Tell a newbie how how many seconds a day you still want a cigarette

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25 Jun 2001, 07:20 #21

After five months two weeks and 2 days of abstinence I still crave cigarettes about as much as I did when I first quit.

Glenys Goldx3
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25 Jun 2001, 07:48 #22

I have quit for two months now, and can say that I have not had a serious crave for over a month. I, too, think of cigarettes from time to time, but it is more about how I am glad I don't smoke than wishing I could. My husband smokes so it is "in my face" all the time, but still I do not want to smoke. I am loving being a non-smoker. So much freedom in so many ways. There is not one thing I miss about it. I can't remember what it was that I enjoyed about it either. I look at other smokers now and do not envy them, rather pity them, but remember always that I was one of them, so I must keep my guard up, but is is not uncomfortable - just the opposite!

So occasionally I think to myself, mmmm a cigarette would be nice (that's the junkie me) and I instantly dismiss the thought (that's the intelligent me) and it is very easy. This whole process takes about 10 seconds and doesn't even happen every day. Only once in a while. So come on newbies, give Freedom a go. You won't miss a thing. Cheers, Glenys
I have chosen not to smoke for 2 Months 14 Hours 5 Minutes 13 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 1539. Money saved: A$384.92.

marty (gold)
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25 Jun 2001, 16:19 #23

I have had NOT A PUFF FOR 6 months 3 weeks 4 days : 3719 cigs not smoked : 1 week 5 days21 hours added to my life.

CRAVINGS ("I really really want to smoke and it's a struggle not to") ZERO and it's been zero since week 3.

STRONG URGES ("I would love a cigarette, like it's a hot day, I'm thirsty and I need a drink") ZERO and it's been zero since month 2.

MILD DESIRE ("I could quite fancy a cigarette now, like I haven't eaten for 2 hours, I'm mildly hungry, and I can smell a barbecue") TWICE A WEEK lasting about 3 seconds each time. It's been like that since month 6.

That means I'm thinking that I'd like a cigarette for 6 seconds a week.

When I smoked, there were probably at least 2 occasions each day when I wanted to smoke but couldn't, because I was in a no-smoking office or a restaurant or on a train. Each of those occasions lasted say 30 minutes average. That amounts to 25,200 seconds a week when I was suffering significant anxiety and withdrawal symptoms, far worse in intensity than any discomfort I have suffered from not smoking since I quit.

That's why I believe that quitting is actually easier than smoking.

Cliff (Gold)
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25 Jun 2001, 20:55 #24

Hello Everyone!!

It has now been one month, two weeks, 46 minutes and 19 seconds since I quit. That's 1801 cigarettes not smoked, saving $225.16. Life saved: 6 days, 6 hours, 5 minutes. That's after 45+ years as a smoker of at least 2 packs a day.
It has been at least two weeks since I actually WANTED a cigarette. What I have now are vagrant thoughts about smoking that pass in a matter of a few seconds--and I have actually had one day where I realized the next morning that I hadn't thought about smoking at all.

It is wonderful to be free--and to all of you in those tough first weeks--it does get better!! It gets steadily better each day. Will I ever completely forget about smoking? After 45 years, of course not. But the few thoughts I do have are getting fewer and weaker every day! Look forward and never take another puff!!


Rena (green)
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25 Jun 2001, 21:39 #25

Hello my quitting brothers and sisters,
I am very much of a newbie: 3W15h 20m of being GLORIOSLY FREE. Thank you all for your support and thank you Joel for all the knowladge and strength you are giving us.
I've been smoking for 20 years and this is not my first quit but it is my LAST QUIT.
First few days I had cravings that were not long lasting-couple of minutes but they were very often (every half an hour or so) it was not easy but I was determined. Then I found this site and it gave me so much insight that after that my cravings are almost non existant. They only appear in trigger situations but last such short time that its almost unnoticable. Its more thought of that "perfect smoke" that I crave for then smoke itself (smoke I dread and hate).
Of course now I know that "perfect smoke" does not exist and its just dirty, stinky addiction.
All in all I would say that my cravings last around 3 - 5 minutes max. for whole week (this is because i expose myself to lots of triggers otherwise it would be even less) and I am sure as time progresses they will go completelly.
YQS Irena.

