The smoking dream

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23 Mar 2001, 22:19 #31

That dream thing is just too funny. I have only actually had one dream since I quit, and I was just casually smoking in it. Then I woke up, in the middle of the night, and actually sat upright in bed. I was so scared and angry at myself! I thought I had blown it! lol
I remembered it was a dream, sighed a HUGE sigh of relief and went back to bed. I called my mom the next day and told her about it. (She has been quit for 2 1/2 years). I told her how guilty I felt about even having the dream. She laughed at me and told me I should have enjoyed it, because in my dreams is the only place where I will be smoking from now on!!!
Great Post Joel (as usual!!Image)

42 Days (Six weeks!!) I know everyone else is counting in months and weeks, but I prefer right now to count in days, for whatever reason????

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27 Mar 2001, 23:47 #32

Ahhh the smoking dream - I have not sent a message in quite some time. I am still smoke free and feeling better every day. Sometimes my surviving grace is the fact that I do dream of smoking. Just wanted to share and tell everyone - it actually will get easier. Keep smiling - breathing , dancing , walking, breathting, etc. Always, Monica

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15 Apr 2001, 14:45 #33

Thank you for this article Joel - I woke today with having had my first smoking dream last night - how weird that was - I even dreamed of having to explain to the family at Freedom - very bizarre - Thanks Mate -

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16 Apr 2001, 12:14 #34

Wow, this is amazing reading! Next time I have that dream, I'll know better! I too, woke up feeling freaked out that I had smoked and then, what a rush of relief to see that I'd been dreaming. The guilt is actually quite wonderful now. It has helped to re affirm my intention: to never take another puff! Thanks Joel for the explanation about the cillia also. This has been almost a daily scene for me ...coughing and spitting, Guess it's a good thing but sometimes my lungs feel heavy as if I smoked a bunch and I know I havn't so I'll feel more positive about recovery now. Thank YOU! Paula 36 days without a puff.

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18 Apr 2001, 00:08 #35

I had my first smoking dream since I quit (2 weeks and 1 day ago!). I dreamt that I found a pack of cigarettes in my purse - it had 4 Marlboro light cigraeetes. They are slightly crumpled but not broken. I touched them in my dream and thought that I cld smoke all 4 an dno one wld ever know. I was still debating what to do and how to do it when I woke up. That was fairly scary - knowing that if it were real, I wld have probably smoked them. Glad to know it was a dream but disappointed in even getting tempted.


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24 Apr 2001, 21:13 #36

Great article Joel, I was just wondering about that dream thing-
In my last dream I had bought a pack and started smoking, and kept trying to crumple the pack up, and was just wondering how I could explain this relapse to all of you. Thank goodness I'm Catholic-who says guilt is a bad thing???
1 month 5 days!

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Hi Joel: This is Spunkyangel and I am new here.

Regarding the smoke taste in the month, I brush my teeth and tougne every morning and evening. I also chew a lot of gum , peppermint, because I love it.

But I have a question, How do you get rid of the smell of smoke in your clothes, and hair and skin. I have been taking alot of baths but I still smell it.

It is making me sick. When ever I am aroung people who smoke it makes me sick, will I ev er get over this? When will I really begin to enjoy food. I am 51 years old and want to make my 50 wedding Annversity . We just had our 31 last month. but I am was wondering that maybe my bud tasters are too old and and too much smoking that maybe I will never be able to taste food again,

Please help me:

2 weeks and 5 days smoke free and NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF is drill in my brain.

cheers & hugsImage
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Hello Freedom Friends,
I too experienced the smoking dream late last month and I was very disturbed by it. Image
I don't remember the dream itself, but I will never forget the horrifying thought,
"Did I smoke!?"
My body had that old familiar feeling of being fed nicotine and there was a calming effect, an almost satisfying feeling, as though I just had a cigarette.
I hated it.
I felt violated.
Another scary thing too was that I found a book of matches on the floor in my hallway. I wondered, "Did I drop that there!?" But then, thankfully I remembered. I saw them there before I went to bed and I deliberately left them there to see how long they will stay there until my husband picked them up. Image Afterall, I don't smoke, they weren't mine. Image
Anyway, I know I didn't smoke.Image
I've worked too hard, prayed real hard, and I am fighting too hard to give up now, even in my dreams. Image
I'm still thankfully free and taking care of My Quit one day at a time.
Looking good and feeling great
Six months, two weeks, one day, 18 hours, 34 minutes and 59 seconds. 4944 cigarettes not smoked, saving $1,174.28. Life saved: 2 weeks, 3 days, 4 hours, 0 minutes.
Thank you Freedom Friends

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09 May 2001, 03:53 #39

I must be odd....approaching three months and just started having smoking dreams. In fact, I was drinking and smoking in several of my recent dreams, and I quit drinking five years ago. I guess I must equate smoking with drinking. If I am going to least in my is going to be all of the way. LOL Mary P.S. The dreams did not disturb me....just found them interesting (especially drinking along with the cigs)

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02 Jul 2001, 05:54 #40

Thank you Joel for the information on smoking dreams. I quit two months ago and started having nightly smoking dreams a couple weeks ago. I interpreted the dreams as subconscious yearnings to smoke. Your explanations relating fear and physiological influences made sense and have helped take the edge off my uneasiness. I must say. however, that my smoking dreams have really sucked. They are so real that I often experience withdrawl symptoms the following day. After two months cold turkey, I'm actually having some of my hardest moments as a result of these dreams. Your insight and advice just gave me the kick I needed to maintain my resolve.