Starting Day Three of Your Quit


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Today is a pivotal day--it is going to get better today, worse today or stay the same today. But once you get through today it really will ease up. One way or another, get through today and tomorrow will be better. That is a much better goal than we could have told you yesterday or the day before. Then we were saying take it a day at a time. Don't even think about tomorrow. After all, tomorrow might be worse. It wasn't guaranteed to be worse, but it might have been. Now we can say get through one more day and it WILL be better.

Of course there will still be thoughts and many awkward moments. If you had quit on a Monday or Tuesday, the weekend will be awkward, with lots of possible new triggers, but the physical withdrawals really will have eased up. The first three days everything you were doing was new--on top of drug withdrawal. By tomorrow you will still have the new situations occurring, but you won't have withdrawal complicating it. So there will still be moments but they will not have the same intensity that you have encountered up to that point. There were a lot more frequent psychological triggers the first few days, with physical withdrawal hitting simultaneously, and you successfully overcame every one of them. If you overcame those you can beat the triggers that are happening now too.

So hang in there and be assured that things will soon be better. Soon meaning in hours, not in days, weeks, months or years. You are in the home stretch. Make it through today and your longer-term commitment to stay smoke free will be much more under your conscious control as long as you keep your quit going a day at a time with your resolve intact to never take another puff!


Video Lessons to Watch on Day
Three of Quitting Smoking
The below day three quitting lessons are presented in four formats: Dial-Up - as small video files for those with slower dail-up Internet connections; HS/BB - as larger videos for those with high speed or broadband Internet access; Audio - as smaller audio files without video; and MP3 - as audio files for use on MP3 players. All files will play on Windows Media Player. You can click on this icon to download a Windows Media Player.
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Starting day three of your quit 1.37mb 4.03mb 1.62mb 03:57 11/21/06
"I don't feel any better since I quit smoking!" 3.18mb 31.6mb 1.28mb 3.94mb 08:39 09/28/06
My first encounter with NRT 3.99mb 16.11mb 2.13mb 6.66mb 14:37 11/16/06
Dealing with people who try to undercut your quit 6.52mb 19.52mb 8.05mb 17:42 11/12/06
"I don't want to quit smoking" 6.52mb 19.5mb 2.61mb 8.09mb 17:40 10/11/06
"I'm not joining this clinic" 4.62mb 13.8mb 1.85mb 5.73mb 12:33 09/27/06
"I can't quit or I won't quit" 6.33mb 28.6mb 3.29mb 10.2mb 22:15 10/16/06
"I want one!" 1.01mb 5.36mb 0.78mb 2.48mb 05:33 10/18/06
How I started running quit smoking clinics 3.87mb 38.6mb 1.56mb 4.80mb 10:32 09/28/06

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