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Retraining the conscious mind
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03 Oct 2002, 19:55 #11

Oh wow. Be happy and comfortable, but never drop your guard. Image


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03 Oct 2002, 21:15 #12

Thanks for a great thread Bob. When I first quit, I didn't even want to think about relapse or read anything about it. I quess fearing it may in some way cause me to relapse. But at this stage in my quit I could read this post. A great enforcer to Never Take Another Puff. I don't come to Freedom as often as I used to and have been having several triggers lately. This was a great thread for me to read.
Again Thanks,
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12 Nov 2002, 00:50 #13

I fear complacency. I fear getting too comfortable in my quit. I keep this thread close by just in case.....

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12 Nov 2002, 06:29 #14

WOW...great thread

thanks Bob........Two years quit seem like a good time to return to freedom and
renew our commitment to remain free from nicotine.

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12 Nov 2002, 14:17 #15

Awesome thread, but very scary! We are ALL one puff away...but for today--it wont be me!
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13 Nov 2002, 08:23 #16

...thanks Bob for a wonderful my first post here at Freedom I had to admit that I threw away an 11 month quit by taking a puff off a friend's cigarette "just to see what would happen" Well, if I'd been an educated quitter and a member here at that time, I sure would have known exactly what would happen...and that there is no such thing as just one! I like to remind myself that if I ever let myself be tempted by that one puff, I then picture myself going right out and buying CARTONS , and that really brings me around with a jolt of reality! I feel GREAT today!~~~Marie 1 month 4 weeksImage
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14 Nov 2002, 11:35 #17

This is a valuable threat, oops!, thread, O'Bob (the subject is a threat to us all). Thank you. I, too, will bookmark it for future reinforcement. Thanks again.


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06 Dec 2002, 23:14 #18


You never stop amazing me with your posts! Your like a walking talking search engine! This should be required reading for everyone.



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