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thanks for this post, Joel, I was badly in need of this about 10 days ago, when i couldn't log on. I dreamt i was smoking 3 nights in succession.....secretive smoking,( which i've never done, but then again i've never stopped before!) and always got caught and felt dreadful but had to carry on smoking. It really disturbed me....i wondered if my subconscious was leading me to the next puff and it may be inevitable that i smoke again. After all, I always knew i couldn't stop! I remembered that i had downloaded a lot of your stuff, so although i couldn't get onto the message board, i had plenty to read. This helped a lot. It was only the old addiction playing mind games with me, and perhaps it was good to be reminded of how horrible i now feel smoking. I know for sure that i need never take another puff...even if i want to.
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By the way, if you look at the number of times I have had to bring this up, you get a sense of just how prevalent these dreams are. Thought I would just mention that.


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Joel...Thank you so much for posting the dream article...I've been thinking about it all day and now have a better understanding of it...glad[but not glad] others experience the same thing as it freaked me out...but all is good a bit grumpy..but no tears today so the sun is definetly shining!!! I'm being as positive as possible and I WILL NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF!!! ImageThanks Leslie

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Thanks for the clarification!! I just had one of those dreams!Felt like I blew it until I actually woke and found just a dream.What a relief knowing I hadn't actually smoked!! Thanks~~~~~~EAZY

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Joel, thanks so much for the info on dreams. Fascinating. It helps to clarify so much. In fact, all of your articles are simply amazing and full of facts that keep me headed on the Quitter Trail.

Thanks! Donna

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Thanks Joel :-)

I'm hoping that pretty soon I'll completely quit (in my dreams) so that my dream world will match my reality. Yesterday I was having a pretty down day and was the first time I thought of smoking, but I DIDN'T...but then I think my subconscious got the better of me. Like you say though, I can be glad it was only in my dreams and when I'm awake I can remember to NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF. thanks again

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I am bringing this one up for the cilia explanation, the random thoughts being addressed today, and for Jim who is still having trouble sleeping and coughing. Many of these concepts are covered here in the initial post and attached string. Everyone remember a thought or a dream is never going to cause a relapse. On a cigarette can do that. So no matter what your tricks your mind plays as long as your real life actions don't cooperate the thought will pass. The only action you need to take to stay free is to never take another puff!


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That's a great article. Yes, those smoking dreams can be awful. During my first week I dreamt about smoking every night. It was always the same - I was smoking a cigarette as usually, relaxed etc, when i suddenly realized that I had quit and I shouldn't be smoking! It was as I had just forgot about it. I was so angry at myself in the dream that I had smoked. And I was so ashamed. I'm glad that my real life is different - no need to be ashamed, I can be proud of myself Image !!

Sweet dreams everyone,
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Well folks... I had my first dream about smoking since my Quit!!
Get this - I dreamt I was Elizabeth Taylor(!) who was dyingImage, while smoking a cigar!! ????
I have no idea what that meant!? The ultimate drama queen who dies from her addiction??
Funny thing is I never did smoke cigars!? Still dreaming that smoking is glamorous!??
Well at least I know it is not happening in reality and maybe its just my subconcious coming to terms - somehow - with the fact I'm NOT smoking - I like to think so.
Thought I'd share this - it made me have a laugh at myself!Image
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A dream will never cause a relapse, only taking a puff in a waking state can do that.

While awake always remember to never take another puff!