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I had the weirdest smoking dream last night. Well, let me clarify it was not really a smoking dream but a non-smoking, nicotine addiction dream. I dreamed that I noticed a skin colored patch on my back and was shocked to realize it was a nicotine patch. I don't remember having ever used the patch before, maybe I tried one a long time ago, but obviously smoking was a better delivery device. Anyway, in my dream I freaked out, yelling who put this patch on me? Don't you all know I quit smoking and I've been doing fine without anything? I started yelling saying I've be re-addicted without my knowledge and now I have to re-set my quit meter and go through withdrawals all over again, I can't post on Freedom, and I've been sabotaged. The people around me were upset and replied you did, don't you remember? I said no, I couldn't have because I know I'm an addict, I wouldn't have done this and not remember. I woke up in a panic and looked at my shoulder just to make sure someone didn't sneak that patch on. What a relief!!! It was only another silly smoking dream! Whew!

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I had the smoking dream for the first time last night. I'm 33 days into my quit.

It was SO vivid and intense! I was at a wedding, and a friend whose quit lapsed a while back (in real life!) was offering me cigarettes. Then before I knew it I suddenly realised I was smoking again. I was going through a bin, looking for a filter for my roll-up, but they were all used - filthy, stained and full of tar. I still took one and used it though...! I then felt the most profound sense of loss and sadness at the realisation I'd lost my quit. I knew I wouldn't get through the rest of the wedding without smoking, and found myself wondering how I was ever going to quit again.

When I woke up it took a few minutes to realise it had been a dream, and then it felt like Christmas! It was the biggest reinforcement I could have asked for; I was so happy to realise I still have my quit. In fact, it made me appreciate it more than I ever have - and it's easy to understand why. The reason is that the daily changes we experience as our quits progress are slow and incremental, and sometimes it's hard to see just how much we are changing. But upon waking from this dream (or nightmare), it's as if all the benefits of a 33-day quit are thrust upon you in an instant, and you feel them all at once!

It was a wonderful experience, and I hope and wish every one of you in the eary stages will experience it for yourself. Even if you don't, please take heart from my own ramblings: as much as you think you value your quit, its only when you believe you've lost it that its true worth comes home to you.

Smoking is one of the worst things in the world, friends. You don't want it back any more than you want back the last illness you recovered from. NTAP!

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Oh the smoking dreamImage
I have pages of words and drawings about them. They were a lot during the first 8 months of my quit.
All over my life and due to a severely rough childhood I've always had nightmares and "fantabulous" dreams. Such stories!!! Fortunately I never had an insomnia in my life, but on the other hand sometimes I wake-up tired of morpheus.
When and right after I first quit (from Feb 2004 onwards) the dream (and nightmare) of a cig became a must of my "night travels". Of course I read a lot at Freedom and also Joel's NTAP e-book - Education made me consider those dreams as natural within the whole journey of a healing nicotine addict like myself.
Let me (briefly) share 3 of them.
the 2nd March 2004
Setting: My home presently
I was giving a birthday dinner to family and friends. I hated smoking and I wouldn't do it NO WAY!!
Suddenly a known character whom I disliked showed up outside my window flying by using those shoes that thow fire flames out of the heels (don't know the name of those). I said D., D. (my friend)!!Image HELP ME CLOSE THE WINDOW!! The character flying carried bags full of cigs that he could throw into my apartment. I got scared and the most scarry part was when I looked at my table and instead of food I SAW a giant ashtray loaded with sig butts and a foul smell. Then I woke up with the smell in my nose, scared but finally happy for being awake in my nicotine free home.
the 23rd March 2004
Setting: My home presently
I was taking care of my plants when a colleague of mine came in. SHE WAS SMOKINGImage. Firstly I got scared, but then when her cig was about to finish I said hurry up, hurry up let me smoke the rest! When I was smoking that butt, my mother came and I THREW IT to the floor not to be noticed - The floor was starting to burn.
I woke up and bursted in tearsImage.
1st September 2004
Setting: The sea presently
How could this be??? I was stuck; trapped inside and I woke up with the awful taste of SMOKE againImage
Next to those nightmares I felt so great and so incredibly happy with myself !!!! Vanity is the word for it. When going to work, when doing the house chores, when performing every usual activity.
I felt that the glory of Never Take Another Puff and the feeling of hating the chance of having a single puff was the positive definition of the word vanity - the only positive one that I could think of after knowing I was awake, FREE and smelling the scent of smokeless air.
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Wow thanks, i was just posting about this in the patience thread. I dreamt i had smoked and was scared i blew my quit. It really rattled me when i woke up. I guess it is a good thing that that scares me, thanks, you guys are the best.

