The smoking dream

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For Kona Del:

This piece covers some of the explanation of cilia regeneration and possible side effects, specifically coughing and bringing up tastes and smell of tobacco tar.

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I responded to this thread because I had the smoking dream last night.
I have had them before in my early quit, but I am almost
8 months smober, and after all this time it really surprised me.
I smoked about 3 cigarettes in my dream, and of course I felt terrible.
After all this time I even felt bad in my dream that I would be so stupid.
I did have all the tastes and sensations of smoking and it really surprised me that it was so vivid and real.
Needless to say when I finally realized it was a dream I was much relieved.
Thank you Freedom, for giving me the wisdom and the motivation to
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Today is day nine and last night I had my first smoking dream. I have not been sleeping well lately so I had some wine last night before bed . Well did I have a dream ,only it wasn't me smoking it was my husband . We have never smoked in our house but in my dream there he was lighting up in our house . Well I stood there yelling and swearing at him and I don't swear or yell as a rule . I was so loud I woke myself up and him . Yes I did have a cold sweat and I was angry with him for smoking in the house even though I knew I was dreaming. I have not pressured my hubby to quit and will not unless he is ready like I was but do you think maybe I have a subconsiencous problem with him smoking ? If only we knew what we were thinking in our dreams. Anyway I love this site the information is a life saver and I am glad to be here. Thanx, Germaine.

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I remember in a past quit I started smoking after a smoking dream. It was a stupid thing to do. Was probably an excuse to relapse. Junkie thinking had me convinced I would have these dreams all the time if I didn't smoke. I too smart for that now thanks to freedom.NVER ANOTHER PUFF.


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Dreams and throat drainage are driving me nuts!!! My cilia have definitely been working overtime since day 1 of my quit and they're still going strong dumping 36 years of nicopoison out my throat! Had another dream last night where I was smoking like crazy...I was so RELIEVED when I woke up and realized it was a dream and I would not have to go through the 72 hours again.. Soooooooo, I've decided to try something drastic...tonight before I go to bed I'm going to eat something really weird ... like Dill Pickles and Chocolate...hopefully that will change the taste in my throat and confuse my subconscious into dreaming about something besides sickarettes!!! Will let you know if it worksImage!, Patty One month, three weeks, six days, 7 hours, 3 minutes and 53 seconds. 2331 cigarettes not smoked, saving $408.06. Life saved: 1 week, 1 day, 2 hours, 15 minutes.
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I had a very vivid smoking dream on the second night of my quit. Even though I didn't smoke them, I kept finding that I had a cigarette in my hand. I didn't know how they got there and I couldn't get rid of them. I remember thinking that someone was trying to sabotage me! I was so glad when I woke up and realized I was dreaming!

pat, I have chosen not to smoke for 2 Weeks 6 Days 16 Hours 45 Minutes 33 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 413. Money saved: $77.62.

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I just had to bring this up for Diana on her BRONZE day !!!

Two nights ago I had a new variation of the smoking dream. In my dream, I dreamed that I had just woken up from a dream in which I was smoking (just try and stay with me, guys). So in my dream, I was saying to myself "Oh yeah, it's that smoking dream again, so I didn't really smoke. Phewww." Then suddenly, in my dream, I realised I was dreaming, and I thought to myself "If I'm dreaming that I've been dreaming, does that mean that actually I did have that cigarette" (yeah, I know guys, but just stay with me for a few more seconds). And in my dream I became convinced that I had actually smoked, and I was wondering whether one cigarette constituted a total relapse, when.... I woke up.

I then proceeded to wake up my wife because I just burst out laughing.

Guys, this is absolutely true, this is just as it happened. I have an appointment with a brain surgeon tomorrow Image

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Jeez Joel, why did I just have a smoking dream when I've been quit for over one year? I have been feeling pretty 'cooler than thou' for a bit and couldn't believe when I dreamed the other night that 'no matter how long' we are not safe! I hated it in the dream that I was smoking but just lay back and said, "Okay, I'll just quit again". Then it got real quiet and the dream ended. I hate these! I know it means not to be so 'smarty pants' about being a non'smoker, as something could happen anytime. It sure makes me feel vulnerable,
and humble.

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Hello Dionne:
Don't fret the fact that you still get the dream. Most of my panelists and other clinic graduates will talk about having the dream sporadically, sometimes decades after their quits. It is not frequent, maybe only once ever couple of years sometimes, but it does happen. Always understand, the dream does not make you vulnerable of relapse--only administering nicotine while in a waking state can do that. The dream does serve to remind ex-smokers how much they really don't want to smoke and in some ways it makes it a good thing, as annoying as it may seem. So stay focused to stay free from nicotine only entails during your times of being awake that you can never take another puff!

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Hi Dionne, just this morning I wrote Joel a little note about a smoking dream I had over the weekend. He alerted me to your post here. Here I am two years and eight months quit, and dreaming away.Image The dream in no way threatens our quits, as you said, they keep us humble. The guilt in my dream was terrible though, gee, was I afraid everyone would find out I was sneaking cigarettes.Image I remembered being afraid of getting sick and wondering if I'd ever really be able to quit again.Image It was scary. Yikes. I woke up glad to be free and in no way did I feel vulnerable for a relapse. Just very happy to be free.Image

Anyway, it doesn't happen often but we are never prone to smoking dreams. As Joel says, the only way to stay free - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF !Image