The smoking dream

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02 Oct 2000, 00:49 #11

Joel - thanks for this! I remember running across this in my reading, it's good to see it again after my dream.


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05 Oct 2000, 15:45 #12

For Beccy,

May not be 100% relevant,but it helped me to know my sleep pattern changes were normal and would change. I know they will be able to post more in the a.m.


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06 Oct 2000, 21:50 #13

Thanks, Joel. I have read it before but it was good to read again.

Does this dream usually happen repeatedly, or is this one of those things that now that I have gotten past it, it's over and done with. It was very frightening.


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06 Oct 2000, 21:54 #14

Hello Vivian:

It can happen again, but again, it is only a dream. Ypu may not be as shaken next time, but even if you are it will pass in minutes and if you really analyze the fear you will realize how grateful you are to still be an ex-smoker. In some ways it can reinforce your resolve even though it is so irritating when it happens.

Anyway, I wish you sweet dreams, but even if your dreams aren't always sweet, your waking state will be greatly enhanced as long as you never take another puff!


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06 Oct 2000, 22:55 #15

i know how scary that dream can be. i wake up and feel so upset withself because i could have sworn i had a cigarette in the middle of the night!!!! i actually get up and start looking to see if i did buy any!!!

i just think its very interesting so many people have this in common when they quit. it helps to know you are not the only one. thanks for the good posts!

starla-who is almost at 3 weeks smoke free!!!!

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26 Oct 2000, 22:31 #16

Thank You,
One week, one day, 17 hours, 27 minutes and 17 seconds. 174 cigarettes not smoked, saving $32.73. Life saved: 14 hours, 30 minutes.

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26 Oct 2000, 23:08 #17

Thanks Linda
I thought I had read this article before, but couldn't remember for sure. Reading the other posts to it has helped aswell. Now printed off incase I need it again!

Linda x

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01 Nov 2000, 23:10 #18

Thanks Joel! And thanks Geo for pointing me toward this post. I feel better now and won't mind more dreams of smoking as you were right......when I awake and discover it was only a dream it's very SWEET! Onward, Dionne 3W & 3D

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20 Nov 2000, 09:18 #19

Thanks! This makes sense. This is one of the reasons I failed at other quits. The dreams freaked me out. At least now I now they're normal.

S Sweet
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28 Dec 2000, 23:37 #20

thanks hun... just wish it wasnt so darn life-like!!!!! i actually have been having cravings all morning long after "smoking a pack of cigarettes" in my dream GRRRR well that gives me new meaning to the "you can smoke just one" lie, we tell ourselves occasionally... i cant even DREAM abt smoking "just one"