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25 Jun 2001, 23:39 #26


Great idea for a parade! I probably think about a cigarette total, 30-60 seconds total per day. Sixty seconds on a bad day. It gets better all the time. I have been beating Nicodemon for 5M 1W 5D 11h 25m 35s. I have NOT smoked 3309 life destroying cigarettes, for a savings of $463.33. I have saved 1W 4D 11h 45m of my wonderful life. Debi289

Stan (Gold)
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26 Jun 2001, 01:02 #27

Joel, excellent question. Most days I never think of a sickerette, however on occasion a situational urge will enter my mind. But thanks to the knowledge that I have gained from this site it is easily dismissed. I really thought about the question and in all honesty I guess the answer is close to ZERO, Nada, zilch, none, I came to this conclusion because those situational urges I mentioned above are not really thoughts of having a sickerette but rather just a fleeting moment of nostalgia. Joel, Zep and all the managers, Thanks from the bottom of my heart for this site. I am Stan, smokeless in Dallas for: Eight months, three weeks, six days, 15 hours, 26 minutes and 14 seconds. 10785 cigarettes not smoked, saving $1,483.04. Life saved: 5 weeks, 2 days, 10 hours, 45 the country folk in Texas say; "Who'd thunk it"?

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26 Jun 2001, 01:49 #28

I have not smoked for One month, one week, three days, 13 hours, 41 minutes and 59 seconds. 831 cigarettes not smoked, saving $128.87. Life saved: 2 days, 21 hours, 15 minutes.
It was very tough at the beginning of my quit but let me tell you that it got a lot easier over time. I have to honestly say I really do not crave that much not that I have quit cold turkey. Probably because it was something I thought I would never do in my other quits, but I'm doing it now. The only time I crave is
when I wake up from one of those d*mn smoking dreams. Those are the WORST let me tell you. So for all you newbies that thought they couldn't achieve freedom it is just 72 hours around the corner. Think of 72 hours and then think of your life...It really isn't that much time eh:-)


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26 Jun 2001, 02:26 #29

Dear Newbies & especially "Lurkers",
As a smoker, I thought about smoking a lot..... 35 YEARS!!!!
For the last few years (since I started working at home) I was a chain
smoker @ almost 3 PACKS A DAY! So smoking really
consumed most of my day. And even though I was a HEAVY
SMOKER, this last educated (because of Freedom) quit was much
easier than I ever imagined. (certainly much easier than previous quits)
The last "just one" crave was 15 days into my quit.
NOW........@ 1 month 6 days the only time I even think about actually
wanting one is after supper but that only lasts a few seconds.
I am force to think about smoking often because my
hubby is still lighting up! But what I'm thinking when he's smoking is
that it looks stupid, he doesn't look like he's enjoying it, how could
I let cigarettes run my life for so long. I almost can't believe it was
such a BIG DEAL in my life. It's wEiRd!! I don't feel like a smoker
trying not to smoke......I FEEL LIKE AN EX-SMOKER!!
I just don't want to do it anymore!
Come on all you "lurkers" out there. It only takes a short time to change
your your life.....FOREVER!
One month, six days, 13 hours, 22 minutes and 50 seconds. 2065 cigarettes not smoked, saving $284.02. Life saved: 1 week, 4 hours, 5 minutes.
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26 Jun 2001, 03:24 #30

After one month I still think of cigarettes. The thoughts are in 2 forms. The first is not a crave but just thinking about a situation or activity that relates to smoking It doesn't bother me at all. This happens about 3 to 4 times a day. The second is the crave. Sometimes its hard to know exactly what makes it fire but It's just this intense desire
for a cigarette. It only lasts about 10 to 20 seconds. The craves are not as bad as they were a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago when I had a crave I thought of having a
cigarette and it felt like an enjoyable thing to do. Now when the crave hits I think of
smoking and it makes me sick. I only get 2, maybe 3 of these in a day.

It does get better everyone, so hang in there.

One month, 4 hours, 23 minutes and 56 seconds. 623 cigarettes not smoked, saving $145.00. Life saved: 2 days, 3 hours, 55 minutes.