Starting your first smokefree weekend

Physical healing of the body and mind

Starting your first smokefree weekend

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(This is a variation of a letter I send out to all my clinic participants at the beginning of the first weekend. My clinics always begin on a Tuesday evening, so Saturday morning is the beginning of the fourth day being smokefree for most of them. Some people quit a day or two in advance of the clinic.)

Congratulations on making through your first three days smoke free. Physically, the intensity of the possible withdrawals should really be easing up now. The weekend will be loaded with new circumstances, such as getting out of bed and not having to get ready for work, reading the Sunday paper, watching sporting events, yard work, social evenings, etc., all first time experiences as an ex-smoker. While these things may be awkward, keep in mind that everything you did the first three days was new-on top of drug withdrawal. Now you have the new experiences happening but you don't have withdrawal complicating it. So while there are still battles, there is less of a war going since you don't have your mind and body fighting you simultaneously.

Just know we are out here behind you even over the weekend. People pop in and out of here all of the time. The weekend may be a little slower than other days but usually someone will get to reply to a post within an hour or two, usually quicker.

The trick about making it through the weekend is no different that making it through your first day, your second day, or you thousandth day and beyond. It is remembering that to stay smoke free and never have to go through smoking or quitting again simply means to never take another puff!


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This post was especially helpful today. I took today off to have a long weekend. All I thought about was smoking. My body did not crave it, my mind did. I was terribly bitchy to everyone. I came on the boards instead of complaining about not smoking to everyone that would listen. Today is half way over, so the rest of the weekend should get easier.Image

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ImageWe are with you folks! Focus on not smoking just for today, continue on with Baby steps.
Stay busy and keep reading, you are well on your way now.
So many others here have found their way, now it is your turn.

Hold on gets better and better.
Hugs - Joanne
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For Lablover:

The trick is to try to anticipate everything, and when you can't anticipate a specific trigger to just have your guard up and ammunition reinforced to put up with any thoughts that may come from out of no where. We can't always expect the unexpected but by keeping our reasons for quitting reinforced we can be sufficiently prepared to squelch the particular thought and be able to stay on tract in our commitment to never take another puff!


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Its very early on Sunday morning and maybe I just dreamed this whole thing, but I think there was a post from Lablover here that talked about unexpected triggers that were happening on her first weekend that prompted me to put up the post above. But now it is gone. It must be time for me to go back to sleep.

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Thanks Joel...Just what I needed today. In the middle of my Saturday chores, and I'm having to talk myself into taking a cigarette free break. Trying to convince myself that it's okay to take a break without having a cigarette. I can read an article in a magazine, have a glass of water, play with the dogs, lots of stuff. I don't have to smoke in order to take a break! Gosh that sounds so weird even having to verbalize it. Bizarre addiction!!! Michelle

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Thanks Joel,
I was actually dreading the weekend a little which is pretty unheard of for me but I have a bachlorette party to go to and I know it is going to be my biggest challenge yet w/ out smoking. I quit almost 7 days ago and am feeling really good but I just don't know about social situations w/ smoking friends???? I will not take a puff but I a may get home a little earlier than usual. Oh well, if that's the price I pay to live then I will pay it gladly!!!!!!!
I have been quit for 6 Days, 10 hours, 35 minutes and 24 seconds (6 days). I have saved $37.02 by not smoking 161 cigarettes. I have saved 13 hours and 25 minutes of my life.

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I was terrified of my first weekend being smoke free. I work a 52 hour shift. I go in to work at 4:00 pm Thurs. and get off Sat. at 8:00 pm. My first weekend I was so scared to go into work without smokes knowing it would be hours before I could leave to buy any. I thought perhaps I should buy emergency cigs. in case I am at work late at night and I need a cig. and I can't leave, to leave would mean me going to jail if caught due to disertion. I did go into to work without cigs. I even diclined taking cigs. from my co-worker who left at 8:00 pm thursday night knowing I would be alone at work until the next morning. I faced my fears that week end and I survived. I have survived two more of those weekends and I want to survive many many more. Katherine

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From: John (Gold) Sent: 5/9/2003 7:04 AM
Your First Nicotine-Free Weekend
The pace of posting life here at Freedom understandably drops off a bit over the weekend but there's always a few of us around and new member applications are processed daily. Although we'd love to have you, it isn't necessary that you join us in order to be and feel a part of this amazing educated freedom seeking experience.

The weekend often brings new situations, emotions, and environments where the established nicotine feeding cues can differ from our work week cues. For example the Sunday newpaper is often a bit thicker and possibly a three cigarette read versus just one. Friends, being around smokers, smiles, celebration, alcohol, relaxation, and possibly even boredom can all be first time nicotine-free encounters for those just starting out.

Encountering and reconitioning our mind's subconscious feeding triggers is a very necessary part of recovery and very often a single encounter is all it takes to break a particular link. Below are a few messages discussing possible first time situations that you may want to prepare your mind for, by thinking through how you'll navigate that worse case senerio.

In the not to distant future, all your hard work and healing will ripen into a return to that comfortable "you" who expects to engage their entire day without ever once feeling a need to reach for what may be the world's most addictive chemical. Someday soon you too may visit here at Freedom out of a sense of love for the real "you." You'll be here, like so many others, to try and recall what life as a full-time addict was like, not to forget it! It's amazing how quickly the mind suppresses life's negatives. Patience!

Also be honest during this temporary journey of adjustment and be sure to blame all challenges not on where you're going but where you've been! Remember, the fuel beneath those educated wings is not muscle, strength or mountains of willpower, but vivid dreams supported by honest reasons for wanting to end this destructive cycle of chemical captivity. Just one hour, challenge and day at a time and this weekend will be entirely doable! Through it all, there will only be one rule - no nicotine, Never Take Another Puff! You're going home!
Breathe deep, hug hard, live long! John

Weekend Variations in Life
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Wow, just made it through my first nic-free weekend. Saturday and Sunday just happened to fall on my 4th and 5th days quit which makes me a real newbie (again). I actually came into my workplace on Sunday and read from Joel's Library and this discussion board to buoy myself up. What a blessing this Freedom is! And yeah, there were some rather uncomfortable moments when I just laid down on the bed and waited for the tension and apprehension to pass. But pass it did! I also had a couple of moments when I didn't think about cigarettes at all, which totally blew me away! Thanks for being here, y'all.