.

Now I am on guard when going into old situations as a new person, and expect the craves to start, but it is not as bad when I am prepared.Image
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This I will have to keep somewhere for the future. This was really good information. This will be a reminder to me why I quit in the first place and I never want to forget that.