The Isolation of a Widowed Smoker

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ImageMan!! What-a-slap-in-the-face!! I needed that. Nicotine does nothing but, kill, steel, and destroy! But only if we let it!! NTAP
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This surely is a needful read. Smoking isolates us from those we love and those things we love to do. And there ain't much that we get in return 'cept illusion and misery.

I am in such agreement with Janet here, it's amazing how I could find little pockets of time for a cigarette. Some time back I was boiling water for pasta for supper and I couldn't quite figure out what I wasn't doing...surely I'm missing some step here? Then I realized what it was.....I usually had a smoke during the few minutes that it took for the water to boil. Now, not smoking, I can put those little pockets to use in productive ways. Or not. It's my choice now, really my choice.

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I haven't read this since very early in my quit. It still brings a tear to my eye.
Timeless, as are all the articles. Image


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I haven't been here in a LOOOONG LOOOONG time - but I had to post and let you all know that this article was the one that made my quit stick.

It reminded me of my own mother, and she is finally quitting on March 13th - the 9 year anniversary of my dad's death.

I will do all that I can to help her, and will bring her by Freedom for reinforcement.

I could never thank you all enough - Grumpy, John (Zep!! :D) Joanne, Joel, and ALL the wonderful people here. I wish I were around more, but as John said to me once, a long time ago: "Our hope is that you won't have to be here anymore." I'm glad I don't have to, but know that I think about Freedom every day.

Love and hugs to all that read this!!


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This is the one that took me from thinking about quitting to getting it done.

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Thanks Joel............. and Candis

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I thought I had a sort of "déjà vu" over the last couple of days: got a phone call from my daughter-in-law asking me if it would be okay if she dropped her 4-year-old off yesterday. He was eager to do some (promised) baking with me ...

Happy to report that we spent nearly 6 hours yesterday on doing just that and the results were a lovely big and nicely decorated snowman as well as a (bit small, but my first attempt) gingerbread house with all sorts of fancy stuff on it. Well, my grandson was pleased and he thought "it looked fantastic" - here is me hoping now that it will also taste nice.

Anyway, the reason I am putting my comment into this string today is that I thoroughly enjoyed my day yesterday. Not once did I have to go out for my nicotine fix, not once did I have to make sure that Elliot didn't find any lighters or other smoking paraphernalia, I didn't have to think about how I smelled or wanting him to go home so that I can smoke in peace again.

Last night, I was trying to remember what this reminded me of ... and here it is.

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Image The Smoker Life just makes me cry!
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Thanks for this thread. So many times over the past few days I have been thankful for my freedom from cigarettes. I cried for a day or two as I let go of the bad parts of me. I have also loved learning what I like now.(taste changed) (complexion improved)Anyway, I spent years (smoked for eighteen) declining invitations to really wonderful places because I wouldn't be able to smoke, Not wanting nonsmokers in my car and freaking out at the thought of being trapped in theirs. We are celebrating the holiday this Sunday at my house as everyone in my family smokes and at laeast this way it (the smoking) will be outside. and not so tempting!! I really haven't wanted one for the past four days or so. They are just not worth the sacrifices of not just quantity of life but QUALITY of life! Thank you so much for educating all the smoke-blinded people (as myself) and so well! I have been sharing so much with others (even tips on minimizing symptoms to others who have recently stopped.) I am just very thankful tonight. Also, this is really cool, my daughter (10 years old) likes to check my quit keeper, she forced my husband and me to do a "countdown' to our eighth day smoke free. My fourteen year old son cried when I told him I quit and I didn't even know he had been worried about it. All the people affected. For all those years.
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Wow...what a post!!! I LOVED reading that! We have all been in similar situations..
Reminds me of when my niece wanted to drive with me somewhere instead of going with her mom.. i said no and watched as her big brown eyes looked so sadly at me.
I hop'd into my truck, started to follow them..reached for my smokes and lite one up.. that's why i didn't let her come with me....cause i HAD to have a smoke!!! I chose my smoke over her!! That was many years ago....funny how the post made me think about that!
I choose my family and my life over nicotine!!
Free and healing and LOVING IT!!!!
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