The cost of my first relapse (Have a calculator handy)

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02 Apr 2004, 00:03 #21

Oooops! I meant to say over 13,000 sickorettes not smoked in the last 21+ months. WOW! Sure does add up!


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Freedom's really making me work today! Bill's got us writing lymericks; Joel's got us doing math! See you all in gym class later! Image

So my first and longest quit was 8 months. I think it was 1984. I'm going to guestimate and pop mid-year 1984 into my quit meter. It is supposed to add 3% annually to adjust for price hikes. Drum roll, please... it calculates to about 19.5 years I would have been quit. I wouldn't have smoked over 100,000 cigarettes (yikes! that means I did!!!!), and would have saved around $30,000. That's Canadian dollars, but yowsers, I could have used that.

All righty. I still don't want to smoke any more. Never Take Another Puff. Nope. Thanks Joel. Eye opening as always!

~ Kay ~
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Well, I had quit when I was pregnant for my son for about 4 months. If I hadn't of relapsed my stats would say:

I have chosen not to smoke for 3 Years 4 Weeks 1 Day 9 Hours 2 Minutes. Cigarettes not smoked: 11253. Money saved: C$4,642.18.

What they really say is:

Angie- 6 Months 3 Days 23 Hours 31 Minutes 15 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 1487. Money saved: C$595.14.

That's a difference of 9766 cigarettes, and 4047.04. Woah.

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By the age of 27 I was smoking and chewing (among other things). I quit both for a period of six months. I am now 36yrs old and have chewed an average of one can of tobacco per day since.
36yrs - 27yrs = 9yrs
9yrs x 365days per year = 3,285
3,285 X $5.00 per can average = $16,425 wasted on nicotine.
If I add only the cost of the chewing for the other 8yrs (not the smoking) at an average of 3.00 per can the estimated grand total that my addiction has cost me is....
$25,185 and that estimate is very conservative. WOW I NEVER KNEW.
Do you think I could get the tobacco companies to give me a refund??
This information is definately something I am going to chew on for a while. It is a great weapon for me to use in the exercise of never taking another dose of nicotine. Thanks Joel and everyone who participates in Freedom and Whyquit.

Still Nic-Free and Luv'n it for 4 Weeks, 1 Day, 20 hours and 17 minutes. I quit chewing tobacco on 6/17/04, have saved $149.22 while expecting to be on earth 2 Days, 1 hour and 40 minutes longer

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I smoked since i was 12 and a bit. First time I tried to quit, I was 17. I'm now 28.

so 11 years, aprox. a pack a day (conservative estimation) times 4 EUR.
thats (11*365)*4 = 16060 EURO Image

and in reality it's probably more...

that's one expensive borrowed sigarette :o

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History of my relapse:

Smoked 8 years, then quit July 8, 1981. Smoke free for six months, until January 1982 when found sample packs of cigarettes in cupboard. Smoked them, which led to buying a pack, then another, then back cartons,...

Next quit: 22 1/2 years later - same day - July 8, 2004.

Cost of my relapse, due to those "free" samples:

Smoking 22 years = 264 months + 6 months = 270 months

Average two cartons (20 packs in 2 cartons, 400 cig. per month) = 400 X 270 = 108,000.00 !!! cig.

Cost = don't know. They're $4/pack now. Let's just say $2.50 per pack = 20 packs X 270 months X $2.50 = $13,500.00 financial cost.

Emotional cost = embarrassment and shame that I went though telling people I had started again.

Psychological cost = tormented every year when my "quit date anniversay" of July 8 came around.

Physical cost = Reynauds syndrome, tendon problems due to decreased circulation, stress fracture in foot due to bone problems, chronic post nasal drip, ugly yellow fingernail, finger, and stained teeth, even my thermometer is stained from the smoking!!...probably a few extra face wrinkles...Thankful I quit in time before those ugly ones above your lip.

Until this year, when I successfully quit again on July 8, 2004!!

AnitaMCK - Free and Healing for Two Months, Five Days, 10 Hours and 58 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 3 Days and 11 Hours, by avoiding the use of 997 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $199.92.

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Well let's see, my first quit was January of 1991 so that means I smoked for 13 years & 3 months. Which turns out to be, OH MY GOD, I had to go back & check my numbers and unfortunately they were correct. If I had stayed quit in 1991 I would of saved my body from the torture of 72,795 cigarettes which would of saved my wallet $10,919!!!! I'm shocked, even if I took into consideration the 5 year quits in between (which were not supposed to do but I can't help myself) I would end up with 45,345 cigs smoked & $6,801 up in smoke. I can't believe it, what a waste of money not to mention what it did to me physical & physiologically. I don't even want to think about the withdraw systems I had to go through each time I quit. Plus the weeks it took me to retrain my brain to "enjoy" smoking. Man, I don't EVER want to smoke again!

I'm hugging this quit even tighter! Free for 5 months 1 week & 1 day
Saving myself from smoking 2,385 cigs and adding $477 to my not smoking jar.

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I'm sorry to report that my 1st attempt to quit smoking was in the summer of 1982. I lasted about 3 months. . ."Ran into a chum with a bottle of rum. . ." and you know the rest.

In any case, had I remained nicotine free since then I would not have smoked 200,750 Marlboro "reds in box." Allowing for price increases, those cigarettes cost me $30,112. A fine investment.

Now: had I bought shares of Microsoft with my smoke money over the same period, my portfolio would be increased by $867,000 (not including dividends paid in cash). Image

Think I'll call Charles Schwab. . .Image


I have been (FINALLY) nicotine free for 12 days. I have saved $86.17 by not smoking 313 cigarettes and have recovered 1 Day, 12 hours and 31 minutes of my life.

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Here it goes...

Smoked 11 years. Quit 8 times (for about two or three weeks each time).
Total cigarettes smoked: 64,240
Total cost about $28,000 CAN

Wow... when I put it that way it does sound extreme!!! Didn't realize it was so many Image...

Glad I did stop smoking Image

Agnes - Free and Healing for One Month, Five Days, 13 Hours and 45 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 2 Days and 5 Hours, by avoiding the use of 640 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $262.92.

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Lets see...
My first quit was in February 1991 for 3 weeks... about 13 and a half years ago.
Thats about 4930 days.
I probably smoked 20 a day on average over that time...
Thats 98,600 cigarettes.
Average price of a pack of 20 over this period was probably £3.75 or so...
Thats almost £18,500 spent on cigarettes! (about $33,000 US).