Tell a newbie how how many seconds a day you still want a cigarette

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26 Jun 2001, 04:45 #31

Hi All,
I've been beating Nicodemon for 2months,1week, 3days, 16hours, 33minutes...and you want to know how much time I spend thinking about smoking....well here goes it!!!
I have to say that I can relate to the way Marty describes the smoking urges, so I'm gonna use his break-downs to let all know how often I think about smoking....
CRAVINGS: (I really want to smoke and it's a struggle not to)
I haven't had a feeling like this since about the first 2 weeks of my quit!!!
STRONG URGES (I would love a smoke, like it's a hot day, I'm thirsty and I need a drink)
I haven't had a feeling like this for about 2weeks, and then it only lasted off and on during the first few games of the CWS...maybe the first 2 days and only lasted during the games, after the games I didn't think about smoking...
one of those triggers that we talk I attended more games the triggers didn't phase me anymore....
MILD DESIRE (I would love a smoke now, like I haven't eaten for 2 hours, and I'm mildly hungry, and I can smell a Bar-B-Que)
This type of urge hits about 2 times a week but only for approx.. 5seconds...really easy to push it out of my mind if it ever enters...
So for all you lurkers out there, thinking about quitting but afraid of the fight and determination that you only need to bit the bullet through **** week, then it's so much easier after that...It's true, Just try it, I know you can do it...
You just have to keep telling yourself, NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF

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26 Jun 2001, 04:48 #32

Hi all,

I have been nicotine free for Four months, one week, four days, 17 hours, 58 minutes and 44 seconds. 2371 cigarettes not smoked, saving $533.41. Life saved: 1 week, 1 day, 5 hours, 35 minutes.

I can honestly say that I really don't want to smoke cigarettes anymore. I think about them sometimes...but I don't want them. When I think of them the thoughts are fleeting, less than 5-10 secs each. It is really not even an issue anymore, the anxiety surrounding the whole cigarette-nicotine-quit issue is gone.

For anyone who is struggling.....Just hang on it gets sooooo much better.


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26 Jun 2001, 06:30 #33

I really had to think to answer this question. I found out that I hadn't thought about smoking today. And I don't remember thinking about it yesterday either. On Saturday, we were celebrating Midsummer day, and my sister (closet smoker) asked me to come and give her company when she would secretly smoke a cigarette. So I had to think about it - because we were talking about it, and I became aware of smoking. But most of the time I have forgotten about it, and when something reminds me of smoking, then I'm aware that I have quit. So I'm thinking about smoking often, because there are too many things out there that make me think about it - first of all watching all the people smoking etc. But I don't have any thoughts of "wanting to smoke" very often. I remember having one last week, and before that I think it was in the beginning of June. So I could say I have the thought of "wanting to smoke" once in two weeks. Every time it passes in about ten seconds. And remember, we're talking about thoughts here. I haven't had a crave for ages - I think I had the last one over 2 months ago. Freedom is great!!! I can enjoy my summer to the fullest!!!!!!!! Thank you :-)

I have been Quit for: 4M 5D 29m 36s. I have NOT smoked 2540, for a savings of $174.65. Life Saved: 1W 1D 19h 40m.

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26 Jun 2001, 18:51 #34

I have to say that this string has become one of the most important strings I can recall in Freedom's history. It illustrates so clearly what a person quitting smoking can really expect to happen over time. Not just from one person's perspective, but from over 30 people's experiences. It is so common for a person considering quitting or even a person off smoking for several hours or days will go up to a friend or family member who is an ex-smoker and ask the person if he or she ever thinks about cigarettes. The person asking the question wants to know what he or she can expect.

The family member or friend who may have thought about a cigarette once the day before or maybe even once weeks earlier will say that there still are times that he or she thinks about a cigarette. They are just answering the question honestly; that he or she still has thoughts, but often the person inquiring doesn't ask follow-up questions and are panicked by the answer he or she has just received.

For what the person asking the question is hearing is very different than what the longer-term ex-smoker is actually saying. The ex-smoker answering the question is saying, "Yes, there are times I think about or want a cigarette." Its like the urge people get to clean their homes on a particularly nice sunny day. It seems like a good idea for a second or two, and then they come to their senses and out they go to do something more enjoyable. Sometimes the whole thought lasts two or three seconds.

The sequence of events of the ex-smoker can be a train of thought that goes; "Boy it would be nice to have a cigarette right now-no it wouldn't" and that will be that. The thought is over with almost as quickly as it began. It was no big deal and may not happen again for hours, days and eventually weeks or months. That is what many people are saying, but what the short-term ex-smoker or person contemplating to quit is hearing is more akin to "Oh yes, I get powerful crippling thoughts all of the time, every waking moment, and if you don't give me one right now I will rip your arm off!" Again, these are very different interpretations of a simple answer that there are still thoughts for cigarettes.

