The Terrible 3's

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31 Aug 2002, 22:33 #31

Thank you, Joel, for helping me out. I couldn't remember where the seasonal material was altho' I have read the terrrible threes several times and loved it.. I was going to link that one instead of the one I did. I just linked the other one to make sure I was in fact linking successfully. I am probably ,as usual ,using the wrong term.. Anyway, thanks again. Lilac

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This one's for Naymor. You mentioned something in another thread about the new season coming up and the triggers that come along with it.
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No seasond on the tropics, but life changes periodically and moves differently. Going on my third month soon I dont know how to identify my seasonal triggers. Who cares. I will keep a watch on my craves.


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I also don't necesssarily put alot of stock in the concept of terrible threes, but I will say that interestingly I'm at 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days and the last week and a half or so have been very strangely and unexpectantly difficult. Image

I plod along nonetheless.

Image, Sarah

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Awwww Image.....thanks Richard. Looking forward to turning silver right after your gold. -YQS, ImageLotus

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For all of my fellow FREEDOMITES looking forward to SpringImage...
we're almost there!
2 weeks from 6 months!

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Image I saw spring time started to being talked about today and here in the Midwest part of the United States, springlike conditions are starting to become obvious. With seasonal changes will come seasonal triggers. The way to get through seasonal triggers is the same way you got through any other earlier trigger--, continuing on with your life while keeping yourself reminded of the reasons you first quit and keeping your ammunition reinforced of why you are still committed to never take another puff!

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this does ring a bit of a bell with me. twice i have stopped for 3 months and wham, i was back at it. i can't even tell you why. i do suppose it is different for everyone and i don't want to jinx myself so....
i think i'll take the easy way out and acknowledge that i did not smoke Today. just today. yesterday was a bear, today was bearable, and who knows about tomarrow much less 3 months from now.
would it be funny if i said i had an itchy "trigger" finger?
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This makes so much sense in a rediculous way. I can remember last Spring, thinking about quitting smoking, but then talking myself out of it because "what would I do while I was camping in the summer if I wasn't smoking?" Smoking was an important part of camping for me. Not anymore though, because I refuse to take another puff.
I am so glad that I do not smoke.
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It's sort of a jolt to read about all the activities that you'll participate in after quitting and realize how long it's been since you've done them without smoking. How about realizing that you've never done virtually anything in your adult life without being a smoker? I'm sure many of us are in that same situation; having smoked since childhood (in my case: 12 years old) and not having quit until much, much later (but never too late!) in life (again, in my case: 52 years old).

It's an odd feeling doing so many things without cigarettes; but very enjoyable and very... FREE. And every day that goes by just makes it that much better.

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