Tell a newbie how how many seconds a day you still want a cigarette

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18 Feb 2015, 02:05 #801

Six years of freedom my friends, and how often do I want or crave a cigarette? Almost never -- for real. I rarely even think of it. Maybe once a year, and in that split second, I am filled with gratitude for what learned here, not the least of which was to embrace the crave and use it to remember how far I've come. Doesn't never really craving sound good? It is. And you can do it. You really can.

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Oh what a bloody Newbie I am with my silly 37 days. 199 Euro's saved by not smoking 740 cigarettes. Not a single craving. Nothing is missed. Not a thing.
I spent lots of time reading here, not because I feel my quit is at risk, but because there are tons of information tidbits that will help down the road, reinforce positively or prepare one for coming challenges ahead. When you are facing your quit mostly alone as a single person without a whole lot of social support and are surrounded by smokers, having a site like this is a good thing because it allows you to celebrate your accomplishment. There are only two places on this planet where nicotine has no voice, power or influence. and the inside of my mind.

Addiction as a self study topic is turning into one of the most interesting topics for me. How can something that is so utterly complicated and information dense come down to being beaten by such a simple abbreviated sentence such as NTAP. Step one was to acknowledge and accept that this is not a habit but a deadly addiction. Freedom is always one smokeless breath ahead. Just take this next breath and remain true to your commitment to NTAP. Not now, not an hour from now, not today, probably not this week, month or year. Sorry, we have a life to live and freedom to experience.

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After joel posted on my journal thread with the video related to this thread i decided to add my bit.

At 16 (and a half) months i only ever think about it if i see another smoker. But it's not a crave, it's a gentle reminder. As an example....

"I used to do that"

How long did it take for you to read that last line? 2 seconds perhaps? That's how many seconds a day i think about cigarettes.

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I quit 5 1/2 years ago cold turkey. Currently do you want to know how often I actually think about smoking. Hmmmmm I would have to say zippo, none, never, not at all.  ImageImageImageI don't have anyone smoking in front of me often, but when they do, I don't mind and it doesn't bother me. I really just becomes part of your life. You get to a point where your like I used to smoke?