Thoughts that seem worse than the first days urges

Retraining the conscious mind
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01 Oct 2002, 09:56 #31

Image I was just doing some phone support for a person who I just referred over to Freedom. Thought she would find this one particularly helpful.

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11 Nov 2002, 23:24 #32

I hope I'm not being presumptuous, but this post is an absolute GEM. Image
I've always been more petrified of the days to come, of the maybe's and what-if's and being caught off guard. This is definitely a favorite of mine.


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06 May 2003, 23:56 #33

Thank you for reminding me to keep my guard up. It's only been 1 week and 5 days and I'm starting to not think about cigarettes as much, That maybe I'm "healed". I need to remember that it is an addiction that I will always have. It may not be an active addiction but an addiction all the same.Image

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Thanks a lot, Joel - things are better now, and your prompt reaction and reading the articles also helped. Image
Like I said: I knew something would hit me the day I got back to work, but I wasn't prepared for the force it came with. Yet another experience and reminder of the addiction!
Well, one thought that comforts me is that even though I don't smoke then if I want I can just go down to the smoking room and chat with my smoking colleagues - if I miss this psychological aspect of my daily feedings, I don't have to miss it; my fellow smokers are still nice people and are still there to talk with - if I want to. Image Actually, I've already recommended to two of my colleagues.

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Thanks, again, Joel. It's amazing that even though I have have read this one, and the others you bumped to the top, that they still seem like a new read at times....those times when I need to read them the most.

Again, thank you. This site, and this information, really help me get through the good and bad days.

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this is the post I needed to read. I was having urges today and needed to read a message like this. Its true that you start fantizing about that AHHH cig. For me its not one particular cig but just that ahh feeling. But its true when you say that is not what smoking is like It really is like what it was when you quit. Sometimes life isnt always a bowl of cherries and not smoking didn't make it that way.

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boy this hit me today my 47th day free from all nicotine am I glad to have this website-- thinking of the last cigarette I smoked instead of the first one gave me the ammo to get past the urge ---thank's joel--now I can get back to working on my BRONZ----DONNY

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Joel makes a really important point here about separating reality from fantasy.

Since I've quit & started again, quit & started again so many times in my history of addiction I'd like to add another thought that would trip me up and that is: feeling TOO good. After going months or even a year without smoking it's easy to believe that one little cigarette couldn't possibly hurt anything. You think to yourself: "I'm healthy. I'm strong and in control. Hey, I might even be invincible."

I won't trick myself that way anymore because now I recognize that I'm an addict and that was just another example of my junkie thinking.

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I've needed this post today, came here looking for a little bit of strength, and here it is. Thank you freedom. Just so you know you just CAN'T let your guard down, here I am, maybe an "oldbie" instead of a newbie by now, and I still needed a reminder that I can never take another puff.

So, my strength and resolve have returned, and I'll be ok again to roll with the punches.

All the best to you all.

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I'm glad this one was brought up this week, I've really needed it. I'm losing my 8 year old black lab today. She's seriously ill and in a lot of pain, and we're going to help her end that misery this afternoon. All through it, I've had flashes of junkie thoughts. It's a good reminder that the thoughts are just that - thoughts - unless I forget to NTAP.

Thanks FREEDOM!!

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