Stronger or Smarter?

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Image Education is a quitting method. Stay free, stay smart.

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Thank you, Hillbilly Dave, for expressing yourself so well that it is helping me to calm down, right now. I needed this.
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Wasn't sure where to post this but you be the judge as to whether the guy concerned is stronger or smarter (or should have visited Freedom & WhyQuit and saved himself a lot of effort).

This is from a UK daily paper and abridged by me.


A millionaire has become a castaway on an island to try & quit smoking. Geoff Spice landed on uninhabitated Scottish island and will live there for a month. The longest he quit before is 9 days. He's got 180 cans of food and bottled water "This is my last chance. I can crack the habit" said Mr Spice of Surrey"

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He's certainly not much smarter than nicotine, MB Image
How can we meet, greet and extinguish nicotine use cue conditioning when we hide from our triggers? The smoking relapse rate for inmates upon release from prison, after having been forced to stop smoking upon arrest and imprisonment, is 97% within 6 months (see Tuthill RW et al, "Does involuntary cigarette smoking abstinence among inmates during correctional incarceration result in continued abstinence post release?" (poster). 26th National Conference on Correctional Health Care, Nashville, Tennessee, October 21, 2002).
While both our island friend and prison inmates do extinguish life's most basic use cues (living, breathing, eating, stress) what happens the first time they see their old smoking buddy, walk into the store where they used to purchase their smokes or socialize with friends or drink alcohol?

Recovery is about taking back life one slice at a time. Don't run from recovery but embrace it! There's a reward at the end of each challenge, the return of another aspect of life. Still one rule ... none today!

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Totally agree! But if he makes his next quit via FFN then he'll gain the wisdom and insights necessary. Of couse I wsh him luck in his endeavours - but it will only ever be luck whereas the NTAP route is to me about storing up the education for difficilt times.

HUGE thanks for that.
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mb wrote:
...the NTAP route is to me about storing up the education for difficilt times.
Thank-you. I have been trying to put into words why investing in education was so important to my quit and you just expressed it perfectly. All the education set me up to get through the handful of rough patches. It's like canning vegetables in the summer time to have on the shelf when you are hungry in the winter.

I would also add that the education part plays a big role in seeing nicotine addiction clearly and honestly which, in turn, dulls any desire to smoke.

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Education is the key to my quit, it has nothing to do with strength, willpower, determination, or anything else.  It boils down to knowing the law of addiction (!!!) and what to expect during withdraw (so you can cope with it without "freaking out").  That's it in a nutshell.

I still hear people talk about how they've got an "addictive personality" or they "really like smoking" or they must be "more addicted than I was" or how they can't quit because their cravings are so unbearable...  and then there are those whose method of quitting involves "cutting down" or still having one from time to time (anytime I hear that, I know it won't work - I'd bet good money, too) ... 

Well, that all boils down to lack of knowledge.  An educated quit is a relatively easy quit.  An uneducated quit is much harder and has far fewer chances of success.

Smarter.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt.... :)

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