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Even after 21 months, I had a vivid smoking dream the other night. I had the same "Oh, No!" moment I had with my first one - but it was only a dream.

Newbies - the point is that the Smoking Dream is not a sign that your resolve is slipping!! It's only a reminder that we are addicts.

Always remember - never forget - Never Take Another Puff.

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For me 'the smoking dream' (of which I have had many but I have always been someone who dreams a lot so maybe that's why) epitomises the extremes of emotion of the quitting experience itself - the devestating disappointment when we think we have broken our quit (similar to what we feel prior to the quit or some times during the very early days of denial) and then the enormous relief and jubilation when we realise it was only a dream!

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I had a smoking dream 2 nights ago. The guilt set in the dream after the first puff, I honestly don't remember a second or third. It was a fine way to "preview" the emotional cost of smoking again. No cigarrette that I ever smoked gave me pleasure for more than a couple minutes. The dream cig made me feel crummy for much longer (in the dream). The statement below is from the first post of this thread...

"As soon as they would finish describing their feelings, I pointed out one very obvious fact. They just dreamt they smoked and assumed that meant that they wanted to smoke. They woke up and upon further clarification, they describe the dream was a nightmare. This is not the dream of someone who wants to smoke; it is the dream of someone who is afraid of smoking."

I really appreciated reading this because it did a great job of reframing my reaction to the dream from guilt to great!

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I am so glad I found this. I had that dream last night. Well one sort of like it. I dreamed that my wife was cheating on me and I was going to leave her. Just so you know, she is the most faithful person I know. That broke my heart. I ran to the nearest gas station and bought a pack. I stood there and just looked at them, debating on if I should do it or not. One phrase kept poping in my puff away from a carton. But I did anyway and knew with that one puff, I blew it. I was so upset I ended up waking up yelling. I told my wife I was upset, not of the fact that I had a dream about her cheating........but that I took that one puff. It was a nightmare. I haven't been able to get it out of my head. Thank you for bringing this topic back up. NTAP!!!!

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Ha! I thought my dreams were CRAZY! Well, actually the last one was...Image

The first on was a few nights ago. In my dream I was out somewhere with friends, and I 'accidentally' lit up. lol....I remember being so disappointed in myself, but it was too late! I took a puff! Then I asked my friend 'did I fall asleep when I lit that, or was I awake?' She told me 'no, you were fully awake, you're a smoker again!'....I was so sad! lol...then I woke up and was glad it was only a dream.
Last nights dream was INSANE!! I dreamt that my fiance was trying to kill me! But luckily I grabbed a crow bar and killed him first! lol...I was crying my eyes out to my mom in my dream, and she says... "Here...smoke a certainly need one after all that you've been through" and all I could think was "NO WAY! I don't care what just happened I am NOT smoking again!" Lol....My fiance then woke me up out of the dream because I was crying and wailing in real life! I was SO happy when I woke up and he was there and I wasn't
WEIRD dreams!! Scary real.....


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I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to not be alone with these symptoms after reading the last two posts. Thanks, because folks, the hits just keep on comming!

I noticed that I never struggle with the decision to smoke in these dreams, I begin each one thinking that I am a smoker only to realize that I was a quitter after one puff. This of course followed by instant remorse. This time was different because I smoked several cigarrettes. The period of time between the behavior and recalling that I was breaking a quit was extended and the act of puffing was not sufficient to remind me. The scare/guilt factor was intensified because I did not just slip by a puff, I slipped by all the puffs! I wonder if this is a sign of danger or if my subconcious just wanted to offer a demonstration of the law of addiction.