The smoking dream

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I'm glad I read this, because the other night I had a nightmare that I smoked like ten cigarettes in a row.  I woke up sweating and out of breath.  I thought I was losing my mind until I read this article.  If I didn't have this site I would probably be smoking again.  Thanks again Joel for your life saving advice.  It's only been 12 days for me but it feels great, I'm ready for a lifetime of freedom.          NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF!

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Thanks to all who have added to this great thread.  I have been quit for 99 days and last night had my fourth smoking dream. The dream plots are minimal and variable -- I might be sitting round a table with friends or just walking down a street chatting with somebody when I suddenly realize I am smoking.  As stratsquire observed a few posts above, there is no conscious decision to smoke within the dream; the dream begins with the discovery I am already smoking, and within the dream I feel a whole host of intense emotions,  the strongest of which is an intense disappointment in myself for having blown my good quit. I feel anger at myself, contempt as well, and feel utterly defeated by my weakness. These smoking dreams are nightmares of sorts, but unlike other kinds of nightmares, they are not dispelled upon waking. Normally, if I wake briefly in the night between sleep cycles, whatever dream I was having vaporizes or is immediately understood to be a dream. These smoking dreams, however, linger in a singular way. It is not that I resume the dream when I go back to sleep as sometimes happens with other dreams. It is that the belief that I am a relapsed smoker has become part of my dreamer identity, and it is not until I am fully awake in the morning that I realize I have not in fact, in physical fact, smoked. Even then, mixed in with the relief, is a bit of demoralized feeling as if I had lapsed in my heart if not in deed.  

I can't think of any other kind of dream that reaches into my identity the way these smoking dreams do. 

The positive takeaway is increased awareness of how much I do not want to ever smoke again. The negative is an erosion of  confidence in my quit, as if the dream is saying, you can't do it. If I were complacent, I could turn this to my advantage. I am, however, a long way from complacent.


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"It kinds of gives you a sense of how bad you would feel if you actually do go back to smoking. Not physically speaking but psychologically". Yes! They are nightmarish. I identify so much with this one!

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Thanks for all the posts. I learn a lot here.

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It took 5 weeks and one day to experience this. Thanks to reading a lot the dream came and went as a anticipated event.
There was no joy in smoking, it was simple and fast opportunity mixed with weakness with instant regret and fear of having to smoke again.
I still do not and have not had a single craving or desire for even a single puff. Smoking a whole cigarette, or more than one like in the dream is completely unimaginable.