So I plan to bring this string up often, or at least link over to it whenever possible. For those of you who have not posted to it yet please do so. It is a string that I think can help all our new quitters as well as all people who are lurking in just considering quitting. Your comments can be a great asset to these people. As I said, I plan to use it often for it really captures the essence of what a person can expect his or her experience to be as he or she gets more time accumulated smoke free and nicotine free. Overall it is a pretty comfortable way of life, one that will help the ex-smoker stay healthier and live longer as long he or she always remember to never take another puff!


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27 Jun 2001, 04:46 #35

I THINK about smoking maybe Ten times a day for
about ten seconds each time.
Think about this newbies- when you smoked, how many times a day and for how long did you think about smoking?
And if you couldn't have a smoke, did you obssess about how much you craved a smoke? Well, now I go, "Gosh, I'd like a cigarette... that I think about it, I really don't"
It's like being FREE!

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27 Jun 2001, 05:44 #36

Now into the 6 mth I can honestly say that I would never have believed it possible that I could stay away from a cigarette for this long.....and feel so good about it!!! I only think of cigs when folk smoke in front of me, which is quite often, and I'm quite aware that I no longer do that ugly thing!! Sometimes I barely notice. Very occasionally, I think I want one....some lingering memory of peace in my head and my body....then I remind myself of the choking in my lungs, which doesn't happen now. I sometimes watch smokers.....pull in the first drag, lovely, quick second and third, then the wee cough and wheeze, and by half way down the ciggie, pulling faces, choking, stubbing it out early....then lighting another one!! Did I do that? Did I think the next one would be better? I learned better here at Freedom. I don't suppose I had what could be called a craving after the first 3 mths I rarely thought of smoking with any strong desire.....and now at 6 mths it seldom enters my head at all.....and when it does it's fleeting and easily banished. I don't think I've just been lucky.....I believe that if u use all the tools here at Freedom it will work for anyone. If it didn't get better, none of us would stay stopped!!!
Luv Pat
Six months, four weeks, one day, 14 hours, 38 minutes and 11 seconds. 6318 cigarettes not smoked, saving $1,080.21. Life saved: 3 weeks, 22 hours, 30 minutes.

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27 Jun 2001, 17:30 #37

Even thought I think about smoking quite regularly (I live in England, where people can smoke in bars and restaurants, and I have lots of smoking friends and collegues), most of the time it is in a "neutral" sort of way, or with a sigh of relief, that I no longer have to take part in this addiction.

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03 Jul 2001, 00:52 #38

With so many new members peeking in (since that is all they can do at the moment) I thought it would be good for them all to see where people are at in a relatively short period of time. Don't despair from the horror stories of people saying they want cigarettes years after they have quit. The "want" they are having are often few and far between and much different to the want or demand you have when you are actively smoking or first quitting. The comments throughout this string can really drive the difference home. Life will become better and thoughts less frequent and less intense as long as you always remember to never take another puff!


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Hi all, I have been quit for Four months, one week, one day, 4 hours, 55 minutes and 39 seconds. 6410 cigarettes not smoked, saving $1,473.88. Life saved: 3 weeks, 1 day, 6 hours, 10 minutes. I love being a non smoker, The greatest thing for me is the lack of discomfort I now experience. As a smoker I was constantly craving a cigarette. Of course there were lots of places that I wouldn't go, because I wouldn't be able to smoke, (like the show) Going to work was awful as well. only three smoke breaks a dy. Oh boy did I ever top mup when I got home. (stupid) Anyway guys I can honestly say that I may crave for about 30seconds about5 once a day. This is great and I don't even think about smoking as an option. I am now a non-smoker YIPEEEEEE

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03 Jul 2001, 23:46 #40

After 3 weeks of NOT smoking: I have some thoughts, a few times per day. BUT these thoughts are similar to say, "let's have a burger, or a beer" that quickly go away. Cravings, maybe twice a day for a total of 30 seconds, but very easy do deal with and without any effort or "sacrifice".

As I was a Chain smoker, living in Ontario, where smoking is almost a crime (you are not allowed to smoke almost anywhere inside), I HAD HORRIBLE CRAVINGS MAYBE 30-40 TIMES A DAY, IN ADDITION WITH 25-30 CIGARRETES SMOKED.

Please compare this:
I do NOT Smoke: 30 seconds light cravings per day.
When I did Smoke: a FEW HOURS OF cravings.

For those who think I exagerate, Imagine going in a three hour meeting with no break (2 hour craving), or a trans-Atlantic flight (7 hour craving).