The Urge Hits!

Subconscious use cue extinguishment
Bolko J
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26 Sep 2000, 23:20 #11

Hi there Robert,

You better stop to listen to this little gou or... I'll come over and give you a hug.

Best wishes, my Friend

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26 Sep 2000, 23:25 #12

Thanks Joel for the message,

I am really having urges ( in the beginning of my 4th day). I found a cigarette under the chair on my porch. It had rained and the butt was stained and damp and limp. I ripped it up and threw it in the garbage. Now, I don 't want to take any credit because had it been fresh I may have said "What will one cigarette hurt?". It is amazing to believe what a powerful addiction nicotine is. Sorry to say, I have a daughter who is addicted to crack and that is why I am raising her son. My other two children are fine. But I keep praying everytime I want a smoke that God helps me and at the same time helps her to have her child back. My oldest daughter is a letter carrier for the U.S, Post Office and at times has terrrible asthma attacks. Guess what, when she was a baby, every single person around here smoked and thought nothing of it. I just know that this is the reason for her life=long asthma. And I was one of those smokers. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get through this. God bless all of you for being there to help other people. Thanks


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27 Sep 2000, 00:32 #13

Hi Robert

I sure hope you are feeling better. I am not going to post fancy pictures and colorful writing cause I dont' feel it's necessary to tell you that I am praying that you will get past this bump in the road.

I don't know you well but one thing that I do know is that you and your humor have helped a lot of people here in Freedom, myself included and for that I want to say thankyou.

As you always tell everyone here .....NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF.

I will be thinking about you here and sending telepathic messages from Canada to help. I am not sure what a telepathic message is but what the heck it's worth trying if will help you not to smoke.

Take care my non-smoking friend

Hugs Dodie

(((((((((((((((( Robert ))))))))))))))))))))))) hang in there

Big Al (Gold)
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27 Sep 2000, 00:39 #14

Robert my friend

You gave me some good advice...I'm a gonna give it BACK to ya.

Read what you have posted to others in the last few weeks, especially those having a rough time. Read Read READ ! ! ! ! ! ! And know that YOU are smarter than this thing that haunts you. So hang in there. You can do this. You know you can. WE know you can. You have been an inspiration and cheerleader to so many of us, so take your own VERY good advice...NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I felt the same way when I relapsed....and I regretted it, trust me. You do NOT wanna go thru what I went thru.

(Hefting a few rocks from my Ernie pile) and you do NOT want me to lob any of THESE atcha....chuckle.

Be well my friend, you are in my thoughts and prayers.


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27 Sep 2000, 01:48 #15

Robert, if you look through all these posts, you'll see you have lots of support and hugs. You've been a shining star all through your quit, and are entitled to have an off day, but I don't think you want to go and have that one little puff and destroy everything you've worked so hard for. My thoughts and prayers are with you throughout your trying times. And, by the way, I had steamed, spiced shrimp on Friday night, and ate some for you! WITHOUT THE ASIAGO CHEESE SAUCE! Anyhow, take care of yourself, and we're all behind you, cheering you on!

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27 Sep 2000, 02:10 #16

I just now logged on this afternoon. (Whenever I go to my computer, I just can't leave without checking the board). I was really surprised when I saw the thread "Robert needs help". That one sent me to this thread.
Robert, I have always gained so much encouragement from your postings that I thought you never had weak moments like I do. After reading all of this, I realize all over again that I must never let my guard down. Just when I thought I was home free like you.
As always, Joel, your input is extremely helpful and timely. We are blessed to have you share your wisdom. I am so thankful for the help I have received here. I pray that my words are as helpful to others as their words are to me.
~~ Vivian ~~
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Dionne (gold)
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26 Oct 2000, 12:06 #17

Thanks for being up front Robert! I had a rough day all day today and tonight I'm despondent due to wondering if all days will be like this. I just simply want to find 15 cigs and go out on the patio and smoke them all in a row! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I won't 'cause you all raised me to keep saying I'll never take another puff but geez some days are just the pits. It seems like all the swell times come with a smoke. "I know that's not true" but for tonight it sure seems like it.
I'm going to bed early and cover my head and wake up fresh tomorrow.
Good luck to you Robert, you have over 2 months in? Good going.

Hugs from puget sound country where right now its damp, dark, and pitiful. Dionne
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30 Nov 2000, 20:45 #18

I see we have a number of people just over three days now so I thought I would bring up a few posts about the thoughts for cigarettes still happening and contrast them with the demands your body was creating the first few days for nicotine, or true urges. They are different and you will find that if focused on now, the desires can be squelched. I will bring up a couple of other articles on the topic too and will just cut and paste this description on all of them. Have a good day everyone.


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30 Nov 2000, 22:53 #19

Wow, I'm going to have to watch the dates more carefully, I thought that "Robert needs help" was happening today!!! It really did illustrate something though, that it very well could have been. These quits are to fragile and need to be guarded with our lives. I will...

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30 Dec 2000, 21:03 #20

Image For Deb:

The urge or more accurately the thought or faint memory does come sporadically, years and for some people, decades after their quit. But they are really sporadic for most, sometimes occurring less than once or twice a year after decades.

It is comparable to when a certain trigger reminds you about a relationship you were in decades ago. You may have a momentary feeling of longing or sadness or relief, depending on the situation, but it is not like that resurgent memory effects the rest of that day or the rest of your life. It passes into oblivion again, until the next time some thing triggers it again.

That is what the thoughts for cigarettes are now, a reaction to a trigger that shall pass, not a big deal. If a puff is taken in reaction to a trigger, then you have a full-blown relapse and the course is dramatically altered. Now every 20 minutes or so your body is going to demand nicotine and cause a basic debilitation or at least a distraction for any other activity you have to do in that time period.

This state will go on for the rest of your life until the smoking either cripples or until you have to quit again and go through a long and sometimes tenuous quitting process that may take days or weeks to feel normal again. Either scenario is raunchy when really analyzed, although one is far worse than the other.

The best situation then is don't end up in either state, smoking again or quitting again. The only way to avoid either is to never take another puff!