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So, after four months of living smoke free, clean and happy as a clam, here comes another smoking dream just to make me upset with myself. I thought these things would pass in time and just disappear from my life but I guess for me it just isn't to be. This particular dream did have a positive side effect, and that is: "what I know today."

In the dream (which I forget the storyline,) I lit a cigarette and took a few drags.

As soon as I awoke I had the absolute realization that I was now entering another seventy-two hours of misery or I will smoke myself into the grave.

My second and almost simultaneous thought was; "although it was a dream, the truth is still the truth." To smoke one is to go out and buy the rest of them, the full regimen that I would need to die; I will not do that.
Coupled with this thought is the second part of the truth which is; "one drag is enough, it opens the door to my addiction and if I refuse to smoke more, I will endure another 72 hours of misery and three days of craves, triggers and me being nasty to others."

Not a pretty picture.
Thank God it was only a dream.
This too shall pass.

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Too funny! I had a crazy smoking dream last night! I was smoking for a few weeks. It was utterly bizarre! Must be a full moon.

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Thanks so much Roger. After I had my dreams/nightmares about smoking and wrote about them I felt much better!
I feel even more confident now that I know the reasons behind the dream! Yay for my lungs healing!!!!

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Joel starts off this thread informing us:

"The smoking dreams are common if not universal among ex-smokers."

I for one have had many of them thus far in my journey here at Freedom and I agree with one and all they are very vivid and I dare say nightmarish.

However, I believe the smoking dream experienced by those of us who participate in this worldwide community of Freedom From Tobacco IS very different form the rest in one very significant way! We not only wake up feeling the guilt of having smoked, we believe we have lost our privledge to participate here as well.

While still in my dreams, junkie thinking is telling me simply wait 72 hours after you fininsh however many you have smoked in that particular dream and every thing will be just fine. Reminders of active addiction.

This may sound crazy but I actually have come to somewaht enjoy this now infrequent dream for me because now I wake up with a smile on my face knowing it was just a dream and that it can not hurt me. I also believe it is a vivid reminder to stick to your resolve to Never Take Another Puff!

Welcome to all of you in the early stages of your journey here. Read, read and read some more you will find is very good advice. Educate yourself here and enjoy your Freedom! Just one simple rule, No Nicotine Today.

Attitude is everything, keep it positive, move forward and live life to its fullest. NTAP

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I'm on day 37 of not smoking and I'm not having using dreams but I am having VERY weird dreams...Just really weird and they have just started in the last week or so...Has anyone experienced these? Is it because of quitting smoking?

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i have woken this morning after having a 'smokers dream'. i must say that it did un steady me slightly - not so much the fact that i had dreamt of smoking - this forum and website has educated me to the possibility of it happening - but i was amazed at my feelings during the dream.

The way the dream went, i had accepted a cigarette without remembering i dont smoke - this is one of my fears and i find i am constantly thinking of not smoking to prevent this happening.

After lighting the cigarette i walk away from the people i am with - obviously so as not to allow them to see me - and i smoke the cigarette.

By the first puff i realise that i shouldn't be smoking and that i don't want to have the cigarette but i can't stop myself - i tastes awful and it makes me feel dizzy and sick but i carry on - this is obviously showing me how adicted i am to nicotine.

The good thing about this dream is that it has just reinforced the fact that i don't want a cigarette, and has shown me my fears about forgetting i smoked (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) how silly of me!

Any way i am determind to never take another puff so the dream can stay just where it is - as a reminder to me that i am an addict and i have to deal with this adiction one day at a time.

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Had a bad one the other night on about day 45 or so.

Dream of smoking within a dream of not smoking, dreamed of waking in the not smoking dream, upset that I was smoking in the non smoking dream.

I finally woke up, took a while to sort out out why I was not tearful which I had been in the non smoking dream when I dreamed I lost the quit.

weird, but still free.....

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I'm glad you've set up a forum for sharing info on dreams about smoking. I've had a few of these dreams lately, and like you said, they seemed very real and were unsettling when I woke up. Each time when I woke up, I was just certain I'd been smoking, but it was only in my dream. But when I'm awake, and I realize that I only smoked in my dream, I felt so much better to learn I hadn't blown my quit!

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The smoking dream I had around week 2 was amazing. Not good amazing, but amazing in it's realism. As a previous poster mentioned, I felt worse than awful when I suddenly realized that I was holding a cigarette in my dream, and that I had apparently been smoking it. It took me a few moments to realize that it WAS a dream when I awoke. The great thing is, thanks to that bizarrely realistic dream, I now know exactly how it would feel to "give in" and take a puff.

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I had a different kind of smoking dream. I had a dream it started to snow and there was a blizzard coming. So I jumped in my truck and headed for the store cause I was out of cigarettes. I was kinda in a panic and I drove like a maniac to get there. I ran into the store and up to the counter and then I stopped and laughed and said "Wait a minute. I dont smoke!!! I turned around and left. I take that as a good sign that I am strong enough and determined enough to make it an NTAP!

quit 24 days and 19 hours ago and I'm feeling great!